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Can we actually talk about how fucking cute these new stickers are?

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Got an update on charming midorkiya or were you busy eating flowers? (A blog i never knew i needed thank bless u)

….You could say I was busy eating flowers…..

"Do you have any rare pairs?”
It's not a good fic but there have the thing!

Lance took in a deep breath, holding the sink rim in a tight grip, his knuckles white with the effort. He’d been fighting with himself for weeks over whether or not to tell the others about his sexuality.

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how does shiro tell the gang that he's with ulaz. did they know he n ulaz were hookin up earlier? (or did uliro wait til they were Something before putting out?) or did the kids already know cause Ulaz spends half his time petting shiro and making heart eyes at him and Shiros black clothes have been covered in purple hair for weeks now

Honestly Shiro wants to keep it low-key but Ulaz does not have a subtle bone in his body and has 0 understanding of what humans see as mating rituals. For his part, he didn’t think that scenting Shiro by rubbing his face against his throat was a big deal, but apparently it was because Lance made a strange choking sound and Shiro turned a particularly unattractive shade of red.

“Are you okay?” Ulaz asks him, and Shiro opens his mouth, and then closes it. “Have I done something wrong?”

“No, you’re uh– you’re fine.” His white tuft of hair is mussed, and Ulaz reaches out to fix it, but apparently he’s done something wrong again because Shiro’s flush deepens. He withdraws his hand. There’s a hideously awkward moment of silence as everyone in the room registers the series of events that just took place.

“I can’t decide if this is cute or terrible.” Lance muses, and Keith snorts.

Hunk, to his credit, is smiling gently at both of them. “C’mon, guys.” He says, getting up from the table and gathering his datapad in his arms. “Let’s give them some privacy.”

The rest of the Paladins file out after him, with Pidge only grumbling slightly about having to stop her work. Ulaz watches them go, then looks back at Shiro.

“I did something wrong.” He states, now absolutely sure of it.

“Well, uh. Humans don’t really scent. That kind of touching is pretty intimate.”

Oh. “I have exposed us.”

Shiro shrugs, and offers a shy smile. “They had to find out eventually.”

“I apologize.”

“I don’t mind.” Shiro steps into Ulaz’s space, pressing against his chest. “You can finish, if you want.” He’s smiling again, although more mischievously this time.

Ulaz smiles back, and dips his head down to nuzzle at Shiro’s throat.