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how do you really feel about rozalija? (a person who secretly reads your threads)

“You’re implying that my feelings for her are different from those I may have expressed previously? We get on fairly well, I’m more than happy to say I am fond of her and that we’ll likely end up very good friends. I hope Her Majesty knows that, and that she may return the sentiment.”

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TBH WE HAVENT TALKED YET but ........... hey there :^) sets url down

My Opinion on;

Character in general: Natsu is a cool firehead. At first, I didn’t like Natsu as much as all my friends did, I was more so curious about him. Right when I saw him, I questioned how he got his magic, why he didn’t remember anything before Igneel and if he was well, human. Back then, I didn’t know the truth so I believed he was a dragon. sister: bitch he is a dragon. And now, I admire him for his courage and loyality.
How they play them: Interesting. Nicole has built Natsu from a flaming coffee bean to a pure and nice cup of coffee
The Mun: oHOHOHOH, Nicole seems super chill and sweet, i haven’t had the honour to speak to her yet, but from what i see on my dash she seems like an awesome person

Do I;

RP with them: Not yet 
Want to RP with them: please love me yes yes i always wanna

What is my;

Overall Opinion:

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companions react to a v dominant sole? there doesnt seem to be a lot of dom!sole around and it causes pain in my heart also bless ur soul for this blog tbh

No nonnie bless you for sending in the first reaction request!

Cait: Being very dominant herself Cait took Sole’s dominance as a challenge. From the first kiss to their first roll in the bedsheets it was a wrestling match between the two. If they didn’t have a few bruises then they didn’t have fun.

Codsworth: Codsworth is submissive to his core and greatly enjoys it when Sole takes charge during their private time together. And though he does see his primary role as to ‘serve’ Sole he does need tender moments and would not do well with a strict dom.

Curie: Having someone who can take charge and lead her through the many mysteries of relationship is a dream to Curie.

Danse: Don’t let the domineering personality fool you this boy likes to be pushed and bossed around. Not that he would ever openly admit it, in fact it takes him months to admit that he finds Sole’s dominance attractive.

Deacon: Being a switch Deacon usually finds a very dominant partner a little one noted. A little, but Sole is very good of taking charge and taking him along for a wild ride. Whether that ride be in a Deathclaw nest or the bedroom he’s game.

Hancock: When you’re a ghoul you can’t expect to be pampered, but when Sole takes the lead in the relationship Hancock loves it, absolutely adores that he doesn’t have to ask to be touched or kissed because Sole always takes the first step, showing that they want him, a ghoul, and hell if that ain’t just the best pampering he’s had in years.

MacCready: Like Danse he doesn’t like to admit how much he likes to be dominated, unlike Danse he will purposely push a dominant Sole’s buttons to see how dominate they will get with him. It often turns into a game of how rough they can get before Mac is too sore to walk. Not that he would have it any other way, he likes having an ache to remind him he belongs to someone.

Nick: Our favourite detective prefers to be wooed instead of dominated. The rough stuff might knock a few too many screws loose for his liking.

Piper: She’s apprehensive at first. She doesn’t see herself as overly dominate but she doesn’t appreciate being pushed around too much. Though she does think it’s nice that she can rely on sole to take charge if she needs them to.

Preston: He likes to take things slow, but knowing how dominant Sole is it has him worried. He does like having sole in charge but he isn’t keen on being pushed around.

X6-88: His first reaction is to say no, and to keep saying no until Sole gives in first. Then he’s more willing to work out a give and take relationship.

((P.s: If you were looking more for a bdsm Dom you can resend the ask :)  ))