bless tumblr users

ULTIMATE JAMS; two separate throwback playlists dedicated to childhood, happiness, and radio disney

PART 1 ; 1. start all over by miley cyrus // 2. potential break up song by aly & aj // 3. you belong with me by taylor swift // 4. what i’ve been looking for by ryan & sharpay // 5. say ok by vanessa hudgens // 6. falling down by selena gomez & the scene // 7. run it back again by corbin bleu // 8. new classic by selena gomez & drew seely // 9. hawaiian roller coaster ride by jump5 // 10. here we go again by demi lovato // 11. like whoa by aly & aj // 12. i won’t say i’m in love by the cheetah girls // 13. lovebug by the jonas brothers // 14. kiss the girl by ashley tisdale // 15. bet on it by zac efron // 16. nobody’s perfect by hannah montana

PART 2 ; 1. lizzie mcguire theme song by angie jaree // 2. shining star by jump5 // 3. year 3000 by the jonas brothers // 4. get back by demi lovato // 5. volare by vitamin c // 6. cinderella by the cheetah girls // 7. that girl (drama queen) by lindsay lohan // 8. come back to me by vanessa hudgens // 9. beautiful soul by jesse mccartney // 10. wake up by hilary duff // 11. chemicals react by aly & aj // 12. g.n.o. (girl’s night out) by miley cyrus // 13. find yourself in you by everlife // 14. supernova girl by protozoa // 15. i melt with you by bowling for soup // 16. crazy car by the naked brothers band

i should be so blessed™ that tumblr user marvel-at-harrington diagnosed me with low self esteem 😫😫🙏🏾🙏🏾 how’d they know i want to be just like white girl lili reinhart 😫😫😫😫😫🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ get u a kit harington stan to diagnose u today 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

god fucking bless tumblr user @gatheringbones, who when I said “hey I need something to listen to on a long car trip” replied “hey, check out this podcast about space and people being quintessentially human, which means angry and vicious and loving and protective and all the shades of complicated moral feeling in between, but mostly just human”

(which is my invitation to listen to to the wolf 359 podcast if you have not already, because it has been the saving grace of my last few weeks, and there is no salve to a shattered love for humanity quite like a story about how relentlessly rebelliously good we can be) 


LAUGHS NERVOUSLY because i haven’t watched rwby but i don’t care i’m just gonna jump right into the fandom because i saw weissrabbit’s p3 and rwby crossover AND I CAN’T- I GOTTA FIND FAST INTERNET AND DOWNLOAD RWBY SOON also i gave them their own gekkoukan uniforms