bless you allie

allybrookeofficial: Happy Mother’s Day to the woman I owe everything to - my sweet dear Mom 💘 I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without you. Thank you for believing in me. I mean really, truly believing in me and my dreams. Thank you for putting your every ounce into me, Brandon and Dad. Thank you for making us feel like we could fly. Thank you for showing us the definition of a mother’s love. A thousand years of saying thank you will never repay you for being the Mom that you are. Strong, wise, thoughtful, brave, beautiful, selfless, caring and loving. I love you with all of my heart, Mommy. My angel on earth. May the Lord continue to bless you ☀️💐💕

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i haven't eaten meat in over 2 years and amazingly, it does not interfere with minding your own damn business about what other people choose to eat, so there's really no excuse for going around trying to guilt people into making a radical change to their diet. stay in your lane and eat your tofu, britney, nothing matters.

omg bless you allie.


This is the final part of the present to @kkumri from the Russian fandom, perhaps the most adorable one! It’s from two wonderful Russian artists Maria and Darya Isupova — Masha has a tumblr with her arts in the link above, her works are amazing and she’s literally one of the kindest people I know, she started preparing this present right when I called a few people out, before I even had a chance to ask her in particular! Here’s what she has to say to you, Ally:

Happy Birthday, dear Ally! I’ve been following you and your progress for a while, your arts are just AWESOME! Your angst is fantastic as well… but if you’re planning to drown us in it, I’ll Find you and get my revenge, just like Iwa-chan would ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

don’t listen to her she loves angst she’s just too stubborn to admit it

So, that would be it! Sorry for being late once again, hope you enjoyed our little surprise! :)

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Hi! I saw you art of Kurooh as a ghoul and that art is SO COOL!!! His eyes and his kagune are so SO well done! I can't think another word besides "cool" to descrive how greit that art is!!! I wish you have a happy live, precious artist!!!

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Watch as Norman reinvents “Better Together” lol 🍑