Klaus x Reader

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“(Y/N) what a lovely sight to see so early in the morning.” Kol declared as he came down the stairs to find you and Klaus sat at the breakfast table.

“Kol, ravishing as ever.” You hummed sarcastically as he offered you more coffee.

“Why do I not get greeted in the same manner.” Klaus huffed and you snickered as Kol span to face him.

“My dearest brother, time has blessed your face, you have not gained a wrinkle since the dawn of time.” Kol hummed in an old timey voice which had you doubled over in laughter.

“Do you not have other places to be?” Klaus snapped and Kol shrugged.

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With your fingers curling against Harrison’s shoulders and your head tilting back against the pillows, you felt his hands move down your ribcage and over your hips until finally wrapping around the back of your thighs to pull your legs tight against his sides. Flashing one of those rare smiles, he dropped his mouth over your neck and began laving a series of warm kisses just above your collar before lifting off to press a slow peck at your mouth, followed by the scrape of his stubble as he pushed closer to swallow you down.

When he finally pulled away to meet your gaze, his face split into a content smile before puffing out a rough, “Hey.”

“Good morning to you too.” You laughed, coiling your arms around his shoulders and drawing him closer before burying your face against the bend in his neck, warm and comforting as you breathed him in.

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*Imagine Waking up with Harrison*

(1) Request: A sexy Harrison Wells one-shot/imagine? ❤️

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a Papyrus expression photoset for all your Papyrus needs (?)

nothing of this is mine, this photoset was made from the awesome webcomic Insomnia, by the hand of the incredibly talented @wilyart

seriously tho, go read it


I’m going to let you in on a secret: there is no such thing as “good” Christianity.
No. Such. Thing.

Christianity is just that: it is Christianity.
It does not need an adjective in front of it to make it whole.

Sometimes Christianity is sobbing at a sink because it’s 10:30 pm and you’re so, so tired and you still have so much to do.
Because there aren’t enough hours in the day to do it all .
And you wonder, with your soapy hands and aching heart, if God really hears you after all.

Sometimes Christianity is triapsing under bridges with food and water and life blood for those touched by disaster.
And, hearing the stories of those around you, you wonder… how are you so blessed? Especially in the face of such trial?
And your heart grows a little fonder.

Sometimes Christianity is acknowledging that hole in your gut and not allowing it to win. Even when it screams at you “please, just sin for me.”
But sometimes it is allowing the hole to win just one more time.
Because it’s hard to fight those temptations.
And you want to feel satisfied just one more time before you really “give it up to God.”

Sometimes Christianity is countless hours spent volunteering, sweating from the heat and the spirit.
You are worn, but you are joyful.
And you saw it today: you saw the bigger picture of a true body of Christ.
And you are thankful.

Sometimes Christianity is staring fear right in the eye and reminding yourself you’re brave. Even when your hands are shaking, you’re brave.
So you take that first step into fear, trusting God has you close.

Sometimes Christianity is simply going through the motions: mechanical. Unfeeling. Cold. Methodical. Just because you have to.

Sometimes it is a mountain top experience: happiness and peace and love accompany you with each step you take.

Sometimes it is a valley: you trudge, tired, hurting, and lonely. Because, although you’ve been told differently, it feels like God doesn’t care much for you after all.

Christianity is messy. It is beautiful, it is wonderful, it is painful, it is bold… but it is not perfect.
Because it deals with very imperfect beings.

Stop trying to be “good” enough, my dear.
You are already enough.

-31Women (Ansley)

So anyway, I might have cried tonight. Can confirm Jo Drou is prettier in person. 27/10 can stick handle in front of me again. Um, Heddy is a giant teddy bear. Budaj can also back it up in front of me (and stretch) anytime. Bonus: Sustr was still taller than me on the ice, and I was in wedges and above ice level. In conclusion, the Tampa Bay Lightning saved my life.


the lighting is different in all of them it’s making my eyebrow twitch

also, i just realized i take so few selfies rip so making this post was a struggle in itself lol

also queen of procrastination accomplished this on the last day of 2016 yay me

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The American Dream (Team)

I pledge allegiance to the flag…
And to the holy trinity of America. 


Happy birthday to Steve! And happy birthday to America’s freedom though I am how many days late. OTL

Better late than never!
*Spreads love, freedom, and some fireworks*

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uHM,, I feel exposed………. bUT! I got tagged multiple times, a long time ago, to do the selfie tag, and I made this video and it didn’t turn out that horrible so I thought I’d share u___u aLSO, to celebrate me getting my braces out this is a tribute to them, thank you for making me feel less self-conscious ♡♡♡♡

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