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Ever since we’d uploaded the video, we’ve received comments asking if we could provide subtitles for languages other than English. So, to celebrate reaching over one million views (crying btw) on Blessing World Edition, we would like to make it more accessible and easier to understand for people who aren’t native speakers of English. As such, we are happy to bring to you closed captions for each of the languages featured in the song! Tune and I teamed up with a bunch of amazing translators who were kind enough to translate the English lyrics into the other languages of the video, and then I made a bunch of caption files. If you’d enjoy the video more with captions of another language, then please check it out!!! :)

Translator Credits (with Twitter accounts if available): 

Brazilian Portuguese: Ren
Chinese: 虾片
Swedish: Kaen
Spanish: Luna
Tagalog: Kenta and Ehmz
Russian: Len
Polish: Yui T. and cheeseman
German: Kal
Italian: Arianna
French: Poucet
Korean: UNiTY
Japanese: halyosy