bless this show and this relationship

Let’s start it off with the one and only, the canon pairing of a sad sk8er boi and his tiny baker: Jack Zimmerman/Eric “Bitty” Bittle!

Ice Crew Please!

THE FIC THAT CHANGED E V E R Y T H I N G u don’t even KNOW oh my god

u read this and u r like: “ice crew au…?? wut” but U GUYS. READ IT.

I AM. BEGGING U. its so fucking funny but also so fucking meaningful and abt CREATING A Fa mILY !!!! and LoVe!!!! and frieNDShIP!!!

p.s i don’t want to spoil it but if u read it message me and ill talk to u abt the part that made me cry like actual tears bc thank god for friendships and acknowledging that shit is hard

the messes of men

this was… in it’s own way.. a hard fic to read (which makes it the best fic to read! pain! i love it! help me!) it’s very very very beautifully written and i hold it very close to my heart….how it portrays jack by himself and how hard it must’ve been…it also manages to weave in how mental illness plays its own role, even once you get together with the person you’re pretty sure is it for you. somewhat painful but cathartic and achingly tender.

until it got the best of you

umm bitty has a big dick. that’s it.

BUT then there’s feelings! and angst! and misunderstanding! (the best type too! u know when one is like so crazily in love with the other and thinks its shockingly obvious but surprise, it’s not!) it’s just fantastic!

i never saw the signs

imagine a world where jack jumping over the snowbank, bringing bitty coffee, going on long walks classifies (in jack’s mind) as dating. so when bitty gets asked out, jack cannot believe the b e t r ay a l! we’re dating bitty! just read this and be happy :)

left the city, my family, my precinct

oh my goodness this fic.

jack accidentally sends bittle a dick pick.

:0  ;)  <3 ___ <3 = summary of the fic

mixing it up

this is just….so cute?!??!?! and funny?!??! and 1!!!!!

bitty is contestant at a baking tournament for the falconers where jack and tater are the judges. at least, thats where it starts off.

tater is fucking hILARIOUS this fic in general made me laugh a lot.


if u about that dom/sub life well…….just know that eric pins jacks hands to the bed and there’s v intense blushing that boi turns red like a tomato and i live 4 it.

eric is a tad too southern for me but it’s the only thing this fic doesn’t do perfectly :))))

something like this

considering how popular this fic is it actually sat open in a tab for a looong loooooong time just bc…well… it’s 285,748 words. im an all or nothing girl as in i once read the entire maze runner trilogy in one night so i had to find the right time

first of all: angst. second of all: angst. third of all: ….. u guessed it… angst. BUT don’t worry, for every drop of angst there’s a metro-fucking-ton of smut and sweetness :)))) ;))) what this fic does brilliantly is create an OMC that is at the forefront of the story and do it seamlessly. this is a pretty iconic fic and tbh im definitely not one for fics longer than 100k but this was a fuckin’ beaut man

rake the springtime across your sheets

oh god this was P A I N F U L but in a very beautiful way??? (that’s how u know the writing was siCK) ambiguously happy ending but tbh in the end this fic is really just abt the unspoken quiet truth of being in love, of loving, of being human just lke Fffffffuck me up

Phone, Please!

listen. i’m not a fluff person. idk i get bored. BUT. BUUUUUT. BUT. this fic.

AMAZING. this fic is all about the details and the little moments that make Bitty and Jack  ~*BittyandJack*~

Bonus favorite line: “Thank god there are pancakes to serve. Pancakes are also very nice, and something he can actually have.”

Winter Clothes

Chowder POV so this is both hiLARIOUS and surprisingly touching. Jack and Bitty help Chowder buy clothes for New England winter. As a person living in New England, I approve this message.

WIPS: *Hate That I Love You plays in the background*

medic, please!

so if u ever played world of warcraft u r gonna love it and if you’ve never played world of warcraft u r gonna love it

this fic is just SO CREATIVE?!?!! like the format of it is B O M B. its just. so good. oh ym god.

(also the name is “medic please!” get it? cuz eric’s a medic in the game.? and check..PLEASE! ugh I’m a nerd 4 this pic

Fainting Psychics and Pessimistic Demonologists

ghostbusters au except not bc copyright

at first i was like…ghost hunters au?? rlly? but now I’m like GHOST HUNTERS AU? B R I L L I A N T.

characters are on point, its funny (an actual line of the fic “Jack sat down at his computer, pulled open a tab, and googled “How to encourage a teammate”. lmao what a mess)

but also theres some mystery and intrigue and suspense and in general this is a Good.

baking is punk as fuck

this is another AU that i was like…punk band u ….rlly? but then i was like PUNK BAND AU FUCK YEAH im a sucker for asshole Jack. i’m not even into punk?? but im into this fic U ___ U

This Don’t Even Feel Like Falling

filed under “praise kink mmmm”

honestly? porn..? “Bitty is the one to tie Jack’s hands for Hazeapalooza; afterward, he ties Jack’s hands for their own private enjoyment. “ like?? I’m not sorry.

but also not established relationship more like fwb but u know and i know and ngozi knows that ain’t the game we’re playing here

around the green and blue

not usually a big fan of soulmate aus but what i love about this fic is the pacing and even tho soulmate aus where seeing your soulmate = seeing color for the first time isn’t totally new this felt super fresh and original!

shine for you

aw MAN this gave me the feeeeeels. established relationship but jack is not out, it’s a bit angsty but the jack perspective is just so gooood

EXTRA: It all started with a big Russian hockey player calling a small cat-loving hockey player a rat. You either h8 it or u luv it. In my case, I Love it, capital L, so enjoy: Alexei “Tater” Mashkov/Kent Parson

careful the tale you tell

Kent has been telling himself a story, ever since the Q. It’s the epic story of Parse and Zimms, and he’s in love with it. // this fic is specifically meant for patater newbies and this fic does an amazing job of showing why kent and alexei just make sense. its honestly a Blessing.

kick on the starter

lmao im gonna be 90 years old and still reccing Febricant’s fics…for real when i saw they wrote patater i was like… dreaMing…or im dead? is . is heaven?? rlly unique approach to how she gets them together and gr8 build up :)))) Bless Febricant

i need to wake up, i need me some love…

honestly? shameless fluff. established relationship (they’re ENGAGED FOR GOD’S SAKE) short but Good

The thing about Malec that I just cannot get over, is how amazing Matt and Harry’s chemistry is. Honestly, every single scene that includes Magnus and Alec, is just amazing. They have the kind of chemistry that just hits you in the face. Sometimes it’s honestly so hard for me to watch Malec scenes, not because they’re bad, far from it, but because they’re just so good. I think the sneak peek of their date, honestly solidifies what I’m saying. Those looks? Their smiles? It’s honestly so electrifying and I believe wholeheartedly that Malec has one of the best, or to be daring, the best romantic chemistry on shadowhunters. All the praise to Matthew and Harry. All the praise. You can tell when two actors take time and learn their character’s and their relationship. It shows. It really really shows. We are so blessed. 

Headcanons about slowburn of relationship between Yurio and Otabek

I’m melting when I imagine how long and pure will be the development of relationship between Otabek and Yurio.

•  their friendship that becomes stronger and stronger every day of their lifes
•  they feel a little bit embarrased with each other first time, but very soon Yurio makes Otabek laughing very much and freely and all people around them just watching on it with opened mouths. Like… whoah
•  when Yurio listens to music which Otabek recommended to him, he smiles so pure that Viktor and Yuuri aka Proud Dads™ are melting because of cuteness 
•  Yurio usually talks very quiet to Otabek because he thinks these conversations are so private and he just feels calmness near him
•  but they love being loud and cool and they always ready to make crazy things together (WELCOME TO THE MADNESS!)
•  they’re coming off to the fullest and enjoying every moment of their lives 
•  Otabek can freely express his emotions with Yurio because he knows that Yurio will not laugh at him and will understand every peace of his personality
•  and same with Yurio
•  they freely speak on russian, but Yurio starts learning kazakh because he thinks that this language is really, really beautiful
•  even if Yurio and Otabek are friends, they compete against each other in figure skating
•  but they find it a bit funny and they always support each other and rejoice for each other no matter which places they take
•  they trust each other and cherish each other soooo much that you just start crying because of this solid bond
• development of this bond will take months or years but on every day of their friendship they will be opening to each other more and more 
warning: headcanons about their friendship-romantic relationship!!
•  should I say that sufficient amount of time should have paased before they recognised romantic feelings for each other?
• nothing really changes when they reveal their deep feelings to each other, they just start feel… like now there are literally nothing that they still hide from each other. They’re opened to each other on 120%
• it’s absolutely non-jealous relationship, because they trust each other SO MUCH AND I’M NOT TIRED OF REPEATING THIS!! <3 <3 <3
•  for a very long time no one knows that they started dating because Yurio doesn’t really like showing off about his relationship with Otabek, this thing, again, very private for him, and Otabek thinks the same thing
•  but of course Viktor and Yuuri have already known about all of it on the first day of confession
• they’re badass and pure couple at the same time, because they know how to combine incompatible 

✩Thank you, Lauren Zuke.✩

✩Thanks for all the laughs and lots of love that you have given us. I’m really gonna miss you a lot. Most of us will! And thanks for letting us appreciate Lapis and Peridot’s relationship. Their friendship has gotten stronger throughout the whole show, and it’s been a true blessing. Last night killed me with tears just seeing Peridot care so much about Lapis. I hope you enjoy your time in the Crewniverse. It’s been a blast with you boarding some of the episodes and your love for Lapidot! Thank you, @laurenzuke!! We love you!!! Lapidot FOREVER!! 💚💙💜✩


I can’t believe everything is so good right now in Richonne world. Like… it’s been a little over a year since our beautiful ship sailed and it’s all been so wonderful. Even with the whole “Saviors beating our heroes into the ground” roadblock. Like… I am just so happy with where are ship is and where it’s going. While other aspects of this show have let me down, Rick and Michonne always deliver. 

  1. Rick and Michonne got an episode that focused in large part on them called “Say Yes”. In this episode, we got to see them laugh together, make love, kiss, hug, and, in a way, become engaged (if not married). The Walking Dead has never showcased a couple like this before – and it was a welcome gift. 
  2. Not only “Say Yes”, but the mid-season premiere’s highlight moment was Rick and Michonne mowing down a herd of walkers with a steel cable then cuddling in a car afterward – on Valentine’s day no less. Then the next week’s episode, “New Best Friends”, had Rick giving Michonne a cat statue because he wanted to replace her old one, emphasizing Rick has been mindful of Michonne and what she likes for a long time. It goes to show the series is making a point to display how strong Rick and Michonne’s love is, and how it has not done anything to weaken their resolve. If anything, it has strengthened it. 
  3. Richonne has been blessed to have both the actors portraying the relationship, Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira, be incredibly outspoken about the ship in positive ways. Neither one has had a rotten thing to say about the relationship, and both have actually gone out of their way to promote Richonne. Andy especially was notorious even before Richonne became canon, being very vocal about wanting Rick and Michonne as a couple – even while AMC was trying to sell Jessie as a potential love interest. 
  4. Not only have Andy and Danai been supportive of Richonne, but so have other cast members (Chandler, Norman, Sonequa, Josh, Melissa, and Jeffrey come to mind). It’s so nice to see the team giving the thumbs up. 
  5. AMC’s social media, while still having its stumbles (like its instagram posting a Lori/Rick fan art with the caption “The original power couple” the same week “Say Yes” aired), has been far more Richonne positive than ever. It used to be like pulling teeth to get them to acknowledge Richonne, but now they actively use the word “Richonne” and promote the couple in their tweets. Skybound’s Twitter has also been much more pro-Richonne recently than usual. It makes it all the more real, and all the more indicative they believe in this relationship. 
  6. Professional critics have been overwhelmingly positive about Rick and Michonne’s relationship. While they’ve been negative about other aspects of this show this season, for the most part, they regard Rick and Michonne’s love for one another as a light in the darkness. 
  7. Nevermind the content we’ve received with Rick and Michonne in the canon, which is unarguably the best of all. Just all their scenes. It’s all so golden. So good. What did we do to deserve such wonder and majesty?

And, to think, the season isn’t even over yet. :)  

BTS: hickies (a lil NSFW)

Jin: don’t let his innocent face fool you, he probs left you with a million hickies on your tummy and thighs and he’s definitely still thinking about it. His freak o'meter is going off while you two making out, and he will not hold back unless you want to. The only thing he’d be hesitant about is having you leave marks in obvious places. He doesn’t mind that much, he’s just much rather you leave them in more discreet places on his body so it’d be like your little secret.

Suga: yall…you already know he’s down to do whatever you ask of him, and makes sure to do it 10x better. This ofc includes marking you with love bites and bruises after passionately kissing all over your skin. He loses himself in the sound of your moans and sometimes loses control, unable to suppress his harsh teeth as they move around your neck and collarbone. Doesn’t care where you leave hickies on him, he’s all for showing off your relationship and the fact that you love him enough to leave those marks on his skin.

J-Hope: honestly wouldn’t know what he’s done until he’s admiring your skin the next day, and sees that you’re sporting a giant purple bruise just above your chest. He’d be regretful, but he’s so proud of his work and tbh he got lost in the moment and he knows you love it as well. Hoseok would prefer you not leave them in obvious places, just bc he could do without the teasing esp when it comes to your relationship. Even if he doesn’t care that people see it, he’d rather this be a private and intimate thing.

Rap Monster: will have you marked up from neck to toe and still have the nerve to leave more. More than happy if you wear something that reveals your neck so he’d show people that you belong with him and he’s got no shame about it. He actually encourages you to leave marks on him and bless him with your love lmao he won’t hold back on his feedback either, so you’d be left with no choice but to place your lips all over this smirking boy.

Jimin: the first couple of times making out with him, he’d make sure you were 100% alright with him going a little crazy and giving you hickies. He doesn’t seem like the type to keep himself under control in that situation, but he’d be willing to hold himself back if you didn’t like it. But if you did, you better tell him bc he’ll take his time and perfect his craft. Also one to encourage you to leave marks on his skin, just for the purpose of seeing people’s reactions and bc he doesn’t really care.

Taehyung: just say the word and Tae will have you pressed up against a wall, his lips and teeth moving mercilessly over your skin. Would probably make more noises than you as he’s marking you up, he’s just in a rush and can’t (won’t) hold himself back from showering you with his love. He’d only let you give him hickies if he wasn’t seeing his hyungs any time soon, so he wouldn’t have to deal with all the jokes and teasing, but in front of others, he really couldn’t care less.

Jungkook: is so high off the fact that he’s got someone that loves him enough to leave him bruised with their love. He loves loves LOVES hickies and would want to spend hours everyday just having his face pressed against your neck and chest, his lips giving you their full attention. The type to do some cheesy shit and make a heart on your tummy with his hickies. Will legit beg you to leave a dark mark on his neck so his hyungs could see and finally take him as a ‘man’, but gets too distracted by wanting to be the one to leave them instead.

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Spirit of Metamorphosis

Mettaton is a great idol, literally. He is worshipped by the tribes as the great Spirit of Metamorphosis, transforming its image as he sees fit. His most physical form is made of a big rock of Opal, with Amethysts adorning the top like a crown and a butterfly symbol carved in gold at the center of his body.

He enjoys luxurious ornaments, indulging into the beauty that carries each aspect he would admit and gain its properties. Jewelry, gems and any metal that would shine are of great interest as a mean of decorating his surface and getting every eye to admire him.

The full moon is the apex of his splendor, where he will leave his physical form and reveal the magnificent image of his shapeshifting power. Mettaton will assume the characteristics of different animals, like his scaled arms resembling snakes and peacock feather dangling from his hair. He is frequently surrounded by butterflies, leaving a trail of shiny stars and petals wherever he goes. The fragrance of roses is always present, a clear sign of his proximity.

For being a great trickster in all the depth of his shapeshifting nature, Mettaton is highly fascinated by the dramatics, displaying it in vibrant colors and exotic mixes on his visuals all the passion for calling the attention of his surroundings. He is like the star of the Spirit Guardians, a canvas of beauty that exposes all his repertoire to entertain, intrigue and amaze.

The elders tell that Mettaton was a shy little ghost before discovering his true identity as a powerful Spirit Guardian. The Guardian of Nature, Alphys, was the responsible of finding a great rock of Opal buried deep down the earth, digging it out and preparing it as a future vessel for the sad ghost. After Alphys offered the new sculpture as a way to connect to the material world, the ghost accepted the gift and could finally feel the nature for the first time. Cohabiting with the environment, Mettaton discovered his powers and at night, he could ascend to another level of existence, being able to be in both material and ethereal world at the same time.

He is charming, charismatic and enchanted by all the things in life, having a great relationship with most of the Spirit Guardians. Papyrus, the Guardian of Life, is frequently visiting Mettaton’s idol place, leaving flowers to him to show his blessings for how the little ghost continued to thrive and embrace his enlightened path.

Mettaton can also become a violent spirit, full of pride and arrogance if great darkness takes ahold of his core. He can become dangerously destructive, assuming a controlling and manipulative personality. His body is covered by poisonous and offensive traits, threatening with his unleashed dark skills. Using his ability to shapeshift, he can also trick others easily to his own will, leading them to obey without using force for it. But with the constant worshipping and gifts coming from the tribes, Mettaton keeps at ease and happy with all their offerings.

Alphys takes good care of Mettaton, always keeping him company and sculpting new decorations for his altar deep in the woods, where the Opal idol stays. She also manages to keep him stable when he feels darkness approaching, cheering him up and enjoying nature together.

Flirt // Chandler Riggs Imagine

Chandler is more slightly more over-confident and cheeky in this one, instead of the aDORABLE CINNAMON ROLL he usually is.

Requested by: @fannyimagines

PROMPT: The reader has a part on twd as Carl’s love interest. Chandler flirts with her during a panel, only making the fans ship them more<3

Hope you enjoy my loves!



C H A N D L E R // 1 2 4 8

I nervously tugged at my top as I stood behind the stage with the rest of the cast. We were about to go on for a twd panel at ComicCon. I had done panels a million times before but this was the first time I was properly nervous.

The only reason I was so scared was because I noticed I had been getting more attention lately on social media, which worried me because I might be asked more questions than normal. My recent ‘fame’ It was due to the fact that I was beginning to get a bigger part in the show. I had been on The Walking Dead for years, playing Melissa Dixon, Daryl Dixon’s daughter. I had a decently important role, and I loved it.

Now, in season 6, I had lots more screentime due to the fact that I was becoming Carl’s love interest. Chandler was my best friend on set, so naturally, we were both super excited to have more time to work together. Well, I was probably more excited than him because let’s face it, Chandler’s pretty damn cute.

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After all the shit I’ve been thru, I never thought I’d have a good relationship. But then you came along and showed me what I should be treated like and I’m so thankful that I’ve been blessed with you
—  Unknown
You’re Safe Here (Dean x Reader)

Requested by anon.Enjoy!

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“What’s your ideal husband?”

“I like a man that’s a mystery, someone that doesn’t talk very much, those are the ones that are the most affectionate. I prefer to just cuddle than talk, I like a man that knows what he is doing, he is not afraid to take risks and get touchy feely. I think it’s because i’m not good with words so touching is my way of showing affection.”


“What’s your ideal wife?”

“I like a girl that’s more of an acting than talking. Someone that delicately sexy, I like a strong gaze in a woman. Someone tha'ts silently having my back and even though she will talk shit in front of me, she will cut someone that talks bad behind my back. A dynamic duo”


Getting to be with Hyuk was something that you felt blessed about experiencing. He was pretty much the man of your dreams, the chemistry you had was over flowing and everyone that watched the show could see it. From silly missions, to random actions of affection, like playing with your curly hair, to teasing the other but then hugging them cause you felt bad. It was a relationship you wish you had without having to sign a contract and cameras following you.

You were a bit sad that it was the last episode of We Got Maried, it meant that you and Hyuk would have to go your seperate ways. You would go back to your job as an actress and he would go back to singing like an angel.

“Keep them close”

“If this is a sick joke, I will beat you until you bleed”

You threatened him as he carefully covered your eyes, so he won’t ruin your eye make up. He guided you somewhere and then stopped you. You could feel the curiousity bubbling up, you were tempted to rip his hand of from your eyes to see what he was hiding, but you knew it was something he had probably worked hard for and you didn’t want to ruin it for him. So you just bit your lips and patiently waited for him to reveal his surprise.


a beautiful set of a couch and a big tv was set right in the garden, you could already recognize your favorite snacks and the fluffy blankets that were perfectly folded on the side of the couch. One of the most brightest smiles reached your lips, you even showed your teeth, you rarely did that because of your insecurity of your crooked front teeth.

“Aww Hyuk, this is beautiful”

“Come on, I picked the best movie”

He took your hand and sat next to you on the very comfortable couch. He passed you the pink blanket, knowing that it was one of your favorite colours and he kept the creme coloured on for him. You took of your shoes and put your legs up to get cozy.

“Are you ready?”


He pressed play and his song “bonnie & clyde” reached your ears, catching you off guard. You turned to look at him confused but he didn’t even turn his head towards you, so you forgot the idea about him giving you an explanation. They were clips of the show, mixed with clips form him m/v, that caught your interested but made you even more confused, you were never the patient one.

“I’m so happy you were my wife. You were a lovely partner and great company, i’ll miss your weird laugh and your savage comments. I hope my wife can be just like you, I hope I made you feel happy and was a good husband to you, cause you deserve the perfect one. You are my ideal wife”

You read this in the screen and you could already feel your heart full of love. You never knew he felt like this, your relationship was more of a goofy one, you never expected this from him. It was such a loving gesture that you appreaciated very much.

“Ahhh why you had to make me cry?”

You turned away and carefully wiped the corners of your eyes. It was the first time that someone did something so sweet for you, you didn’t reallt know how to take it or how to respond.

“I didn’t want to make you cry”

“Happy tears”

You said as you faced him again with a smile. He saw your watery eyes and he couldn’t help but feel kind of bad, even though he knew you were not hurt, but just over emotional. He just reached for your hair and pulled them away from your face and over your shoulder, he always liked how you looked without hair on your face, he wanted to see your whole face on it’s entire glory.

“I’ll miss you too”

“It was fun wasn’t it?”

“Very much…. maybe too much fun. Look at us, all sappy and shit. You already know that when this airs everyone will think were are dating”

“Probably, I don’t blame them. Who wouldn’t want to be with a woman like you?”

You giggled at his compliment. You sat inches away from him, you really did hope that you could keep him in your life, although you didn’t know if that was possible, your careers might be both on the spotlight but they were based of from very different things. You acted on impulse and gave him a hug, resting your chin on his shoulder as he slowly rubbed circles on your back, making you feel comfort and some type of affection.

“I won’t do it. I won’t do it”

You whispered to yourself, in a desperate attempt to make yourself hold back the tears from starting again. You always had that thing of avoiding to cry in front of others, it just made you feel like you were making them pity you.

“I won’t look, you’re safe here”

“Thank you for a wonderfull marriage Hyuk, I never took the chance to thank you for this”

“Don’t thank me, you deserved every piece of it”

You pulled away from him and pulled all your hair back, you never thought that coming to this would make you feel so much for a guy. He really was what you exactly wanted.

“I have a suggestion, instead of leaving the rings, we switch them. You’ll have something from me and i’ll have something from you”

You just nodded. You both took of your “wedding rings” and gave it to each other. You immediately put it on, since it fit you, but he just kept it and put it on the pocket of his flannel.

“Now we have something to keep us together”

Isn’t it absolutely wonderful when you’re watching a really good series and then suddenly you’re pleasantly surprised by the gay? Lemme tell you about this series I’ve been watching called “The Librarians”… It has EVERYTHING, the smarts, the magic, the charming and complex characters, a heavier focus on plot and character development rather than ships, it has healthy relationships, friendships between all of them, comic relief, plot twists… You name it. And then there is my favourite character, Cassandra. Who I tried not to get attached to because she had a dead sentence from day one. But god was she hard not to love… And I shit you not, end of the third season, not only does she kiss a girl, she kisses a vampire girl on the day she was supposed to die and yet survived. Talk about inverting “bury your gays trope” BLESS this wonderful show

bitch there are people in the tags angry that Sara kissed a girl this week??

cause oh no she’s no bisexual anymore?? like yall want her to bang a dude so badly.

like you’re right. I’m bisexual and one day I kiss a girl and other i gotta kiss a guy. I gotta keep that balance cause if not. I stop being bi.
like. Imagine being that ignorant and pathetic. #cantrelate

also people saying she’s a slut cause she’s not in a serious relationship?? 
literally some bullshit criticism that only happens to female characters tbh.

Can you imagine that. we’re blessed with two beautiful girls .kissing in a medieval setting after a battle. literally some shit straight out of a fanfic and…people are angry. cause they kissed???

again. can’t relate.

Anyways. Sara Lance Bisexual queen and icon kisses girls throughout time and history as she pleases and I encourage you all to show your love in the tags cause Sara Lance deserves it.

Why everyone should be watching Skam. (Especially season 4).

Firstly, can I just say how fucking blessed we are to have a show that not only portrayed the beauty of a young same-sex relationship, it gave us the most realistic coming out story of a young boy I have ever had the privilege of watching. It concluded not with a fairy tale ending or certainty, but with genuine realness.  

Secondly, it gave us the reality of living with a mental illness such as bi polar and how difficult it can be, but it also showed us that if you surround yourself with the right people everything can and will be okay in the end. Your illness does not define you. 

And finally this season… it’s giving us a beautiful insight into the Islamic faith by allowing us to see the world through the eyes of a beautiful, strong Muslim girl when our reality has the most disgusting, racist, misogynistic man on the planet leading one of the most influential countries of the world. 

If you don’t think we need this kind of insight right now, then I can’t help you.

I can’t make you sit and watch the beauty that is Skam, all I can say is this: This show is everything. 

so Dimension 404 is  - a black mirror scheme - scifi show that already have 5 episodes and one of them has a Constance Wu as an army psychologist lady in a interracial lesbian relationship (!!) who have a pretty daughter together AND it’s christmas themed like alskdjaksad y’aaalll !!!!!!!!

Beauty [Rick Grimes x Reader]

Hi! Could I please request a Rick x Reader one-shot where they’re already in a relationship, she deals with low self-esteem that she’s managed to keep kinda hidden, and he somehow catches her at a low moment, and shows her how beautiful/perfect she is to him with some good ol’ loving smut? Thanks! Bless you for all these wonderful stories, btw! ❤️

Hiii so I’m not the same person who ask if you have any plus size imagines but I was wondering if you could write one where the reader (who’s plus sized and who is also in a relationship with rick) sees rick flirting with a women in Alexandria who is skinnier and “prettier” and the reader becomes very self conscious but once rick gets home he sees she’s acting different and ask why and he tells her she’s all he wants and proves it:)) P.S sorry is my English is shit it’s not my first language

I combined these two requests, I hope you both like them! This was really fun to write! 💓

Words: 2,773

Warnings: Smut, swearing, self-hatred, insecurity

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Richonne Haters are Basically Dust

I read something disgusting from a bitter anonymous Richonne hater the other day, who said Richonne was just “a fantasy”.

I really think Richonne is more a lesson for the haters than a blessing for the shippers. And 7x12 was an extinction level event for all racist haters.

So let’s pretend that interracial relationships/marriages are not something we see everyday… ok.

The real fantasy is one race being in any way superior and the unrealistic idea that somehow people are going to “stick to their own race” when it comes to love. All these Richonne haters are turning to dust- not just from what they see on the show, but from what they see in real life. Their way of thinking is dying and it makes them scared and aggressive.

One of the things I love about TWD is that with the world stripped bare, Race is Gone. People are just people. And every community is a mix of every color. And without all the exterior BS people hide behind and use to divide us, they can see the each other for who they really are inside. The content of their character…

And the beautiful part of their world is: the person you get to love may have been a person the world we know would have separated you from because of all the stupid pettiness people promote.

Sad that it took a zombie apocalypse to really get people woke.