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Hi, do you usually read SeKai fics? If you do, do you have any recommendation? Like the top ones and most importantly, because there might be a chance I've read all the top sekai fics because i'm their trash, the underrated ones? Also where do u usually read it? I go into ao3 but there are so little there and asianfanfics are not my cup of tea tho I do enjoy a few. Thank you so much beforehand <3

 I read them where I can find them honestly , im trash just like you lol. But I got you fam.

Authors first:

Honestly anything by >evoxine<? Is amazing (espeically her nc-17?? not to mention her characterisation of Sekai has got to be some of the best ive ever seen and every fic is different shes incredible) Read >Hypernova< its basically a Sekai timeline fic and it has no business being as good as it is.

>pcyosh< is our lord and saviour anything by her? gold. She wrote Love Dealer ,enough said.

>hyperinovia< is another god amongst men >Threads of the Fates< is so good 

Completed Fics :

>Nothing But Summer< (stop reading this list and go and read this fic right the fuck now its AMAZING come back after you’re done)

>Cock Envy< fight me on this but that has to be the funniest exo fanfic ever 

>Ladylike< non-binary sehun with accepting and loving kai? sign me the hell up (this fic is soo cute)

>Open Mind< needy kai with understanding and ace sehun? yesss

>So Caught Up In You< highschool pining au?  and the >sequel<

>The Long Journey Home< if you like ansgt and crying this is the fic for you, and really this fic is honestly one of the best ive ever read in any fandom. warning:cheating

>Freestyle< Dancer boyfriends getting it on in the practice room? YES 

>How Not To Cool Down< Did someone say smutty College Au?

> Give You Everything You Want (Everything You Need)< Single Parent Sehun falling for his daughters hot Pre school teacher Kim Jongin? yess 

>The Magic Touch< Kai is literally a Disney Prince no really honestly

In Progress:

>souls of mischief< is a college au that is just really cute and sehun is hilarious

> Heads Or Tails < the fact that this fic hasn’t been updated in months actually causes me physical pain. i don’t really have the words to describe how good this fic is honestly

> Lost In Your Orbit < Love Me Right Au! don’t get me started on this fic don’t.

this is the purest smile that jongin ever had for this past 6 months. his eyes are sparkling and his face is shining.
he didn’t need ring to be called “in love with someone”, he just need kyungsoo near. jongin only needs kyungsoo to be this happy. why people are still denying this thing? why people are still act blind about how real kaisoo are.
if you think kaisoo aren’t real, think again, if you still find them not real, think harder. bless💅🏼

I don’t even know where to start:

  • Sekai accidently matching in plaid
  • Jongin’s cute shorts and hairy legs
  • That bag behind them is food Jongin brought for them
  • Sehun’s hand on Kai’s shoulder 
  • Jongin’s hand is most likely holding onto Sehun’s waist 
  • And the most important thing JONGIN’S SMILE