bless you for speaking so clearly

These days my prayers sound a lot like a person who can’t really speak clearly because they’re having such bad anxiety because really, that’s me, and I’m the one trying to communicate with God… praying that my shaky voice and gibberish is clear enough for God to understand… but just the thought of all of this as I type it out in this post has me thinking about how God already knows. HOW DID WE GET SO BLESSED with a God who knows our hearts inside and out, and who knows our words before we even articulate them. Lord, you know me. You know the future. Help me to lay my worries at Your feet, for only You can calm the storms raging inside me.

Conversations with a Bay Laurel-fae

I make my call to a Bay Laurel fae. A male flower-fae approaches me, about four to five inches tall. He looks to be about thirty years old but it is impossible to say how many years he has existed. His wings look like silvery green bay laurel leaves. I ask if it is okay to record our conversation, and he agrees that this is alright. I note that of the three flower-fae I have called so far, all of them are male.

He comments that my conjuring crystal is uninviting. I ask if I should create a more inviting space within it and he agrees. He would like to see a comfortable room with a couch perhaps. I create these things. He appears to take on the form of a large human man without wings, and sits on the couch. He smiles at me. “What shall we talk about today?”

I explain that I would like to know more about bay laurel and its magical uses. He nods at me. “What shall you give me in return for this information?” he asks. I ask what he would like. “Some water would be very nice,” he suggests. I go to get him some water. I place the water within my large conjuring table and he is surprised by how much I bring. He does not drink the water, however. “There could also be incense,” he suggests. I agree to this as well. I say that after the incense he should share what he knows. He agrees. “Now that I am comfortable we can begin,” he says after I have lit the incense. “What would you like to know?”

I ask him how bay laurel works to purify a space. He shows me a vision of bay leaf’s powerful vibrations, lifting and elevating any negative energies up and away. I ask if bay laurel is best combined with any other plants. He shows me that to burn it with frankincense and myrrh will create a rich, luxurious atmosphere. Burn it with rosemary to create solid protections after the space is purified. I ask why bay laurel is so accommodating and helpful to people. “People are alright,” he says. This answer surprises me. “It is in our nature to fight evil. If man needs to use our leaves and wood to fight evil, then so be it.” I thank him and ask if he would like to hear a hymn I wrote in honor of bay laurel. He seems surprised and agrees. When I read the hymn to him he laughs and claps. “That is excellent!” he says. “I would like to hear more.” I explain I only have one hymn in honor of bay laurel but he indicates he would like to hear any of my magical works. I read to him various charms from my book. He disagrees about the effectiveness of some of them, and others he likes a lot. He shows me visions of how each charm would “work” astrally. After a few moments he asks to hear just one more. I read him one. “I meant one more good one,” he says. I read him a good one.

I ask about bay laurel’s famous reputation as an oracle and wish-granter. “It is true that we have many powers,” he says. “It is our divine connection to the stars which grants us this ability. Tell me more about these wishes you speak of.” I tell him of the spell or superstition that if a wish is written on bay leaf and kept under the pillow, it will come true. “This is a good spell,” he suggests. “But ensure that the leaf knows of your intentions, otherwise it will not know to take your wish to the stars.” I understand visions that once dried, a plant cares little about what happens to it physically, and the spirit of bay laurel may not understand your intent unless you express it. I question him more about his status as an oracle. “Bay laurel is close to the heavens,” he explains. “We can receive divine wisdom and truth. It is through this virtue that humans can also access divine truth by using bay twigs and leaves.”

“You are a good host,” he suddenly expresses. I thank him for his compliment. “I am willing to answer more questions for you.” I think about it for a moment and ask, “what is the best spell to do with bay laurel leaves?” He thinks this is a good question. “Take twelve bay laurel leaves and a stick. Tie the bay laurel leaves to one end. You now have a powerful wand to banish any evil.” I ask him why twelve. “Twelve is a good number,” he says. I ask if the leaves should be fresh or dried, and what the stick should be. “It may be any stick you like. If the leaves are fresh they will not crumble.”

I cannot think of any more questions. I thank him for his time. “We are done?” he asks. I explain I cannot think of more to say. “Then you may listen,” he says. I listen.

“Bay laurel is a powerful plant, not to be under-estimated. We are not the servants of man but we are dedicated to protecting man just as we protect all creatures from evil. Do you understand?” I indicate that I understand. “To use the psychic powers of bay laurel, wear a crown of bay leaves, or burn some bay leaves and let the smoke touch your forehead.” He pauses while I type. “You yourself may benefit from more bay laurel during your conjure,” he says. “Place some bay laurel underneath the conjure stone and you will be sure that only good and righteous creatures will come forth.” I am pleased to receive this excellent advice. I show him pictures of how I created an herbal grid once using bay laurel. “This was good,” he expresses. “Except you should have used mullein on the outside. Bay laurel has many uses but I am concerned that you are not advanced enough to understand.” He either means I am not magically skilled enough to grasp his concepts, or I am not skilled enough as a conjurer to grasp his words. “Yet for you, I will try. Remember that bay laurel is not a shield. Always combine it with a protector plant when using it for protections.” I ask about combining it with basil. “Basil is a good plant, and righteous in nature. You have been thinking of basil a lot since we began speaking. What is special about it?” I explain that I am trying to learn more about basil. “Basil makes a good shield but it is not the perfect plant to combine with bay leaf. Rosemary is better, even mullein.” I point out that to many, bay does indeed serve as a protector on its own. “Bay will keep out evil spirits just as a flood keeps out dogs,” he explains. “Yet it does not form actual shields like the kind you are thinking of. Bay laurel forms excellent protections with the use of cinnamon.”

Since he is so willing to speak I ask again about how bay laurel may be used to improve oracular powers. “You may benefit from some now yourself,” he comments, perhaps referring to my weak connection. “Hold some bay laurel in the mouth to improve focus. You may also bathe in it to remove evils from the body.” I fetch my bay laurel and put a leaf in my mouth. “Now evils are also driven away from your head,” he notes with approval. I question if this would have been a good technique to use while fighting demon attacks. “If you did not use bay laurel while fighting a demon, pity to you,” he says. I feel that the bay leaf is indeed improving my connection, at least to this bay-fae.

“Now, who will you conjure next?” he asks. I express that I wish to learn much more about plant spirits so perhaps I will conjure lavender next. “Lavender is good. Combine a little lavender with bay leaf to create a more soothing atmosphere. If you wish to learn much more about divination, conjure star-anise.” He can see what herbs I have at my home. “Why not conjure a crystal spirit?” I am surprised at this advice. I will certainly take it under consideration. He laughs. “Or conjure a whiskey spirit! Conjure everything. You are doing a good job.” I again thank him for his input. Unlike what fae lore tells me, he does not seem bothered by being thanked. “You are not a conjurer yet, though.” I understand that among many spirits, ‘conjurer’ seems to be an earned title, not a description. I ask what I shall be called instead. “Apprentice-conjurer, taught by the spirits. Here is how I will teach you.” He touches my forehead and says something in an archaic language. I see a white oval dot glowing on my forehead before my body consumes it. I wonder what has just happened but I doubt he will tell me. “That was a good blessing,” he decides. I feel that I can see him much more clearly now. I ask if all bay laurel spirits are so willing to speak as he is. “Bay laurel is tired of being ignored,” he tells me. “If someone is willing to listen, we will speak. What other wisdom do you desire?”

I am truly surprised at his willingness to be so open. I ask him for any advice for a young mage who wishes to work with bay laurel. “Truly you have chosen the best plant to work with,” he says, as if speaking to an audience. “Bay laurel will protect you fully from any dangers or evil. Merely burn some in a space to drive all evil away. Wear it on you as a constant aura of protection. Combine it with other plants for certain effects, but do not forget that bay laurel should be the strongest.” I ask him, what about mages that cannot burn plants. “Simply hang bay laurel up around a room and call to their spirits, and they will do the same job.” He asks me if some humans have not yet discovered fire. He suggests perhaps I conjure Prometheus next to further our human technologies. I explain that due to living conditions, some humans may not use open flames or smoke. This saddens him. “Humans are finally divorced from nature,” he says. I feel that this is being a little dramatic. He seems willing to argue this point but I ask to carry on instead. I ask if there is a best way to call on the spirit of bay laurel for purification and wish spells. He says, “Bay Laurel, bringer of light, mighty and true, come to me as I come to you.” Say this over a bay leaf while focusing on the leaf, and the spirit will return and be willing to aid you. He shows me a powerful vision of fire releasing a tree’s spirit in to the stars, just as fire releases plant matter in to the atmosphere of our room. “This is why plants work well with fire,” he explains. “Only burn dried plants, though. You do not understand how to properly prepare a live plant for cremation.”

I am feeling prepared for our session to end. I ask if I may call on him again. He agrees and says he will keep an ear out for my call if I ever wish to speak again. I thank him for his time and he thanks me for the water and incense. Using his fae magic, he condenses all the water I have brought and takes it with him in a little bottle. He goes through the portal and I quickly close it.

You’re An Ass

Written by gothamimagines

Request - Imagine being a rookie cop that’s assigned to shadow Jim Gordon and at first the two of you don’t get along but you slowly start to like each other


You hated shadowing Gordon, he was a big headed, arrogant…

*deep breaths Y/n, deep breaths* you think balling your hands into a fists as you followed him into Harvey’s bar.

“Last time I checked, working meant working, not bugging your ex partner at his BAR!” You shoot at Jim, you had a knack of getting under his skin. Even more so since his break up with the Doc.

“It’s called detective work, nothing you’d understand rookie” he bit back, you hear Harvey laughing at the pair of you as you walk towards the bar.

“God Gordon, you are such an ass” you growl. He stops dead, turning to face you with his hands on his hips.

“Excuse me?” He demands, his voice full of authority

You internally roll your eyes

“You’re right, my bad” he seems to think you’re apologising so he starts to turn away, you smirk adding

“You’re such an ass…SIR” Harvey’s laugh fills the bar, making Jim glare towards his ex partner

“I love this girl!” Harvey snorts wiping a tear of laughter from his eye

You wink at Harvey as you blog down in a seat at the bar and listen to him and Jim catch up.

Jim was a good looking guy and he knew it, you bet he used those damn puppy eyes to get himself out of trouble more than once. You liked him, but that was not something you ever planned on admitting.

You excuse yourself to use the bathroom before you left.


“So you gonna ask her out?” Jim rolled his eyes

“Harvey, don’t start…”

“Oh come on! You can cut the sexual tension between you two with a knife! You need to move on man, it’s been months! The docs moved on, you do the same”

“This has nothing to do with Lee, Y/n is just arrogant, pig headed, stubborn as hell….” you heard the description as you returned to the bar but luckily for Jim not who they were talking about.

“You talking about yourself again Gordon?” You joke, Jim ’ head snaps around looking worried, you frown slightly wondering why. He looks back at Harvey

“Well she’s right, you did just describe yourself….so that’s a pretty good match, don’t you think?”

You were lost as to what they were talking about.

“Right the pair of you get back to work, I have a bar to run”

You both bid Harvey farewell and returned to the precinct. It was almost time to clock off and Jim hadn’t spoken to you since the bar.

“So night then…” you try but still nothing, you sigh and move to turn away. You barely walk two steps before you spin back to face him.

“Ok, what the hell is wrong with you?” Jim’s eyes snap to yours.

“You haven’t said a word since the bar and while usually I would class it as a blessing, there’s clearly something wrong. So spill it Gordon” you sit on the edge of his desk and wait for him to speak.

“I…I have a powerful urge to kiss you right now” he grins and looks at his feet.

You let the words float around your head for a moment, making sure you hadn’t miss understood what he had just told you. You let a smile engulf your face as you watch him.

“Then why the hell are you just sitting there?” You laugh, he looks up to you and smiles.

He stands and closes the remaining distance between you. He slips his hand into your hair pulling your lips to his. You melt into the kiss, months of tension drifting away.

You both pull away, gasping for air. He smiles down at you

“Guess I should take you for a drink then huh?” He laughs

“You are such an ass” you snort, he glares playfully, making you roll your eyes before adding


When he doesn’t speak your language but he tries to get your attention anyway

the aight edition

[Park Kyung]

*you’re just hanging out along the han river when you hear a voice behind you*

[PK] annyeong~

*you turn around*

[Y/N] *you smile… who is this?* oh… hello 

[PK] ah… hello… *thinking* you… english?

*you nod in return*

[PK] …you speak… korean? *hopeful*

[Y/N] *you shake your head* …no …sorry *awkward*

[PK] my name… is Park Kyung… Kyung Park… and you?

*bless, he was clearly making an effort… even if his English was very broken*

[Y/N] *you say your name*… it’s nice to meet you… *what does he want?*

[PK] …you… pretty

*you blush and try to hide your smile… he was being so cute*

[Y/N] thank you ^^

*he suddenly grabs your hand*

[PK] come… come…

*he clearly wanted to show you something so you follow him tentatively… you end up at a cute cafe selling ice creams*

[PK] you… *he motions towards the menu*

[Y/N] oh… oh no it’s okay… *you shake your head*

*he frowns and motions again so you smile and point at strawberry*

[Y/N]*what is he doing? is… he trying to be sexy?*

[PK] tasty?

*you smile and nod*

*a little while later*

[PK] me… cute… okay?

[Y/N] …um …okay?

*he tries to act cute… instantly regrets it*

*but you find it adorable… what a strange little muffin*

[Y/N] *laughing*

[PK] thank you… you… nice *wince* good day…

thank you dayzeedo for requesting this~ i hope you like it <3

[CREDIT to the gif owners - I do not own these gifs]

things to love about jun

•vampire jun truly a blessing if you haven’t watched intouchables go watch it for Jun you will not regret it he is the cutest vampire

•his smiRKS

•his skintone is a blessing please appreciate it

•his hair up pledis clearly realized the power of foreheads this comeback and for that i am grateful

•when he speaks Chinese oh man i love when he speaks Chinese he seems so much more confident when hes speaking Chinese and he just sounds a++

•seems like he’s shy but in actually hes greasy as heck

•he winks at like everything

•he literally always finds the camera and just stares at it i love it

(please feel free to add anything else you can think of!)

s.coups jeonghan joshua jun hoshi

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Hello! I don't know if you're currently taking prompts, but if you aren't I'm sorry to bother you. I was thinking about Dean and Cas(preferably in canon) sitting on a couch watching TV or something and they end up falling asleep and Dean wakes up to Cas sleeping on him, but there is no way for him to escape and Dean is just like shitshitshit. Idk I just thought it would be cute ^^"

(I AM SO SORRY this took so long, anon!)

He may be several months out of practice, but a lifetime of hunting and living a life where he’s always pissing off something that could kill him made Dean a fairly light sleeper. It didn’t take much noise to wake him up, and when something woke him up it took him .03 seconds to be on red alert.

In this case, it was the intentionally muffled “click” of a door closing behind him.

Dean jerked awake, immediately looking for some sort of threat. He was in the bunker, though, and the noise behind him was just Sam. The truly terrifying part of his situation, though, was the dead weight pressed against his side and the unnatural warmth of the body on top of his own. He had a mouthful of messy dark hair and he was pretty sure he could hear the angel snoring.

It was a cute snore, though, Dean thought with a smile. And he twitched occasionally, like a cat lost deep in sleep. But it was so not the time to be thinking about that.

He tested his position, shoving against Castiel. “Cas?” he asked in a whisper.

Cas didn’t budge.

They’d been watching Pulp Fiction, Dean remembered, and Cas had been trying to impress Dean with his newfound pop culture knowledge. Dean must’ve fallen asleep, and apparently Cas had as well; that in itself was concerning.

But again, that wasn’t the worst part. Sometime in the night, they’d shifted so that they were laying horizontally, and Cas was almost entirely on top of Dean. If he wasn’t so horrified, Dean might’ve been impressed. He couldn’t fit on a couch this size normally, so how he and Cas managed to arrange themselves in their sleep to both fit was quite a feat.

Granted, Cas was practically on top of Dean, Dean was an inch away from hitting the ground, and their limbs were so tangled Dean wasn’t sure where theirs ended and Castiel’s started, but it worked.

Dean took a deep breath. Shit. This was not okay. Slowly and carefully, he removed the angel’s hand from his shoulder while simultaneously trying to wiggle out from underneath Cas. What it earned him, however, was a sleepy grumble and a grumpy Cas wrapping his arm around Dean’s torso and pulling him closer with strength that made Dean squeak indignantly. When Cas had Dean where he wanted him, the angel sighed and burrowed his face in Dean’s neck.

“Shit,” Dean whispered to himself.

Sam crossed the room, walking into Dean’s line of sight.

Sam,” Dean hissed, trying to catch his brother’s attention. Sam turned.

“Oh, hey. Sorry if I woke you up. How are you feeling?”

Dean gaped at Sam. “I have a really hot angel practically suffocating me, and you ask how I’m feeling?” Dean demanded, whispering angrily. At Sam’s amused laugh, Dean realized his mistake. “Shit. I didn’t mean it like…I meant warm, Sammy! Like temperature hot! Not—Come on!”

While he spoke, Cas hummed and snuggled closer.

Shit. Shit. Shit.

Sam’s eyebrows shot up, skepticism written clearly across his face. “Sure you did, Dean. Of course.”

“I’m serious! The friggin’ trench coat is killing me, man! I feel like I’m in a sauna!”

Sam shook his head, smiling. “You can talk normally, dude. Cas can sleep through anything.”

“He shouldn’t be sleeping at all, Sam!” Dean said, still refusing to speak above a whisper. His free arm wrapped around Cas protectively. The other arm was so numb he couldn’t even feel it anymore.

Sam, bless his heart, didn’t comment on how Dean was practically cuddling with the angel. “I know. We’ll figure it out, Dean.”

“We’d better,” Dean breathed, absentmindedly running his hand through Cas’ hair. Sam sorted.

“Yeah, okay. Well with that, I’m just gonna let you two get back to sleep, then,” Sam smirked.

“Wait! No! You have to help me! He won’t let go!”

Sam rolled his eyes. “If Cas doesn’t wanna let go, Dean, I’m not going to be able to change his mind. Besides, you two look adorable like that,” Sam laughed, unable to resist taunting his big brother.

“Swear to God, Sammy. When Cas gets off, I’m gonna kill you.”

“Well luckily, it doesn’t look like that’s happening anytime soon, so…” Sam snickered, leaving the room before Dean could reply.

When Sam left the room, Dean looked down at his angel. On the one hand, he was finally able to do what he was too chickenshit to do when they were still awake. On the other, though, this was going to be seriously friggin’ awkward when Cas did wake up.

“Dean,” Cas grumbled against Dean’s neck, making the hunter freeze on the spot. “Stop worrying about it and go back to sleep.”

His voice was sleepy and grumpy, muffled against Dean’s neck, and it made Dean smile.

“Yes, sir,” Dean laughed against the top of Castiel’s head. Maybe not so awkward, then. But then he felt a soft pressure against his neck that had him sucking in a shocked breath. “Cas…did you just kiss my neck?”

It was Castiel’s turn to freeze. “Um…no?”

Dean chuckled, kissing the top of Cas’ head. Cas let out a shaky breath against Dean’s neck. “Dean…did you just kiss my head?”

“Nope. Definitely not.”

Cas started to pull away. “But you—“

“Shut up, Cas,” Dean growled, pulling Cas back against his chest. “We’ll talk about it in the morning.”

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"His comments about Fuerguson were unintelligent and very contradicting" why because he doesn't support dumbasses like yourself? black women are literally trash

Babe before you try to come here and insult me . Im guessing your one of those wet dog smelin bastards that think they know what the fuck they are talking about and feel as though they are bold enough to comment on situations that you wouldn’t understand or know. Because CLEARLY you have been mis-guided all ya life and im here to tell run some facts by you.

  1. Do you understand the or know anything about poverty , racism or discrimination  Because in this society BLACK , Hispanic , Indian  , Muslims and everyone that’s NOT white is put under a microscope and is judged by their appearance or the way they talk , or their “vibe” And because of that We ere are put in this box ; people like you that say im a  dumb black women because i have an opinion and the statement i made was the truth . But because it was the truth , people like you become scared because they realize that A BLACK , HISPANIC , INDIAN , MUSLIM   women actually has intelligence . And ENOUGH intelligence to knock you mediocre white people off the face of earth.
  2. When i say Kendrick i CONTRADICTING himself, He is denying the truth by asserting the opposite by hopping on this bandwagon and Because some where in his mind he wants to be able to get into that bract of “oh i was with her , when nobody was”  or “  oh..i understand the situation” Because clearly he thinks she will go somewhere and be success . Which i wouldn’t doubt. But the only reason i dont doubt  that is because shes WHITE and this music industry will DO ANYTHING , to have a white female rapper win. She is so Mediocre but she will get rewarded because of her fucking skin color.  
  3. “I am an African-American woman. You get to walk around and be mediocre and you still get rewarded with things. We have to be exceptional to get anything in this business.”  (god-bless omarosa) The more you realize this the more you understand  .
  4. Clearly , Kendrick doesn't have any respect for his culture if hes willing to go to billboard and say Black people dont respect themselves and we should work on ourselves to get a positive reaction from society and media. Like azealia said “SPEAK FOR YOUR FUCKING  SELF”  SO bascially just because someone in my racial description acts a certain way and is not politically correct all the time or the average great civilian that means its okay to allow a cop to gun down someone that is the same color ? NO. WHAT? Because i intimidate you your going to shot me ? 
  5. We as Human beings are being inferior in quality or insufficient  amount. NO BLACK , HISPANIC  , INDIAN , MUSLIM  , ect.  should not have everything  be taken from then in a significant amount everyday . Those parents , had literally everything ripped from them because their son or daughter fit the racial profile .  

So , ill be a “dumb black women”  and “trash” ALL DAY. But just know one thing  … I am a very PROUD black women and i love my skin color. Dont be upset,  one day when a BLACK , HISPANIC , INDIAN , MUSLIM women is ruling the world or country . Dont get upset when you white people have no more say. Because thats how we feel everyday. You will never understand the passion and the emotional feelings that go on in our brains, When we see all the shootings and the mistreated people on this earth because we fit a racial description and because we are who we are. And we are GREAT.

What are you though? 

Okay so I should not be laughing this hard because, bless his heart, this guy clearly doesn’t speak English as his first language but



If you look closely at the picture above, you will note that all the Marines pictured are bowing their heads. That’s because they’re praying. This incident took place at a recent ceremony honoring the birthday of the corps, and it has the ACLU up in arms. “These are federal employees,” says Locus Traveler, a spokesman for the ACLU, “on federal property and on federal time.. For them to pray is clearly an establishment of religion, and we must nip this in the bud immediately.”

When asked about the ACLU’s charges, Colonel Jack Fessender, speaking for the Commandant of the Corps said (cleaned up a bit), “Screw the ACLU.” GOD Bless Our Warriors. Send the ACLU to Afghanistan! (then watch them pray)

Please send this to people you know so everyone will know how stupid the ACLU is getting in trying to remove GOD from everything and every place in America.

May God Bless America, One Nation Under GOD!

What’s wrong with the picture? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! GOD BLESS YOU FOR PASSING IT ON! I am not breaking this one….Let us pray for all those who sacrifice to keep us safe!

Prayer chain for our Military…please don’t break it


Let’s put the ALCU in combat for a few weeks and then see what their beliefs would be.


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“Stepped inside your fairy circle and now I’m trapped stop fucking laughing I s2g god dammit stoP-” AU This is your choice, your OTP. I don't know much about fairy circle, I just read one story where they're featured. I hope it gives you something new?

Yoonmin. Literally everyone, at this point, knows that I ship Yoonmin with every fiber of my being. -Grey

Originally posted by yngimn

Yoongi at heart was a city man. He craved the concrete jungle, the buzz of cars and taxis and motorcycles, the gleam of giant skyscrapers, the somehow intimate exchange between small shopkeepers and their recurring customers, the nooks and crannies that tourists would never hear about. He liked the feel of pavement beneath his expensive sneakers, the feel of being part of a giant crowd and somehow totally separate. He could feel humanity hear, the rush, the race to survive, to thrive. 

But sometimes it all became too much. 

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rewatching the video...

I have notice something, after jared says: isn’t the one where you met misha?? jensen start to being a little uncomfortable with himself, he tries to repair jared’s comment with sarcasm: he is the new guy))???….. BUT then jared doesn’t give up and keeps the joke to another level ( TASTE THE RAINBOW) and here we can see jensen’s embarrassment become more real ((come on look at his face)) lolo then we see again how immediately jensen changes subject  : I REALLY LIKE SEASON  9…( raising his voice a little bit))) BUT JARED (GOD BLESS him) he’s not satisfied and you can hear him clearly say: GADREEL? ( MAKING ANOTHER MALE INNUENDO TO HIS FRIEND)  …… well at the end jensen’s face speaks for himself my friends : *JESUS SHUT THE FUCK UP JARED* lmafo

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#3 tomlinshogwarts PLEASE CAITLIN PLEASE

“you came back”

that’s it louis thinks for the thousandth time, scowling and covering his ears as nick’s owl screeches and pecks it’s beak against his hand, having already dropped the letter from nick into his lap.

it’s too hard when your not-boyfriend and your best friend go to bloody wizarding school like ten months out of the year and you’re a boring old moozle or whatever they call non-magic folk.

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