bless u bryan fuller

I love the Hannibal cast because instead of making the fans feel somewhat ashamed or humiliated or at least embarrassed of their fan arts and fics by mocking it and acting embarrassed themselves, they actually show so much appreciation and encouragement and they make us feel proud and happy of our works instead and what did we do to deserve these people?????

I definitely wanted to do that with Alana and Margot because I feel that sexuality can be fluid, and there are so many stopping points on the spectrum that it seemed perfectly natural for Alana to be bisexual, and not make a thing of it, it’s just who she is. She didn’t have to explain it or rationalise it, and I think there was some criticism like ‘Oh, now she’s a lesbian just because you want her to be a lesbian’. No, she’s bisexual, she’s always been bisexual, and stop being so narrow in your perception of sexuality. There’s this prejudice against bisexuality that I think just stems from narcissism, because people can’t accept that someone could think or behave differently than they do, and that’s pathological when it comes right down to it.
—  Bryan Fuller, in response to “This season depicted sexuality as very much on a spectrum, with Alana falling for Margot and Hannibal for Will. Was that a deliberate theme?”