bless you my cousin

I miss Derek Hale....

I miss him so badly. I miss blunt, abrasive, fierce Derek. I miss his insults and misunderstandings and his pinnacles and his achievements and his failures. I miss every single thing about him. I miss his guidance of Scott and his jokes with Stiles and every little interaction. I miss his rare and brilliant smile and his darkness and his light. I miss his leather jacket and his angst and his fears and his hopes and dreams. I miss his second chances and ideas and memories and his intense will to never, ever give up. I just really miss Derek Hale, guys.

God bless you, Derek Hale.


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If I'm not wrong in the american dub of Sailor Moon they say that Michiru and Haruka are cousin, If so how do they handle the episode in which they enter the love contest game and the one in which it's shows H and M first meeting? i mean if they are cousin and they are so close it will be more natural if they have grow up playing together or at least you usually know your cousin name. It was something like Elza: Haruka, this is your cousin Michiru, do you remember her? P.S. Who is Brad?

Oh yes, good anon, you are not mistaken - Haruka and Michiru, or should we say Amara and Michelle, are cousins in the North American dub. This was, of course, an attempt at censoring their relationship, but the beautiful thing about it was that the company in charge of the dub did a horrible job. While all language implying a romantic relationship was removed, there weren’t any actual visual cuts made to the season, so basically it turned out that Michelle and Amara appeared to be cousins and lesbians and romantically involved with each other

Due to terrible writing and voice acting, those of us living in the U.S. and Canada were treated to incredible, awkward scenes from multiple episodes, including the ones you’ve mentioned. Elza nicely reminds viewers that Amara and Michelle, as cousins, share a gene pool and then re-introduces these two gay babies to each other. Later, in the love contest episode, Amy and Raye (yes, that’s how they changed their names) cleared up some confusion as to why they’d be entering the game.

Most importantly, Brad is the cutest guy in school, and was Michelle’s super heterosexual first kiss. He’s the best.

I definitely recommend checking out the English dub of S for some horrifyingly hilarious censorship fails, and just terrible writing/voice acting in general. Maybe I have too much nostalgia for it, as it’s the version I grew up with, but I can’t help but laugh whenever I watch it now. I’ve also written an Amara x Michelle crackfick which I’m admittedly very proud of (it also features Mike, who is once mentioned as an ex-boyfriend of Michelle). The North American dub, while homophobic and racist as all get out, is a treasure of great continental importance, and must be mocked eternally as such. Enjoy.

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Holy sheet You and my cousin share the same birthday!! :0 anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU AMAZINGLY TALENTED AND SMOL BEAN-soft anon

Gjslgldl sorry I take so long to get back to you but tell your cousin I wish her a happy bday also !!! 💕💕💕

Alan was such a fabulous person. He was always there for me and my family. The last time we spoke, I told him of something awful that had happened in the family. He asked why I had not told him earlier. I said that I did not want to cast such a dark cloud over his world. He said to me, ‘That’s why I’m here.’ He was not well himself but still thought of others. Alan was a guiding light in my life and that of my family. That little light just went out. The world just got a little dimmer. God bless and keep you my friend.
—  Tony Farrington, a close paternal second cousin on Alan Rickman

Ok so I just got finished watchng TFA with my mom(who hasn’t seen it yet) and let me tell y’all as soon as the bridal carry scene came on she was sold on reylo. She whispered,”aw he’s going to fall in love with her isn’t he?” (and im over here trying to keep cool like i havent been shipping them since day one) and when the interrogation scene happened she turned to my dad(who is hardcore Rey Skywalker btw) and says,”Really you think they’re cousins?”

Truly I am my mothers daughter.