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Could you write about how murdoc would be in a relationship? Please and thank you!!

- With all of the money he has from the band being such a success, he’d buy you anything you’d like. He’s constantly surprising you with gifts and things you’ve mentioned wanting.
- He doesn’t like cuddling as much as you’d like him to, but he does kiss you a lot. 
- But with that being said, for someone who doesn’t like cuddling, he wants your attention quite a lot. He’s constantly wanting to be with you.
- He calls you pet names a lot!!! Expect the typical pet names like love, baby, darling, etc. but he also makes them up based on your appearance/personality (i.e if you had freckles he’d just call you “freckles” a lot.)
- He’s very protective over you and likes showing others that you’re his. While in public he constantly has his arm around your waist.
- He’d talk about you a lot during interviews. 
- The both of you have pillow talk fairly often
- He writes songs about you. He shows you some, but most of them are hidden.
- Sometimes when the two of you are sleeping together, you’ll wake up to him holding your hand or being snuggled up against you. Every time you bring it up he always says that you must’ve done it while you were sleeping (He lies).
- Occasionally you and him spend the whole day in his Winnebago. Watching movies, listening to his old records, etc. He enjoys your company 
- He would ABSOLUTELY teach you how to play bass. 
- He’d never admit it, but he loves it when you show him genuine affection. It makes him feel valued.

You made me feel like one of a kind. And that sounds so boring and expected because everyone says it but hear me out, okay? I’ve spent so much time just being one of the many adoring girls, so much time being another name in the pile. The words I said were never any different from what the rest would say. The ways I touched didn’t mean any more than their touches. And I thought that that was great while it lasted. I thought that the small bit of affection I received and the “I love you"s at night meant that I was doing fine. I thought that the “Good morning, love"s and the "Goodnight, sweetheart"s meant that he felt the way I felt the way we felt. Now, maybe he was texting the others whenever he texted me. Maybe the stares I used to catch would be directed at someone else when I walked away. Maybe the 2am phone calls only came just before he dialed someone else’s number. But now I have you, or at least I hope I do. And I don’t have to feel like I’m the only one in this.
—  🖤

Me and my Mom had a manic attack at the same time this morning and long story short, we went to Duisburg and bought five rats.

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Me again! Scenario with Uryuu where his s/o asks him to teach her how to shoot a bow and arrow and when they are close together while he's showing her (he has to help pull because the bow string is so strong) sparks fly. Can be sfw or nsfw whatever you're in the mood to write! Thanks!

omg! Ok so I was just wishing that someone would request my sweet smol Quincy son! I love him so much omg 
Im assuming his s/o knows about his Quincy powers as well…

You were in class, bored out of your mind. You didn’t have anything better to do so you leaned forward and tapped Uryu on the shoulder.
“Uryu, will you teach me how to shoot a bow?” You whispered and could see the shock as he sat up a bit straighter. 

“Y/N pay attention to class…” He pushed his glasses further up.

“Pleaseeeee?” you begged, you just wanted to know how to shoot one, if not just once. “Alright fine…We’ll go after class just be quiet..” He whispered before he turned to finish up class.

After school Uryu took you to a clearing in the woods a good ways from the school. He got everything set up and handed it to you. “Stand up straight…” He said, placing your hands on the bow as he pushed your feet apart as well. “Keep your elbow straight, don’t angle it…Hold this arm out like this and steady your breathing..” 

It was so hard to do that…especially since he was right against you. You could feel everything, even his warm breath on your hear. “Now…” His voice was like a melody to you, calm and so confident. 
“Pull back…” 

You pulled, but it was really hard to do so. The reishi arrow felt really warm to you and Uryu was somewhat surprised that you could withstand it. “It’s too hard…” You told him, trying to pull back the string. Uryu took hold of it as well, helping you draw it back. Your cheeks got hot and as soon as he drew it back the arrow sparked, causing both you and Uryu to let the string loose and send the arrow flying. You let out a yelp and jumped straight into his arms to shield yourself from the sparks that were falling around you. 

He looked down at you, holding you firmly in his arms and checking to make sure you were okay. “Well…Not bad for your first try…” He said, adjusting his glasses and looking at the target. The arrow had pierced the second ring from the middle mark. Your face lit up excitedly as Uryu smiled. “At this rate you would make a great Quincy…” He smiled, holding your hand.

Little did you know that the sparks were his own fault for getting overly excited at how close he was to you. Though, he would never admit to it. 

I think you’ve reminded me of who I’m supposed to be. You’ve become the role model I never realized I wanted. Because us girls? We have to work a little harder. And you’ve made it clear that I was born to be someone who can stand on my two feet. You’ve shown me that I don’t need boyish praise or showers of affection to know my worth. And I don’t want it. This is the point in our lives where we work on ourselves. And you and me? We are going to be so beautifully fantastic.
—  @itsfangirlalex; Because we’re amazing.
My Decision (Epilogue)

Pairing: Lawyer!Bucky x Artist!Reader

Warnings: Fluff, Bucky being cute af!

Words count: 1,152


part1 part2 part3 part4 part5 part6 part7 part8 part9 part10

             Ever since that night, you’re now moving in with Bucky. Living in his apartment in New York, and not to say your career in New York has been a blessing. You love your life, your job, and everything that surrounds you. Everyone supporting your relationship with Bucky, especially his family and also Steve and Peggy. You love to wake up every morning with Bucky’s arms around your waist keeping you close, sometimes your back against his chest but sometimes your head on his chest. Everyday he always make sure to tell you how much he loves you and everyday your love for him grew more and more, and you’re happy for that.

            Today is one of those day when you’re waking up in the afternoon, your body tired after your ‘night’ activity with Bucky, the difference is you didn’t feel his warmth on your body, you saw your side of bed was empty. You only covered in your sheets and, you sit up straight and starts to panic. Sometimes you still scared that all of this life with Bucky was just a dream, sometimes you didn’t believe how lucky you are to have him when the other side, he keeps telling you he is the lucky one. But then you heard footsteps, you brought your sheets higher to your bare chest and you relax when it reveals Bucky smiling widely at you, he walked towards you and kiss your forehead

         “where have you been?” you asked him as you leaning on the headboard, smiling lazily at Bucky, “Just bought some food, you sleep so peacefully I don’t wanna wake you up. Besides, I took all of your energy last night” he smirks and you swatted his arms.

           Silent took over for awhile and Bucky seems a little nervous, “Buck, what’s wrong?” you asked softly, but Bucky keeps rubbing the back of his head, “there’s something I wanna tell you” , “Tell me then” you smile at him, “Close your eyes first” he smiles, “okay” you clutched the sheets to your chest and close your eyes.

           You heard Bucky shuffling through his stuffs and soon he is getting closer to you, “Now open your eyes” you look to your side and see Bucky kneeling next to the bed, “Buck?” you asked giving him your confuse look, “(y/n), I don’t know if this too rush or not but… I’ve been dreaming to asking you this. Doll, the first time I saw you, you caught my eyes in a blink of an eye, and in that moment I had this feeling you’re the one I wanna spent my life with. I wanna laugh with you everyday, cry with you, being happy and sad together with you, I wanna hold your arms everytime we walked, I wanna kiss you anytime I want and anywhere I want so people knows you are mine” you chuckled at his words, “I want to sleep next to you everynight, giving you goodnight and morning kisses, I wanna make love to you, feel your body against mine everytime we sleep, build a family and spent the rest of my life with you…” your brows knitted when Bucky shoved his hand to his pocket, you gasps when he pull something out of it, 

           “(y/n) (y/l/n), will you take the honor to be my wife? To be the mother of my children? To be (y/n) barnes?” he opens the velvet box revealing the ring, tears streaming down your eyes and Bucky suddenly panick, “I’m rushing it, didn’t I? oh God” when he almost closed the box, you grabbed him by his shirt and kiss him hard, when you pull away Bucky was shocked, you chuckle and say, “You know, (y/n) Barnes sounds perfect” , “is that a yes?” he asked still not believing, “of course, you idiot!” and he crashed his lips back to yours and makes you fall back to your bed, “thankyou for saying yes” he smiles, “thankyou for asking” you winked at him.

           1 year later

           You are now standing face to face to Bucky, you caught a glimpse of happy tears on his eyes. You pulled your hand away from his grasp and wipe the tears, “I’m so happy, (y/n)” he whispers, “I do too, but if you keep crying we can’t continue our vows” you chuckled so does he.

           The wedding was perfect, more than you ever imagine. Everything covered in white with a touch of pink rose, your favorite flowers of course. As the ceremony begun, the priest said, “Before we begin, if there’s anyone not happy or having unfinished past with the bride or the groom. Please come up here, and we all can cancel the wedding before they got the blessing” and suddenly, Bucky turn to the audience and took of his suit revealing his bionic metal arm that he got when he is teenager because the car accident, “what are you doing?” Steve asks, “I just wanna remind you all people, if anyone trying to stop this wedding-“ he raise up his metal arm, 

          “You guys know I have a metal arm, and you know what it means” you chuckled at this side of Bucky, you can see his mom and dad shaking their head because of his son, and Becca gave bucky thumbs up. The room in the church full with laughter so does the priest.

           Bucky put back his suit and turns back to you holding your hand, “Alright, shall we begin” the priest said and the room turns to silent, you both said your vows and put the ring on both of your fingers. The ring looks perfect, you never knew you could end up this happy with your life, “and now I pronounce you as husband and wife” you both grin ear to ear, “you may now kiss the bride” without any warning Bucky kiss you hard, his lips crashes with yours.

          you can feel his smile on your lips and you put your hand around his neck. He held you up until your feet barely touch the ground, Bucky deepened the kiss, he didn’t care everyone’s watching, what he cares about is you are know his wife. You pull away for the need to catch some air, when you look into his eyes you saw love and happiness, there’s no way in hell you’re going to leave him because he is your life and your forever. He puts you down and whisper, “I love you Mrs. Barnes” which you reply, “I love you too Mr. Barnes” and you kiss his cheeks. 

        Bucky turns to the audience and scream, “I AM MARRIED TO THE MOST WONDERFUL WOMAN GUYS!” and the room filled with cheers, Bucky glancing at you who is smiling widely to the audience, he knows in his heart that he made the right decision and he will stay by your side for as long as you both live.

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I don't know if we say it enough but Thank you so much for always uploading the iris/WestAllen scenes so quickly after every episode. Thanks a million 😚😚😚 I wish I could hug you right now but I'm sending you virtual hugs. Be blessed love 😚😚😚

You are most welcome, thank you for the sweet message! I’ll hopefully have the full cut of the ep up in the next 15 or 20 minutes. 

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I think I've watched your beyond the valley like 20 times and it just makes me feel all of theses different emotions every time I watch it! You know the feeling how you're so nervous or excited you get butterflies in your stomach and a tingly feeling in your chest, well thats how I feel. I can't explain to you how fast my heart races and just puts me on edge but in such a good way! love you long time, keep blowing me away with your videos and crazy adventures xx

ok wow

thank you

you just made my night & completely encompassed into one paragraph why I make those videos & the exact intention behind them

bless u

i love you so happy it made u feel that way xxx


happy birthday victor nikiforov!! here’s a present for you: a cute japanese figure skater slash fiancé! 🎁✨


Can we just just look at the amount of love and support other fandoms are giving to BTS’s Spring Day MV? ♡