still cant believe how lucky and blessed we are to be given a sports anime wherein a gay relationship between the main character and another man blooms slowly over the course of the season and is never forced and never coerced. they support and love each other and are honest and dont hide things from one another for the sake of drama. the writers dont pen in unnecessary conflict based on irrational misunderstandings or internalized homophobia -
this is literally just two adult men in love in the background of the greater frame of figure skating. #blessed

Swimming shojo in a nutshell
  • Haru in season 1: Oh my god, my dazzling being is having hard time, I need to help him * wears shining armor, brings sakura petals and shojo wind*.
  • Rin in season 2: Oh my god, my shining is having hard time, I need to help him * wears shining armor, takes his shining to another country to show sights*.

My mother knows about my art, and once said to me…

“What am I supposed to tell my friends when they ask about your art?” 

And so I told her, “Show them some of my charcoals” and her response was, “I can only show them so many times before they get suspicious!!!” 

“Well….Give them the D mother"

And she screams and goes: “I CANT SHOW THEM YOUR GAY ANIME BOYS!”

bless her :’)