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Summary: Peter is practically in love with you, but there’s one problem: your best friend doesn’t like him.


You scrambled about your room, trying to locate your other shoe as you looked at the clock.

7:40 a.m.

You groaned out loud as you heard the familiar sound of a car horn honking and proceeded to step into the living room, gasping in delight when you saw your shoe under the couch. You quickly lunged for it, pulling it onto your sock-clad foot as you left your apartment, making sure to lock the door.

You slid your shoe on just as the door next to you opened, causing you to stumble and fall against the person who had just emerged.

“Woah, (Y/N), are you okay?” You heard a familiar voice ask as hand flew to your shoulders to steady you.

You mentally sighed as you looked up, locking eyes with none other than Peter Parker. “Yeah Peter, I’m fine, thanks!”

You both stood in the hallway, looking at one another as shy smiles and blushes grew on your faces. The peaceful silence was broken by your phone, which rang loudly in the quiet building.

Peter leaned against the wall as you smiled at him in an apologetic way. He watched you as you spoke, noticing the adorable way you’d tilt your head to the side and listen to whatever you were being told, letting out the occasional ‘yeah’ to let the other person know that you were listening.

After a few minutes, you hung up, stuffing your phone into your back pocket. “Sorry Peter. I really should be going. I don’t want to be late.”

A blinding smile and a quick wave later, you were gone, leaving Peter breathless and with a pounding heart.

“Chill!” You screamed at your best friend, raising your voice in order to be heard over the incessant honking of the car horn.

Your best friend simply smirked, turning on the car as you hopped in. “I wouldn’t have had to do this if you weren’t running late, wouldn’t I?”

“I got a bit caught up,” you mumbled, feeling your face heat up.

“Sure. I bet you probably just overslept.”

You rolled your eyes as your best friend chuckled. “Whatever. Just drive, Eugene.”

Flash’s smirk faltered as he pressed down on the accelerator, zooming through the streets of Queens as he made his way to school.

You sat in your usual spot at lunch, Liz sitting on your left as Flash sat on your right.

You had been looking at dumb memes with Flash, throwing your head back and laughing whenever you got to a really good one.

Your laughter was interrupted to a harsh nudge from Liz, drawing your attention to the small smirk on her face. “Guess who’s staring at you yet again (Y/N/N)?”

Flash groaned, leaning in towards the both of you. “Are you talking about Penis Parker and his creepy staring again?”

You lightly smacked Flash’s chest. “Be nice.”

Flash rolled his eyes, slinging his arm around your waist and tickling your sides as you squirmed around, trying to escape.

“Uh-oh, guess who’s jealous?” Liz chimed, causing you and Flash to separate.

You scoffed lightly. “First of all, he has no reason to be jealous. No offense Flash, I love you but ew.”

“Are you kidding me?” Flash spoke. “You’re practically my sister. That’s disgusting.”

“Second of all,” you continued. “He was staring at you, Liz. Not me. You’re the ridiculously gorgeous one.”

Flash nodded his head in agreement.

“Whatever you say (Y/N),” Liz chuckled. “But mark my words. Peter Parker is smitten with you.”

Flash made a face of disgust before leaning his cheek on his hand. “If Parker likes you, he’ll have to ask me for my blessing.”

You felt your face flush as Liz spoke once more. “Then let’s hope you get wasted enough at my party to give it.”

The news of Liz’s weekend party spread like wildfire.

Everyone had been invited, even the freshmen, and the person who was most excited for the event was Ned Leeds.

Ned was buzzing with excitement as he and Peter trudged up the walkway to Liz’s front door. Peter, however, was a complete contrast to his adorable best friend. He walked with a slight frown on his face, not wanting to see you having the time of your life with Flash.

The duo twirled around quickly when they heard a voice shouting their names.

“Ned! Peter! Wait up you guys!” You cried out slightly, rushing up the walkway to catch up to them. You shot them a wide grin, causing Ned to smile back and also causing Peter’s heart to speed up.

“Hey (Y/N),” Ned greeted, pulling you into a quick hug.

“Hey Neddy,” you said. “Great hat by the way!”

Ned blushed slightly as he bowed his head, giving you the opportunity to snatch his hat and place it upon your own head.

“(Y/N)!” Ned groaned, causing you to throw your head back and laugh.

Peter was almost certain that he’d go into cardiac arrest at any moment.

Peter could feel himself staring at you. Staring at the way your (H/C) hair framed your face perfectly, at the way your eyes crinkled when you laughed, at the way you smiled at him as you spoke…

Oh wait, you were speaking to him.

“…so I’ll go look for Flash now! See you around guys,” you said as you bounded up to the door, letting yourself in.

Ned smacked the back of Peter’s head. “Dude! She was trying to have a conversation with you.”

“W-what?” Peter asked.

“Yeah. She was talking to you but when you made it clear you obviously didn’t want to speak to her; she left,” Ned clarified before groaning. “And she took my hat!”

Peter ran a hand through his hair. “She was trying to talk to me?”

Ned walked up to the door. “She asked if we wanted to hang out with her at the party. I said yes, you said nothing. She left to go look for Flash instead.”

Peter gasped. “Ned, no way, really? You should’ve slapped me or something!”

Ned snickered. “Yeah. She looked kind of upset.”

Peter groaned before bursting into the house, looking around the room for you. He couldn’t see you anywhere and sighed in defeat, leaning against the wall as he mentally scolded himself for not listening to you.

“Liz I swear to god he hates me!” You exclaimed. “I told you that he was actually staring at you!”

After your embarrassing display with Ned and Peter, you had dashed upstairs to Liz’s room. You frowned as you kept replaying the moment inside your head. You had asked if you could stay with them and Ned had agreed enthusiastically. Peter on the other hand, had looked at you strangely, just staring at you blankly before shaking his head slightly. You had quickly left afterwards, biting your lip in embarrassment. Of course Peter doesn’t like you. Why would he?

“Stop stressing (Y/N/N),” Flash’s voice rang as he walked into the room. “So what if he actually likes Liz? You’re too good for him anyways.”

“Yeah,” you muttered in agreement. “Who cares if he has big, sparkling brown eyes? O-or the cutest chocolate curls ever? Or the fact that he’s literally the sweetest person ever? I mean it’s not like-”

“Wow,” Liz interrupted your little speech.

“You really like Penis Parker, don’t you?” Flash asked, face scrunching up slightly in disgust.

You chewed slightly on your bottom lip. “Y-yeah. I guess I do.”

Flash ran his hand over his face before gesturing to the door. “I’m gonna go get a drink…or ten. I’m gonna need them if I have to listen to you rant about Parker.”

You followed Flash downstairs and into the kitchen, where he proceeded to take a half-empty bottle of some alcoholic drink and dump it into a cup. He raised the cup and took a sip, making a sound of disgust as he dumped the drink down the sink.

“Ugh! I don’t know why I always try it if I know I’m not gonna like it,” Flash muttered as you giggled.

“Let’s just look for some snacks Eugene,” you replied, hopping up onto the counter as he scowled at you.

You pointed to the cabinet and Flash went over to it, picking out a bag of your favorite chips and walking over to you.

The two of you stayed in the kitchen for a while, chatting with whomever stumbled in and eating your chips in silence the rest of the time.

“So were you serious about your crush?” Flash asked as he leaned against the counter and lowered his voice.

You looked around slightly before leaning in, speaking in an equally hushed voice. “I mean, I know you don’t like him Flash, but he’s not a bad guy.”

Flash frowned slightly. “It’s just, I don’t know. I don’t like that thought of you two together.”

“Jealous, Flash?” You smirked, quirking an eyebrow as you observed your best friend.

“Yes,” Flash replied, wincing as your eyes widened in shock. “But not in the way you think!”

“Then?” You asked, prompting him to keep speaking.

“It’s just, what if you spend too much time together?” Flash asked. “You’re my best friend (Y/N) and I don’t want to get left behind.”

You froze for a moment. Flash had never been this vulnerable before and honestly, you thought it was a bit heartbreaking.

“Flash,” you started, pulling him in front of you and placing your hand on his shoulders. “Listen to me, okay? You are way too important to me to be replaced by anyone else. Yeah, you may be a dick sometimes and yeah, maybe your ego is way too overinflated, but that does not change the fact that you have always been there for me. And you probably always will. I love you, okay Flash? And no matter what the future brings, I hope that we always stay besides each other.”

Flash nodded solemnly as you leaned in and pressed a kiss to his forehead. “Now let’s go get this party started.”

Flash smirked and he rolled his eyes. “Yeah, yeah. I love you too.”

You motioned for him to go on without you. “Go ahead Flash. I’ll get us some nice drinks and catch up with you.”

Flash snorted and left, flipping you off playfully as he exited the kitchen.

Flash’s exit was quickly interrupted when he slammed into a solid body. Quickly apologizing, Flash proceeded to sneer at the person when he met their eyes.

Parker,” he spat, straightening up.

Peter avoided his eyes, choosing to glance down at the floor before allowing his eyes to flicker over to where you were sitting.

Flash’s eyes widened slightly at the strangely heartbroken look in Peter’s eyes and proceeded to grab him by the collar, pushing him up against the wall.

“Now you’re going to listen to me okay Parker?” Flash spoke lowly, mentally yelling at himself for what he was about to do.

Peter gulped and nodded, fighting the urge to push Flash off of him and web him to the wall.

“I have a lovesick best friend in the kitchen,” Flash hissed. “And I can’t believe I’m telling you this, but you better go in there and confess or I swear to god that I will break you. Understood?”

Peter nodded, eyes wide. He couldn’t believe what he had just heard and assumed it was some sort of hallucination caused by the adrenaline pumping in his veins.

“Good,” Flash continued. “Now go and don’t mess it up. I won’t give you another chance at this.”

With one last shove and a glare, Flash stalked off, leaving Peter to stare at you dreamily before breathing in deeply and walking into the kitchen.

He froze almost immediately. There you were, sitting on top of the counter as you scrolled through your phone, absentmindedly swinging you legs and causing them to lightly tap the cabinets beneath you.

Peter walked over slowly and stopped once he was in front of you. Awkwardly, he cleared his throat, grabbing your attention as you finally noticed him standing in front of you.

“P-peter!” You stuttered, hopping down from the counter and rushing to make yourself seem more presentable.

Unfortunately, your ankle faltered when you hit the ground and you were sent stumbling into Peter.

Your cheeks heated up in embarrassment and you mentally screamed when you felt Peter’s arms around your waist. You regained your balance and stood up straight, your hands landing on Peter’s arms.

Your blush only worsened when you felt his muscles flex involuntarily and you realized that Peter wasn’t as scrawny as he seemed.

Was Peter Parker always this fit?

“Hey (Y/N),” Peter finally spoke, drawing your attention to him.

“Hey Pete,” you whispered, trying to avoid his eyes. “What’s up?”

“Well I saw Flash leave you here and decided it was the perfect time to talk to you about earlier.”

You flinched slightly at the memory of his small rejection. “Yeah, about that, it’s no big deal Peter. Really. I’m sorry I ever suggested hanging out in the first place.”

Peter’s eyes widened at your words. “No! I’m sorry for not replying earlier. I wanted to hang out with you but I just assumed that you and Flash were…dating.”

You giggled, resting your head on his chest slightly. “Never! Flash is like the older brother I’m glad I never had.”

Peter sighed. “Well that’s good. That’s great!”

You furrowed your brows. “What do you mean?”

Peter took a deep breath, calming himself down before he leaned down, connecting his lips to yours.

You stood there, shocked. Peter began to panic and immediately loosened his grasp on your waist, backing away when you didn’t kiss back.

Your lips chased his, however, and you wound your arms around his neck, pulling him down to you as he let out a surprised squeak.

You gasped slightly when Peter nipped your bottom lip, allowing him to deepen the kiss as he pressed you up against the counter before lifting you up and setting you down on it.

Even though the kiss had become more intense, you could still feel the softness behind it. The shyness and awkwardness was still there as your lips moved against one another. It was shy and hesitant and so utterly Peter that you couldn’t help but feel your heart swell with emotion.

You were kissing Peter Parker.

And he was pretty damn good at it.


“What the…”

You both sprung apart and turned towards the door, seeing a shocked Ned and and a grinning Liz.

“You guys were kissing!” Ned spoke, pointing at the two of you.

“W-what? No we werent,” Peter denied as you tried to smooth down your outfit.

“Your hair is messed up, your lips are swollen, and your hand are all over her,” Liz spoke smugly, a victorious smile on her face.

Your face heated up as you took in Peter’s apeearance. His hair was indeed all messed up, his curls going every direction. His lips were red and swollen, and you felt your cheeks heat up even more when he caught your gaze and his lips went up into a smirk.

“We weren’t kissing, Liz!” You exclaimed, trying to hide your embarrassment.

“Mmmhmm,” Liz hummed. “Just please don’t make a mess in my kitchen, yeah?”

She winked at the both of you before pulling Ned away, chatting about his missing hat.“

“So,” Peter spoke, drawing your attention back to him. “I kinda, really, really like you (Y/N).”

Peter had his head down, a bright blush adorning his cheek. You giggled loudly, causing his head to snap up as he looked at you in confusion.

“Oh Peter. I really like you too you dork,” you proclaimed, bringing a grin to his face.

“Well that’s great! If not, then this would have been really awkward,” he muttered.

You rolled your eyes as you leaned in again. “You’re really cute Peter Parker.”

Your lips met once more, this time in a kiss that was soft and sweet and a lot more slow than your previous one. Just as Peter’s hands landed on your thigh, you were interrupted by another voice.

“C'mon Penis Parker! In the middle of the kitchen? Really?”

“Get out of here Flash!”

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With your fingers curling against Harrison’s shoulders and your head tilting back against the pillows, you felt his hands move down your ribcage and over your hips until finally wrapping around the back of your thighs to pull your legs tight against his sides. Flashing one of those rare smiles, he dropped his mouth over your neck and began laving a series of warm kisses just above your collar before lifting off to press a slow peck at your mouth, followed by the scrape of his stubble as he pushed closer to swallow you down.

When he finally pulled away to meet your gaze, his face split into a content smile before puffing out a rough, “Hey.”

“Good morning to you too.” You laughed, coiling your arms around his shoulders and drawing him closer before burying your face against the bend in his neck, warm and comforting as you breathed him in.

(X) (~♫♪~)

*Imagine Waking up with Harrison*

(1) Request: A sexy Harrison Wells one-shot/imagine? ❤️

(2) Request: Request- sexy Harry wells one-shot pls xx

(3) Request: Can I request a sexy Harrison Wells imagine? :’) 💖

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@Relic I was going to go to sleep but then you blessed me with your face. ~G

(( Relic : Sleep over Saturday!!!! But for real you should sleep, love. My face will still be here in the morning. )) 

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If you're still doing drabbles, can you do Piccolo and Nail with 7?

(I love you Ash bless your face. Pretend this takes place somewhere between the Namekians leaving for New Namek and Future Trunks showing up)

7: “Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.”

“Leave me alone.”

Nail kept his features schooled, even though all he wanted to do was reach out and slap Piccolo upside the head. “Can I be blamed for wanting to know more about the person I was supposed to spend forever fused with? Especially when that person is so intriguing.”

“There’s nothing ‘intriguing’ about me,” Piccolo growled. He hadn’t moved since Nail arrived, sitting crosslegged in the air with his arms folded and his shoulders hunched. His eyes were closed and he’d clearly been trying to meditate until Nail showed up. (It was also clear that he thought he was good at it, but his technique left a lot to be desired.) “Go away if you’re not going to fuse with me again.”

“It’s hardly my fault our fusion failed.” Rather, it wasn’t entirely Nail’s fault, just like it wasn’t entirely Piccolo’s. They weren’t as compatible for fusion as Nail had first thought, that was all. “Being bitter about it isn’t going to help us any.”

Piccolo finally opened his eyes at that. “There’s no us. There has never been an us. There was you, and there was me, and then there was only me, and now you’re here again.”

“Listen.” Nail braced his hands on Piccolo’s knees, leaning forward to stare intently into his eyes. Piccolo recoiled, but didn’t attack him, which Nail took as a victory. “If I’m going to be stuck on this dragon-forsaken rock with no other Namekians besides you and the old man, we’re going to have to learn to get along. And that starts with you clearing something up for me.” Piccolo’s eyes narrowed and his jaw clenched. “Like I said, you’re intriguing, Piccolo. According to the boy you’ve attached yourself to, you’re a good, kind person, if a little gruff.” To his surprise, Piccolo purpled and looked away. Interesting. “But when anyone else talks about you…everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.”

Nail watched as Piccolo’s tongue darted out to lick his lips and oh, that was something he might want to explore later. “It’s…a long story,” Piccolo said, still not looking at Nail.

Nail grabbed Piccolo’s chin and forced him to look him in the eyes again. “I’ve got all day.”

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Leonard regretted the words the second they came out of his mouth, watching as Jim's 'oh Bones, you're so funny and Southern' smile made an appearance. He could only watch in horror as Jim leaned back in his chair and hollered clear across the bar, “Hey, Chekov! Bones here thinks you're a minx!” Leonard waved to the bartender and got a refill of his whiskey. James Tiberius Kirk was the worst friend ever and alcohol was the only way he was going to survive this night.

“Oh, god, is he coming over here?” “Yep,” Jim said cheerfully, reaching for Leonard’s tumbler of whiskey, only to get his hand slapped away. “I’m never telling you anything again,” Leonard growled, but really, what else could he do? He couldn’t really tell anyone but your best friend that the youngest member of the crew seemed to be doing his level best to frustrate the hell out of him.

And now Chekov was winding his way through the crowd, long legs easily covering the distance and Leonard was reminded very vividly of all the times the kid had come into sickbay after a run, complaining of pulled muscles and wearing the shortest shorts imaginable. He took a hasty sip of his whiskey, trying to cover his blush. When he looked up, Pavel had his head cocked to the side, eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

“Could you explain, please, keptin? We have minks in Russia, but they are used mainly for coats.” Jim blinked several times, and then his expression cleared. “No, not minx like mink. Like, M-I-N-X. It means that you’re being a tease.” Then Pavel turned to look at Leonard, and he could only brace himself for rejection, ‘cause surely the kid didn’t want an old man like him sniffing around. “I am very sorry, Doctor. I did not mean to give that impression.”

Leonard closed his eyes, trying to summon up an apology when he felt Pavel’s lips against his ear. “I was informed it was only being a tease if you did not intend to follow through.” Then the kid plucked the glass of whiskey from his fingers and took a long, slow sip, before setting it back on the table and turning away. “I’m going back to the ship. You should join me, Doctor.”

Leonard could only stare after him until Jim kicked him hard in the shin. “How the hell did you manage to get married without me? Go, Bones, go!” Leonard stood up quickly, and Jim gave him a thumbs-up as he took off after Pavel. James Tiberius Kirk was officially the best friend ever.

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every once and a while I see a girl and I’m like oh yeah I’m super gay for pretty girls and today you were that girl bless you and your ethereal face

Omg thank you?? 😂💕 you’re so nice anon ILY


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Pssst, I'm working on a mod to make Nick into a Gen 3 Synth that looks like Humphrey Bogart, thought you might like to know ;)

HOLY HECK. YESSSS ♥ Bless you and your sweet face. I hope there will be pix, because I use PS4 and cannot use mods (yet).