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Hi idk if you read webcomics but if you do I was wondering if you knew some nice mlm ones?

Okay so you’re in luck cuz I do: 

Countdown to Countdown by @velocesmells has mlm characters and is also AWESOME. You can read it here (Legit it’s like my favorite thing atm)

Rock and Riot is a greaser comic with cute boyfriends and you can read it here! 

I think this is mlm, it looks pretty gay but I haven’t read it (warning for transphobia and mental illness I think) It looks like it’s pretty spooky

This one looks gay af and I’m bookmarking it for later, it’s called Novae Comic and it’s a historical romance with “a touch of the paranormal” 

Long Exposure is about a nerd and a bully who are forced to work on a class project together and their lives sort of take a spiral into the supernatural : 3 Honestly 10/10 recommend. 

Dragon Husbands is about a boy, Fai, who lives in Hong Kong! He kind of gets engaged to a spirit though he doesn’t remember how that happened. 

The Crooked Kind looks cool and it has snakes : 3 

LISTEN Heartstopper is really cute okay, it explores a lot of different things like mental illness and friendship. 

Sunshine Boy is the absolute cutest and it’s by @moosopp-art! And the art is great! It’s about a boy named Kelly who’s struggling to fit into his new environment! : D 

Les Normaux looks really cool and also gay and also supernatural. 

If you like gay mermaids you gotta read this comic called Out of the Blue 

These are just some of my recommendations! Sorry the post got so long, I kind of got a little passionate! : 3 

If you want more, @lgbtwebcomics has a mlm tag so check it out! I hope this works for you! 

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Go left

{[GO]: [LEFT]}

You decide to head deeper into the ruined house, to see what is on the far side of the building.

Instead, you find that a large portion of the wall has fallen away, leading back out into the [Swamp of Tears]

You stop by a [Broken Stone Fountain] in a clearing, the sound of lapping of water makes you stop in your tracks.

A [Massive Green Horned Creature] is drinking from a [Clear Pond] at the base of the broken fountain.

It looks like an [Orbo]… only three times the normal size, and a coat full of moss and knotted with wild flowers. Instead of two clean horns, it has a massive rack of antlers that run down it’s neck and spine. Dozens of tiny [Glow flies] hover around it’s mane, barely visible in the bright morning light.

It notices your presence and stops drinking. It rears it’s head and you can see it’s two glowing yellow eyes towering far above you. The creature emits a few grunts, wiggles it’s ear and then turns around, heading deeper into the swamp at a calm pace.

The encounter almost feels like it didn’t really happen, the strong smell of freshly overturned dirt and blooming followers lingers in the air for a moment before being lost to the breeze. Your eyes almost ache from the piercing glow of it’s yellow eyes. This was not a normal wild animal.

Come to think of it, you have not seen any truly ‘wild’ animals up close yet. The Orbo back at the goblin camp was tame and had it’s trainer nearby, the birds you saw with Cal on the mountain top were through a spyglass.

This is your first real encounter with the wildlife of this land.
And what a creature for your first encounter. There was something strange about this creature and you can feel it in your soul.

As you take a moment to reflect on this moment, a sensation of serenity and calm floods your body. You feel… at peace…

You have received a holy blessing from a great spirit. All HP and MP fully restored

{ The Blessed Tears }:

Level [1]: You now receive +1HP and +1MP after defeating an enemy. 

All [Southern Magic] has a temporary bonus in this area.

As the wave of calm passes, you take a moment to observe your surroundings.

The [Broken Fountain] has water being pumped into it still, forming a [Small Pond] and you can’t tell if it is too deep for you to cross or not.

A [Broken Roof tile] lies haphazardly on the other side.
The access to the [Second Floor] of the building seems damage and you cannot reach it from the ground at the moment.

The [LEFT] path leads deeper into the Sunken City, and the [Hole] in the wall leads back [IN] to the ruined house.


What Should We Do Now?

Thank you for the amazing year! Let’s have another great year! I couldn’t have done this without your continued support!

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one time, the person who created my fave webcomic (bless her) came out in support of a-specs and said that she believes they are inherently LGBT+... needless to say, she was sent so much hate mail for this, so much that she had to turn off anons for a while. Thing is, she's not even a-spec herself so... just goes to show they don't really care about 'keeping out cishets' anymore :/ (this webcomic also has some rad a-spec rep in it, check it out, it's called r//ock and rio//t (obvs without //))

Well guess I’m going to read all of it at once instead of sleeping lol

@childofsquid Bless you, your family and your crops for making these awesome Witch Girlfriends ™ Dahlia and Buttercup. Can’t wait to see more of them from you!

Page 2. 

Boston comic con approaches, and with it the debut of…um…this:

External image

I am freaking out a little. In the best way- they turned out great
I’ll be selling copies from table d308 at Boston Comic Con this Friday, Saturday and Sunday! IT’S MY FIRST TIME DOING THIS! I am so pumped.

Regarding online availability- I don’t have a plan yet- I’m waiting to see what my stock looks like after the con, and if there is enough interest around these parts to make another (larger?) run! So- let me know if you want one and I’ll see what I can do! Also, soon there will be buttons :D

Be blessed!


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  • Me: *internally screaming*
  • Me: How. I don't even-