I tell stories constantly in real life. Like, if something even marginally reminds me of something I did when I was 4, I’ll launch into the story because, hey, I love telling stories.
I tell stories so often, that I forget which stories I’ve told people. So I’ll retell stories a lot. Like, grandma story telling level.
I’ll probably even make this post again someday.
If you’ve ever been a victim of this habit, I am so sorry.

anonymous asked:

(this is probably way too late but whatever) for the frozen/sauron crossover: i think some company is overdue, i've started talking to the people on the walls!!! (hang in there maedhros) also your art is great and i love you bye

Anon you are a top lad and I give you a ten out of ten for your musical achivements! Would have given you 12 but I could not find the proper reaction image.

Thank you very much anon! I love you too!


Stana Katic + Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

I love and admire Stana’s dedication to support CHLA,  either she’s blowing bubbles with Demi, painting with the kids, participating at the Nautica Malibu Triathlon, and others, she’s so passionate about it, putting heart and soul, as in everything she does.

Always with a smile on her face, she gives all her attention to those kids, reminding them how important and loved they’re, encouraging them to stay strong and fight. She cares and makes a difference.