bless this show and this relationship

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In all honesty I kind of feel sorry for Mycroft. Going from being an only child to having two younger siblings in quick succession must have been very difficult. A 8/7 year age gap between siblings is quite a lot; by the time Sherlock was old enough to play Mycroft would have been a teenager. Then he ended up with a loon for a little sister and Sherlock was so traumatised from Redbeard that their relationship never fully recovered. IDK, I love Mycroft and want to give a big cuddle!

Bless poor wee Mycroft, yeah I always felt for him in fics when he was often just hopeful his little brother might eventually grow up into someone he could talk to on his own level. And then disappointed little bro turned out to be “slow”! Having a murderous little sister was probably quite challenging…

The Holmes boys childhood was always such a precious mine of different headcanons. Even once their parents appeared in the show and seemed very nice and really quite normal, it was still a fun place to explore. And now people can revisit and throw murderous small children and a non-dog Redbeard into the works; it’s a whole new playground.

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Top 5 reasons it's good for Shadowhunters to deviate from the books? I'm just curious, I haven't read them.

Oh goodness, it’s hard to narrow it down to five coherent reasons when it feels like every deviation from those horrible books is a good choice. But here’s my best effort:

  1. More diversity. The books are very white, especially the main cast.
  2. The Malec story line. In the books, it’s basically a shit show. Their relationship isn’t shown as being healthy (when cc even bothers to show it, which isn’t often). Alec is incredibly jealous, immature, and biphobic, and he frequently mistreats Magnus because of it. It’s awful. So far the show is giving us a very healthy, respectful, happy relationship.
  3. The way female characters treat each other / The way female characters are treated in general. The books are filled to the brim with unnecessary girl hate, slut shaming, girls being abused by their boyfriends, girls being cheated on by their boyfriends, etc. 
  4. On the show, the main characters are all slightly older than their book counterparts. While it’s possible that their increased maturity levels are just the result of better writing, it’s also possible that they were written to be so immature in the books because they’re young teenagers. Whatever the reason is, the characters are significantly more mature on the show, which makes them all more sympathetic and relatable.
  5. The treatment of nephilim society, particularly the Clave. In the books, you’re definitely supposed to be rooting for the shadowhunters. Yes, the main cast ends up raising questions about their beliefs and methods, but it’s not until much later in the series. On the show, the Clave is pretty much instantly shown as racist and deeply flawed. We’re given much more downworlder perspective, and in general, the intense racism of shadowunter society is called out instead of blindly accepted by the narrative.

I could go on, but I think that’s a pretty good starting place. tl;dr the books are bad please don’t read them

i was yelling about s4 to mr lid and then we started talking about how great tooitw, especially in comparison, and mr lid said “i think i need to take more credit for that than moftiss, actually.” and he reminded me that i drew much more on our relationship when writing it than on the show. and like. wow like. i had been concerned that the greatest thing i’ve ever done was tainted by one of the major disappointments of my adult life. but he just turned it around for me. bless him :’)

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Therese watching "The French Chef" because she want impress Carol with a special dinner at night :)

bless!!! considering The French Chef came on air during 1962, they would be 10 years into their relationship which the best thing. Therese just huffs one day that it’s high time she learnt actual cooking and that both of them are now too old to make do with takeaway whenever they wanted. She gets Julia Child’s cookbook and watches the show religiously and takes notes (once she tried to follow along, watch and cook at the same time but nearly set the house on fire). Of course, Carol is absolutely grateful for every effort Therese makes, the first few dinners she cooks Carol makes sure that she sets the table, with a fresh bouquet of flowers in the middle of the table and with the nice china out. 

Yuri on Ice

• really good sports anime
• beautiful art with lots of attention to small details
• interesting and diverse characters with greatly varried ages
• non-sterotypical representation of different countries
• healthy competition. Everyone is still friends. Except JJ, JJ is an ass
• Even though everyone wants to win they still support their friends
• The dog didn’t die
• the show has some really funny moments
• shows a pretty accurate depiction of anxiety
• Doesn’t pretend getting in a relationship will fix all your problems
• Nobodies perfect, characters make mistakes and learn from them
• relationships grow naturally
• cute date episode
• healthy canon homosexual relationship between two main chacters
• the healthy canon homosexual relationship is also an interracial relationship
• they got engaged!!!!
• Drunk dancing Yuuri
• Pole Dancing Yuuri
Ok, Who sold their soul? I want to personally thank them

wow the only two canon couples on the show right now are malec and lucelyn, two amazing healthy interracial relationships, built on trust and support and being there for each other and not giving up on each other no matter what happens. cassandra clare is shaking.

Even if Yuuri and Victor don’t become boyfriends, can we just appreciate their healthy relationship?

Because what they have is based on mutual respect and on wanting to find a way to communicate despite their differences.

And don’t get me started on how supportive Victor is of Yuuri because I can literally go on about it for hours.

And the way Yuuri begins to trust Victor and find comfort in his touch despite being initially wary of it? To the point of not being afraid to get on his bed in the middle of the night? That’s beautiful?

My point is: wherever the show goes from here, I don’t think anyone can realistically deny that there are incredible amounts of mutual love here. Whether you interpret it as romantic, sexual, platonic, student-teacher, fan-idol, I think most of us can agree that their relationship is special and it is amazing.

Yuri on Ice deserves to be appreciated for a multitude of reasons and Yuuri and Victor must be one of the most compelling ones.

Sense8 is definitely a gift to mankind



And Will and Riley

And Lito and Hernando




And that moment in the snow between Kala and Wolfgang my precious child and Wolfgang is so in love I’M SO SHOOK



And Daniella being always so relatable

And Wolfgang and Felix, I need more Wolfgang and Felix moment in season 8 bc their friendship is so fucking precious

And Capheus being the puppy he has always been 

And the sensates being so close and supporting each other. Their relationship development is so good and I want to know how it would evolve in the next season 

Everything in that episode was perfect. Just perfect. I am so blessed I want to thanks not only God but also Jesus for this show. This is definitely my favorite show in the whole world, it’s the gift of God for humanity let’s just appreciate it. 

After all the shit I’ve been thru, I never thought I’d have a good relationship. But then you came along and showed me what I should be treated like and I’m so thankful that I’ve been blessed with you
—  Unknown
ep 10 ramblings

victor calling yuuri sleeping beauty eww why are they so cute😍
the instagram photo of them stretching their legs lmao
yuuri’s hands trembling when he’s putting the ring on victors hand like it’s so real? and it clearly shows how nervous yuuri is
the perfection that is otabek altin he’s so hot😂
the relationship between them is so pure
phichit as best wingman
everyone needs a phichit
wow jj is THAT unpopular im actually quite surprised
‌victor can’t even remember his name
georgi finding a new gf
did i mention the ring exchange? MY BABIES ARE GETTING ENGAGED AAHHH
and lastly the ed😂 drunk yuuri is a blessing his perfectly sculpted thighs ughhh
and the fact that “pole dance” is trending at japanese twitter at the time of writing HAHAHAHA

tldr: this episode is gold and you will regret not watching


This kind of trust is so important in a relationship and yet TV shows tend to act like it’s something that only exists in fantasy along with unicorns. I am so tired of tropey drama born from convoluted misunderstandings and miscommunications and overreactions that can be so common in TV. Bless this show for proving that you can make a story out of a loving, trusting relationship where the two people involved are completely chill, who don’t fly off the handle and throw a tantrum at the slight suggestion that their significant other might be unfaithful but actually talk about it and solve the problem together. So for all his stalkery tendencies at the beginning, Xiao Nai is a pretty swell boyfriend.

Okay tho

Can we just talk for a second about how phichit is just in supportive friend mode during Episode 10?
He doesn’t get upset or ask “why didn’t you tell me, yuuri? I thought we were friends??” After seeing the rings.
(which would have been my reaction, tbh, because I’m a flawed human being)

No, this beautiful cinnamon roll doesn’t question a damn thing or make it about himself. Even though he instantly assumes that yuuri got married without telling him about it, he’s so happy that his friend got married - and therefore, is happy - he announces it to the ENTIRE RESTAURANT. 


gay couple? CHECK. loving relationship? CHECK. supportive support system? CHECK. 

I just…I’m so blessed.


  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: it's 1:59am and i'm literally lying in bed thinking about the umbrella scene and how important it is to the entire existence of the characters and relationships in this show. it is so symbolic of the connection between adrien and marinette and even though we've seen all different variations of their interactions throughout the entire season before that moment, nothing comes close to how significant and poignant this final scene is for these two characters. the shift in colors and atmosphere from the rest of the show in this one scene just emphasizes how important it is and the final line of the scene and episode and technically even season is literally "those two are meant for each other," tying everything up so perfectly that i have no words to describe how i feel about that final line. i also just stopped in the middle of this rant to watch the scene for the 30th time and i'm overwhelmed by how beautiful it is, from adrien's laugh to marinette's sigh to the amazing soundtrack in the background. but most importantly i am so happy that above all else, this scene establishes the friendship between adrien and marinette and how important it is to adrien especially. every time i watch this scene i feel so content and so satisfied and so blessed. we are so blessed to be living in the same lifetime as this scene. we are so blessed
I absolutely love working with Norman.  Our characters definitely have that special chemistry that makes fans want to ship them together, and I find that so very special, because I adore Carol and I adore Daryl, and I absolutely adore their relationship. They are two people who have each other’s backs no matter what, and completely understand each other, without words.  I feel that that is the most special and deep, for any relationship really, and is predominantly what keeps them bonded so closely.  We are incredibly blessed to have this relationship on the show.  Two people who bounce off each other, with a special chemistry that just radiates between them naturally.  You honestly couldn’t ask for a better partnership.
—  Melissa McBride on the “Walking Dead” Caryl relationship (Entertainment interview, 2014)

*sobbing loudly and holding all these podcasts with LGBTQIAP+ characters* Bless all of these lovely shows for actually having lots of healthy relationships, not killing your gays, and canonly ace characters.

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