bless your laugh

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do you think garp and sengoku ever have a drinking game of "take a shot everytime luffy does something extremely problematic for us" while going through reports and end up completely wasted within like an hour


once garp realized who sabo was and it was revealed to the public that he and luffy are brothers they were gonna add sabo to the drinking game (since technically the game was “take a shot every time garp’s grandson fucks something up” and sabo is his grandson too) but they realized if they did they’d literally just;; die of alcohol poisoning 

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At your funeral, you Dad weeps and says: I LOVE MY DEAD GAY SON!

He loves his son, he loves his son! His dead gay son! 

Not half bad, your dead gay son!
Wish I had your dead gay son!
Thank you, dad, for your…



this is taking too long. maybe we should do your hypnotism-eye-voodoo thing to get them talking. yes, you would expect that sort of behavior from me, wouldn’t you?

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dear girlfriend

@http-rxgxnne I know this was you stupid dick 

Dear girlfriend,

First off, you drive me up a wall majority of the time, but there is honestly no one that I’d rather tolerate than you. I wish that you could see what I see in you, and I will try every single day until you do. You are a beautiful soul, who has been through more shit than you ever deserve. It is surreal that you are mine, and I am so blessed. I love your laugh, it brings out the giddiness inside of me. Everytime I talk to you I feel like I have a crush on you all over again. I care for you so much and it scares the fuck out of me because I know if I lost you I wouldn’t be the same. I am proud of you for everything you have accomplished since I met you. You easily could have given up at any time and you pushed forward (even though you say it’s because of me, your dad is beyond proud). I miss you the second you leave….every single time, and that’s super lame but the truth. I can’t wait to see where life takes us.