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Same anon from before, Ive been following you for a while but was never in the fandom or even into BAP before but after following you Ive found myself interested in them a lot more. could you tell me about the members or at least the one you reblog the most (hes really cute D:) ignore me if you want haha

aw no never I love when people find intrest in my ult group 

Well the one I reblog the most is Daehyun, he’s the main vocalist, loud extra member, he’s cute and sweet and if you hear someone singing/screaming off camera 10/10 it’s Daehyun. He spoils his stans, we all suffer every minute of everyday, he updates a lot of twitter and instagram at random times of the day and it murders me, His vocals are top notch amazing stuff and he’s extremely hardworking and loves his fans and B.A.P way more than he loves himself and just Jung Daehyun is an actual blessing. 

Then you got Bang Yongguk, Leader, rapper, Softest purest man on earth, is said to look scary but is actually a cute lil bean, his voice is really well known in the industry with idols imitating it like it’s an actual challenge (he has a cave voice for being such a teddy bear) he’s extremely hard working and writes so much music for B.A.P, loves his fans tho he’s shy, loves his boys like they are his sons. is weak asf for Tigger and kids, 10/10 top father material. Aestheticly pleasing art. Tattoos ;;;;;, humble and giving and sweet, would donate all his money to charity. Bless Yongguk 

Then you got Kim Himchan, sub vocal who is technically a vocal at this point, Visual, beautiful caring warm hearted loving hard headed squish. He wrecks bias lists left and right, loves Babys to his very core, his voice on B.A.Ps rock songs??? actual fucking sex. also an aesthetic hoe, his instagram is art itself. Himchan is the fucking sweetest lil cupcake please adore him, he deserves so much love in this world. Honestly we don’t deserve him. Bless Kim Himchan 

then you got Yoo Youngjae, lead vocals, squish, fluffy, also extra loud, sassy, smarter than actual hell, is the only member responsible enough to MC since Dae would talk to much, Guk isn’t much of a talker and Himchan is too busy being a cute bean and fighting with Dae. Youngjae is also bias wrecker as fuck. literally the fucking fluffiest marshmallow on this planet. Loves babys but has a hard time showing it as much as Dae and Himchan, but is improving sooooo much, Is said to be sensitive and kind hearted by his members. Husband to Daehyun, Has a really cute cat face sometimes, fashion? on point always. Big sweaters + Youngjae = gods work. tries to expose his members on vlive, Bless Yoo Youngjae 

Then you got Moon Jongup, Sub vocal but is actually just a vocal also cuase bless those pipes, dancer. exposes himself often, backflips are his aesthetic, quiet cute bean, anime dweeb, likes being naked, probably dong copters around the dorm. really reserved for an idol which bless, his personal life is just that, p e r s o n a l, all we really know about Jongup irl is that he loves to sleep, watch anime, drink with himchan and Dance. Bless Moon Jongup 

then you got Choi Junhong stage name Zelo, rapper, dancer, maknae, tall bean sprout, gives no fucks, 3am trips to waffle houses on vlive, meme, skateboarding, follows tony hawk on instagram, obsessed with salt bae and I don’t understand. runs an instagram for his puppers mochii and it’s super cute, literally loves his dog more than life. Maybe loves Yongguk more tho. Loved by every single person in the fandom. Bless his instagram honestly, the kids a trip, could be super extra but usually only on vlives or ig, makes merp faces often. f l i r t as actual hell, has opened up a lot during the last few months, bless Choi Junhong