“bts arent even that talented”

@mutuals I keep forgetting this is a sideblog and most of you don’t know my main so I keep liking ur posts to show my support but I only just realised you’re not gonna have any clue it was me lmao

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Ok so this is a weird/creepy question but your skin is amazing, what products do you use?

lol god bless u. i honestly think you are what you eat, so i avoid greasy/oily foods, and i eat no meat other than fish. that can make a big difference. healthy fats, like avocados and (raw!) olive oil, are an epidermis’ best friend. i also take fish oil and vitamin D3. as far as products go… 

  • goē oil, pricey but goes a long way, cures literally everything, smells amazing, lasts forever. you will glow like jesus does in bad paintings. i use it for my hands, feet, knees, and elbows. if feeling indulgent, i’ll use a bit on my legs after a shave. it’s also amazing for that horrible chapped nose you get after a cold. if you’re on holiday or live in a hotter climate, it’s great for rubbing into the roots of your hair to protect your scalp from the sun and sea. 
  • la roche-posey micellar water. more like holy water. i use this as a toner/make-up remover. i used to have a stubborn layer of dry skin on my forehead that would only ever go away with a facial i could afford once a year, and it would just return shortly after anyway, and i despaired. after my first time using this, though, that horrible dry skin went away forever. i use it 2x a day and i love it so much. 
  • jao face crème, again, a little pricey, but your skin is a dang investment. you also need to use so little of it that it ends up lasting for months. in the long run it’s cheaper than getting a shitty brand that you have to buy over and over again. i mostly use this cream in the winter, as nyc from october-march turns into a dry freezing furnace of hell, and makes me look about 100. this lotion turns me into a teenager again (i’m not joking i get carded everywhere now it’s awesome). it’s gorgeous and smells wonderful. moisturizes and absorbs quickly into the skin, so no break-outs. however, if you’re looking for a cheaper sort of miracle… 
  • avène skin recovery cream is the TITS. oh my god. the best, the best ever. never known a better lotion in my life. my best friend recommended it to me and i honestly can’t speak of it highly enough. i use this all year round. it’s lightweight and you’ll look like the peach emoji after regular use. so good. 
  • for body, you can’t go wrong with kiehl’s crème de corps, or crabtree & evelyn’s jojoba oil body lotion. keep it simple. i also tend to break out on my back sometimes (even though that shit should have stopped ten fucking years ago, adulthood is hard enough), so when that flares up, i use murad’s clarifying body spray. and aveda’s hand relief is somewhere on my person at all times. 

again, some of these are pricey - but again, your skin is an investment. 99% of these products take MONTHS AND MONTHS to use up, so you are getting tons of bang for your buck. also, remember to take your make-up off every night before bed, drink lots of water, and that’s it! hooray! 

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Hi I really don't mean to bother you because you are literally the most amazing person ever ( like srsly ) but I love to read your fics on mobile and the links to do so seems to be broken. Is there anything you could do about it ? Thanks a lot in advance and have a great day sweetie

aw shit yeah i changed the link and i’ve forgotten to update it (thanks for the reminder i’ll fix it rn before i forget!!) but the actual link is here!!


@homemadeheroine & @profanemouth‘s thread rn

here’s me. all sleepy. ready to go to bed. and just.

casually reading a reply and i’m like ‘huh. wonder what those girls are talking about’

and i’m….laffin omg.

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aah im late but happy birthday!!!! i bet that on that day gillian anderson woke up and thought this is a Good Gay Day n she didn't know why but it was u

aaaa thats ok thank u!!!! and Honestly……. im so blessed by this image thank u i think it did happen imlo

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Hi . I know you ship Klonnie so I was wondering if you've seen this video: Klaus & Bonnie "Don't shy away from the light..." sorry it won't let me post the link but you can find it in youtube. I just saw it and I thought of you. I think you will like it.


i just watched it and it’s EVERYTHIIIIIING. Literally the klonnie babyplot of my dreams????? thank you so much for starting my morning off the right way???

here’s the link for anyone interested

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when did you and ''extaeminator'' start dating? ^^ congrats btw,

aw, thank you nonnie! 

officially, on january 26th! 

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Ur girl is the luckiest person on this planet I would say you are the definition of perfection but that does not even come close to doing you justice, just good fn god. I'm like 147% sure I'm in love/lust with you. So I now have to jerk off to you ;)

omg bless u omg 😭😭😭 ahhhh ❤️❤️❤️ thank you so much but honestly i think i’m the luckier one she is so dam amazing 👭💕✨

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what are you doing right now?

i am drinking tea and crying at the tracy beaker finale idk it just happened. im also looking forward to buying a new notepad tomorrow which is chill. but im mostly sad this was my childhood man. 

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