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Richonne Marriage Proposal Headcanon

It’s the zombie apocalypse and times are tough - especially now with Negan around - but Rick Grimes is a good ol’ country boy tried and true, and God be damned if he doesn’t tie the knot and marry Michonne properly, one way or the other.

But, as its just been said, times are tough, and so Rick somehow getting his hands on two matching wedding bands is definitely out of the picture. Besides, Rick kept that old finger-fitted symbol of love and marriage in his back pocket for years as a constant reminder of Lori, using his wedding ring as an anchor to hold him in the past for far too long.

With Michonne, things would be different. Weightless. They hardly ever needed words to communicate, and they certainly didn’t need any old-world jewelry to communicate to the world what they meant to each other. The world could see that already, with everything as is.

But Rick was still gonna do it. He just was. It was in his blood, a necessity, something from Before that had stuck with him. And to do it, he wasn’t going to use anything other than his own two hands. Right here on this bed. Their bed.

“Michonne,” Rick asks, suddenly getting down on one knee in front of her as Michonne suspiciously follows him along with only her eyes, having been taken totally by surprise and still feeling a bit worried, being as she’s never seen Rick look this nervous before. They were fine just a second ago - talking, snuggling, the usual. What had gotten into him?

“Yes … ?”

“Will you marry me?” Rick’s confidence comes back with those four simple words, four words that sound so easy and right in his mouth. 

Girlfriend and boyfriend just weren’t good enough words to sum up what these two were to each other, what they meant to each other. Husband and wife probably weren’t good enough, either, but hey - at least it was a start.

Michonne laughs as Rick flatly holds out one hand, palm up, before making a little circle with the thumb and forefinger of his other hand which he places on top: the box and the ring.

Then she sees the worry start to creep back into his face, as she suddenly realizes that she still hasn’t given him an answer yet, and nods her head in quick and rapid succession. 

“I thought you’d never ask,” she says in confirmation, and everything about them appears giddy in that moment: Rick’s smile, Michonne’s laughter, the way he slides his makeshift ring onto her finger before she does the same for him. 

“Mr. and Mrs. Grimes,” Rick laughs, quite frankly feeling as if all was right in the world, even though that was probably the farthest thing from the truth. “And we didn’t even need Father Gabriel to do it.”

Ramadan is just a day away ! I pray that this month brings immense amount of blessings for each and everyone of us. May it repair our relationship with Him and ease for us our acts of Ibadah. May He guide us all to pray properly, recite His holy words, and remember Him the way He should be remembered. And at the end of it all, I pray after asking Him to guide us, we begin running towards Him sincerely.

Ponder hard.

Ponder hard about this quote. subhan'Allah.

Ever wondered how the Sahabah Radiyallahu Anhum became this wise? Subhan'Allah.

This is the Guidance and Blessings of Allah Azza Wa Jall.

If you are venturing to the path of ‘ilm for His Sake then know that there will be a drastic change on your way of perspective, your way of speaking, your way of writing up to the way you handle situations and on making decisions. 

This is the beauty for those who walk on the dusts of beneficial 'ilm.

There will be increase awareness on every aspect of life in you, your vocabulary will be enhanced, you will be more wise, but you will notice that the with the hundreds of ahadith you may learn, the amount of your speech will be lessen, because then you will learn the value of speech and actions. subhan'Allah.

Indeed, let us reflect from what 'Ali Ibn Abi Talib Radiyallahu Anhu once said amongst other companions:

“This world is like a snake; its bite is subtle but its stinging poison is deadly.

So stay away from its dazzles which amaze you for the little of what accompanies you after it.

Let go its worries after knowing the certainty of its departure, and be very cautious of it whilst taking recreation from it.

For indeed, overtime its companion delights in its happiness, there soon comes to him something he hates. And overtime he delights in friendships or resides with a loved one, loneliness soon takes him away.”

Allahu'akbar. That is just so deep, it is just so deep.

My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, this is the reality of this world.

I cannot write anything that could further explain what this great man had said but definitely I can end this one with a du'a for each and everyone of us.

“O Allah, bless us with Your Guidance for no one can be led astray with Your Guidance.

O Allah, shed us Your Protection for no one can be harmed with Your Protection.

O Allah, pour upon us Your Mercy for no one can truly forgive in abundance but You.

O Allah, take us only when you are truly pleased with us, and take us in a state that we are Muslims.



Story was taken from Adab al Dunya wal-Din, Al Mawardi


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