bless u anon

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Okay, okay. But. Have you ever imagined Hide with his natural hair color?

i have now 

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Shitty-glasses questioning Erwin's dick size and he just fUCKING WIPS IT OUT AND SMACKS HeR with it.


levi and hange both antagonizing erwin being like “we’re humanity’s strongest and smartest, suck it eyebrows.”

and erwin just unzips his pants and throws down his massive dick on the table like

“humanity’s biggest, you fucken losers”


Tell me again how you hate jelena?

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Jeez, can Zoe and Alfie ever do ANYTHING right for some of y'all? They could literally breathe, and some people would jump so fast to say that they're doing it wrong. They take Zoe's furniture in the new house - Alfie is bad b/c he 'can't afford it'. Zoe doesn't vlog every second of her day - she's bad b/c she doesn't care and is lazy. Give them a break.. It's like every little thing they do is suddenly terrible and awful and it's causing the apocalypse.

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Hi :) My name is Wakka. Would you like to take a look at my blog to test my video game? Wait. How am I doing this? What is this I am using? IS IT AL BHED MACHINA? AND MY GAME IS MADE ON AL BHED MACHINIA. DAMN IT ALL. PRAISE BE TO YEVON.

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Imagine if it was w&j's anniversary of like 1year since they started dating nd everyone gave them sweet gifts and then u get to Kenji and he's like HAPPY ANNIVERSARY I got u guys condoms wink wink u can never be too safe and Warner wud laugh but j would be all embarrased

J: “Kenji… this is just… Oh my God Kenji please stop”

K: “What? It’s not look you’re not keeping one of these in your lady purse.”

K: “Besides, I’m betting 50 bucks that you guys have a whole closet full of them that it’d probably take years before it’s all finished." 

W: ”…“

w: ”…“

W: *gives 50 bucks*

J: *blushes*

K: "Shit.”

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A highschool au where Finn and Rey are the fluffiest couple ever and it makes the entire student population ill whenever they get all lovey dovey with each other. Half-cuddling during lunchtime, sitting close whenever they have the same class together, playing footsy, loitering about in the hallway to spend some time alone and sticking close together during field trips.

oh my gosh yes

they’re the embodiment of That One Couple™ that are somehow always together, making out at their locker or passing notes or having deep convos in the middle of the hall and simultaneously blocking everyone from getting where they need to be.

where’s the 20k fic? get on this yall