bless tiffany

My book signed by John Tiffany (“Anna! You’re a star”) and Jack Thorne (“So pleased you liked it x”). They were so lovely, and I realise this comes as no surprise, but they love Harry Potter so much. John gave me the best hug, and I can’t believe I was able to hold on to him and thank him for taking me back to Hogwarts.

crackedgrace  asked:

you know my friends have kinda been telling me all day that it isnt that deep you know whats the big deal right but it IS a big deal. this isnt just about how many barriers they are breaking they are literally setting amazing examples and showing people that they can truly become anything they want to be and MORE. that you dont have to settle for something less and that you should love who you are and become what you want to be and idk man im just really emotional n proud right now ok.

i know!!!!! its like wow look at them like they worked so hard for this and straight up killed it and like u kno…… it gets me so emo like they were tiny kids from an unknown company not from the big three LITERALLY started from the bottom;;; kookoo coming to bighit as a kid and giving up his childhood to chase his big dreams, tae coming from his cute lil strawberry farm and chim with all those image issues and perfection complex, joon teaching himself english and knowing the weight of carring his group his industry his country, the way seokjin still pulls off flawless even though he gets overshadowed but damn car door guy2.0 anyway, yoongi battling everyday with his mental/psychological issues and with nothing but raw passion and fight in him to pursue his own path, hoseokie who makes sure he maintains his happy virus image to make all of them pull thru no matter what and like…….. DUDE THESE ARE ACTUAL PEOPLE OUT THERE CARVING LEGACIES AND STUFF AND LIKE WOW???????

tl;dr im so emo bc i stan kings and oh my freaking god we made it, bangtan;;;;; YOU MADE IT AND NO DREAM IS IMPOSSIBLE ANYMORE


Tiffany singing City of Stars @ Korean Times Music Festival (170429)

Imagine: Gronder getting fired. New production takes over. There is no bias. It is a fair game. Z and Paulie’s relationship can flourish. Tiffany can announce she’s gay. Frank can be outed for the dick he is. Natalie can get the mastermind edit she deserves. James will be shown more than his prank segments. Cory will never get air time again. Z’s DR’s will be the most out of the other HGs. The non-live feeders can become woke.