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Tony being able to wield Mjölnir (Thor's hammer) is my favorite thing, the Avengers (esp. Thor's) reactions to him holding it/picking it up is my second favorite thing. Like he'd be doing something totally random, like getting his coffee or reaching for a tool or his tablet, and the hammer would be in his way or something or he's so tired from his latest bender that he doesn't know what it is he's picking up and the team is just like ??? W-T-F??? Tbh there aren't enough fics of this.


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for the kiss prompt, 5 with asra? jfdsafja <3 i adore your writing

“Do I have to go so soon?” they ask, disappointment etched in their features. They were enjoying exploring more of the oasis; meeting new creatures, seeing impossible sights.

More importantly, though, they were enjoying spending time with Asra, and now they no longer have to control the urge to kiss him. They could do it, and the magician would welcome it with an awe that threatened to make their heart skip a beat.

Asra smiles at them, reaching out to rub his thumb over the swell of their cheek. “I wish you didn’t have to either,” he says, “but it’s… not entirely safe here.”

They furrow their brows. “What about you?”

“I’ll be fine. In fact, I’ll be with you soon.”

“What does that mean? Do you want to meet again, or… wait, are you coming to the palace?”

His smile turns into something more mischievous. “You’ll see,” is his mysterious response. “For now, though, you should go.”

Before he can place a hand over their eyes, they say, “Hang on.” His brow twitches in mild surprise, but he listens and waits. They smile and lean in to kiss him one last time.

Only when they start, they can’t stop. Asra’s hands are on their hips, fingers digging into the material there, and pull them so close they’re resting against his chest. They place a hand against the bare skin of his chest, accidentally on purpose, and grin when they feel him shudder.

The luminous creatures from before swirl around them, buzzing in their ears, but they pay them no mind. The apprentice is too busy with Asra’s lips, his tongue; their fingers delve into the mess of his curls and anchor themselves there.

He bestows them with kiss after kiss, until the both of them are gasping for breath. When he thinks of stopping, they yank on his scarf to pull him in for another kiss.

They only pull apart when thunder rumbles in the distance. Asra’s lips are swollen and wet, and the apprentice wants nothing more to return to kissing him, but they know they’ve overstayed.

Asra looks at them with an expression that warms them to their core. “I can’t seem to get enough of you,” he says with a small laugh.

“Good, because neither can I,” they say, running their fingers through his hair in an attempt to smooth them out. They give up eventually, their hand gliding down to cup his cheek. He leans into it, surprised, as if still unable to believe this is real.

“I’ll see you again,” Asra promises, straightening himself up, “and soon.”

Then his hand is passing over their eyes, and they awaken to the fountain and Faust, who’s curled up near them.

They sigh. They already miss him. “I’m holding you to that promise, Asra.”



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Part 1 - {Shawn & Aaliyah} Part 2 - {Aaliyah} Part 3 - {Shawn} Part 4 - {Shawn & Aaliyah} 


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your writing is lovely and you're lovely too :* for the ask - "things you said that i wasn’t meant to hear" with asra, pls

His apprentice’s fingers are carding through his hair, his head resting on the flesh of their knee. Outside dusk has claimed the sky, and the bustle from the marketplace has died and become a hush.

Asra is growing used to this easy intimacy, but he knows he must leave soon. There is work to be done. For now, though, he tries to memorize this. All of it. The gentle breathing of his apprentice, the calm seeping into his bones, the feeling of something close to home.

He’s sinking into sleep when a sigh sounds from above him. “You’re lucky you’ve got such soft hair, otherwise I might not have let you stay here,” his apprentice grumbles under their breath.

Asra stifles a smile. It’s something they say to him from time to time, yet in spite of the harsh words, their gaze is always fond.

He wonders what expression they’re wearing now, when they think him asleep. He entertains the thought of opening his eyes to satisfy his curiosity.

“Though I suppose you could shave your head bald now and I’d still let you in,” they continue musing, unknowing. His cheek twitches, suppressing a chortle. “But… don’t actually do that. Please.”

A deeper sigh, and the fingers in his hair regretfully cease movement. “Sometimes I wish you wouldn’t leave. That you’d stay here like this, with me, for longer.”

Asra stills, the merriment filling his chest dissipating. They’re spilling the contents of their hearts, now. He shouldn’t listen, should pretend to awake… yet he strains to take in every word.

“Or maybe I could come with you,” his apprentice says, voice low and soft, “and we’d have an adventure like one in the tales you’re always telling me. I just wish I knew how you…” They trail off.

Asra wishes they would continue, but they don’t, and instead returning to stroking his hair. He stews in his thoughts as the comforting movement lulls him to sleep.

An adventure with the shopkeep, his apprentice… there are so many the places he’d want to take them, if he could. He hopes he gets the chance, one day.


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Summary: Even being his wife, Negan doesn’t hesitate to punish you for going behind his back. 

Warnings: Eh, ya know Negan being Negan.

Pairing: Negan x Reader

A/N: This honestly isn’t that long, but I tried.

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I honest to god don’t know how this came to be? If anyone prayed for it (besides me) if this is divine intervention or what!?!? But oh my god, I can die happy now knowing I saw this…. It’s almost illegal and a sin that these two won’t get to be old together….. I still hate Eren and Mikasa for Erwin’s death, regardless if Erwin wanted to die or not….. Oh god, I need to stop now… I’m starting to get emotional…. It’s just…… First Marco, then Erwin, now Ymir, and I’m like fuuuuck…..!!!!! There better be some sort of reunion or something, where those who have died come back in spirit form and they all celebrate or something (you know like in that scene in Mulan, where she finally brings honor to her family!? You know what I’m talking about? And some corny boy pop group from the 90s is singing in the background.) REGARDLESS….. WHO EVER ILLUSTRATED THIS OR DECIDED TO SHARE THIS….. MAY WALL SINA, ROSE AND MARIA BLESS YOU INFINITELY!

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I was reminiscing today about day dreaming. I remembered a particularly ridiculous one from my youthful days (it involved the love of my life, Lance Bass) which was one among many where I was the damsel in distress. And my day dreams now are mostly just standing up for others (still meeting celebs, obvs) and letting people know how much they are loved. I’m kinda pleased that I’ve matured at least in my day dreams.

Today my Philosophy professor said that common, but not true opinion is that couples who live together before marriage are happier and their marriages last longer. It is actually true that couples who don’t live together before marriage have long lasting marriages, less divorce and are happier. When he said this fact I was really proud of him. Although he added “I don’t know why is this so” and my mind went instantly CHASTITY man, I am proud because he took this example when he could have taken anyone. Good job prof 🎉