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one time, the person who created my fave webcomic (bless her) came out in support of a-specs and said that she believes they are inherently LGBT+... needless to say, she was sent so much hate mail for this, so much that she had to turn off anons for a while. Thing is, she's not even a-spec herself so... just goes to show they don't really care about 'keeping out cishets' anymore :/ (this webcomic also has some rad a-spec rep in it, check it out, it's called r//ock and rio//t (obvs without //))

Well guess I’m going to read all of it at once instead of sleeping lol
Small Blessings has its own tumblr now~
Night sixteen (1 of 2). Next page.

(Sorry for the double post, to those of you who are already following!)

So, new page of Small Blessings AND it’s got its own space now. (Also I’ve reformatted all the pages to be more tumblr-friendly so the images don’t come up all… massively blurry.

Update schedule is still at random - Small Blessings is my de-stress comic. Plus, you know, sometimes I have more time available for working on it than others.

@childofsquid Bless you, your family and your crops for making these awesome Witch Girlfriends ™ Dahlia and Buttercup. Can’t wait to see more of them from you!