bless your seoul

Seoul Ain’t Everything

I know most everyone tries to get a position in Seoul, but if you don’t it’s not the end of the world. Count your blessings. Seoul’s a bit overrated in my opinion. I miss Incheon, so I’m happy I’ll get to spend time with my Incheon family this weekend. Little Brother is having his bday party there so it’ll be nice to take a break from Seoul. Who knew I’d miss it this much? And it’s of course because of the people and the vibe, because Seoul has everything place wise. For all those who didn’t get placed in Seoul, make the most of it! You’ll notice that just about every other city outside of it has a tight-knit community of its own. If there is one I’m jealous of it’d be Busan. I love that place! And foreigners residing there seem to love it too, which is why most of them tend to never relocate. I’m just putting it out there. Seoul can be real fake. 

I love my Incheon friends. They’re still holding it down. I still talk with them, and we still make time to hangout with each other even though I can’t see them often. Even if we haven’t seen each other for months, once we get back together it’s like no time had ever passed. No awkwardness, just good times. And they never make me feel like a foreigner in the group. It’s only when we get around others and there’s a bunch of staring that I realize “Oh yeah, I’m the odd one out.” Besides that, it’s never an issue. Even other Incheon friends and acquaintances I’ve made will message me out of the blue wanting to catch up and checking in on me. As far as the foreign community goes, we weren’t big, and it dwindled with the job cuts but we were all on relatively good terms. The gyopo, Joker, I considered like a brother, but he’s been acting up lately so I’ma give him time to simmer down lol and I have another one I call brotha as well. He’s a black guy I met at language exchange. We were the only two black people there. He only went for the first portion so he never stayed too long. Anyways, all this to say, Incheon folks are real genuine.

Then there’s Busan. Lovely city, lovelier people. When me and my friend K first went there we met a guy named Bright. Anyone who’s ever been to Busan these past few years knows him! If you don’t, you’re new or lying. I’ve never met anyone in life with a more fitting name. He’s truly an awesome person. He showed us around town and we had a great time. When we came back to Busan again we coincidentally bumped into him and some of his friends and had the most epic night. Too much fun was had ^^. We met the other foreigners there and they were super cool as well along with the military. Everyone there got along like best friends. The Koreans there are a whole other level of hospitable and nice, and it sometimes feels like a completely different world from up here.

I haven’t been to Daegu, but I heard that it’s nice over there too. In fact, I have a friend who’s completely over Seoul. She plans on leaving her job here (which is a really good one btw) and relocating to Daegu in the fall.

I’ve talked to people that are sad they haven’t had the same experience of people living in Seoul like running into celebrities or going to some of these events. Don’t get me wrong. It’s cool and all, but it’s not everything. These moments are fleeting, mere seconds at times. Many times these stories you hear are exaggerated or just straight up lies (not me though, just saying). Don’t always believe the hype. Your overall well-being in this place is more important. The time you have with yourself and your friends and at your job/school make up the majority of your time here. It’s more important to be happiest in those moments.

Sanity is better than vanity. That’s all I’m saying….