bless your seoul

GOODBYE 2016, HELLO 2017!!!

It’s been a rough 2016 for everyone, but for me personally, this was also the year that fully introduced me to k-pop, and I can’t be more grateful for that! I’ve made so many good friends, and have found so much happiness that I’ve lost for a while. Thank you all for making my 2016 a little bit better, and I hope all of our 2017′s are much much better! :)

Everyone mentioned here is absolutely wonderful and if you aren’t already following them, please do because they are amazing :D

(yes this is a repeat from my main blog @some-fantastic-URL-name but sh thats okay i must recognize you all twice)

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I hit 1k+ recently and in celebration, (because I have no other talents whoops), I’m doing another follow forever !! Thank you guys so much for following me and getting me to my goal in about a year like, that’s just amazing ♥♥♥♥ If you’re not on the list I’m sorry and I either missed you or I just don’t see you on my dash very much, but I love you still o3- (also any k-pop blogs that I put, I’m also @kissmybt-ass ayo)

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