bless you my cousin

I miss Derek Hale....

I miss him so badly. I miss blunt, abrasive, fierce Derek. I miss his insults and misunderstandings and his pinnacles and his achievements and his failures. I miss every single thing about him. I miss his guidance of Scott and his jokes with Stiles and every little interaction. I miss his rare and brilliant smile and his darkness and his light. I miss his leather jacket and his angst and his fears and his hopes and dreams. I miss his second chances and ideas and memories and his intense will to never, ever give up. I just really miss Derek Hale, guys.

God bless you, Derek Hale.


I was actually at my cousin’s wedding the night of the full moon and both the venue and my cousin looked spectacular. Since it was such a special day, I took the opportunity to do a few blessing spells for my cousin and her new husband.

It certainly helped that there was a pentacle made of river stones in the cortyard, plenty of candles that I could borrow for a few minutes, herbs in the confetti that was thrown over the bridal party and both the wine and bread were ample.

May they live a long and happy life together!

- Marci