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DEADLINE: So is there a silver lining in this campaigning in public that could see Hannibal return to the big screen?

FULLER: Obviously there is something appealing about seeing a full circle back to the big screen with this cast. So I can’t deny that that would be the most awesome of results from this cancellation on NBC. At least for me, because it feels like a big-screen show in the way we produce it and the way it is formalistically designed. And having someone like David Slade direct a Hannibal film with Mads Mikkelson and Hugh Dancy is incredibly exciting. But also in order to do that I would have to condense a lot of story so once again with the Hannibal mythos, as we’ve been exploring, a little bit more real estate gives us the opportunity to be a little bit more funky in our narrative.

DEADLINE: With Hannibal feeling so often like a cable series that ended up on broadcast TV, a streaming service could offer some very funky, to use your word, opportunities to reach further towards being a big-screen show.

FULLER: I do think that there is great benefit for Hannibal to be on a streaming service in terms of the enthusiasm of the fanbase and the accessibility that streaming services offer. It would open up an immediacy to the show in a way that we haven’t had before. But I love the idea of serving out to an audience course by course. So even if it ends up on a streaming service it might be interesting to break it down in a way that redefines streaming services.

DEADLINE: Like how?

FULLER: Well, like courses. So you get one or two episodes and then a break. Then two or three more episodes and a break and then another two or three more episodes and another break. Something like that could shift the story into a broader act.

DEADLINE: Like mini-movies?

FULLER: Almost like a mini-movie trilogy. That could be exciting as well. There’s an opportunity in whatever format we could end up on to look at adapting the story telling of this series to accommodate that service in a new way.

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