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My takeaway from watch the Twin Peaks premiere red carpet: The cast was genuinely excited for the revival, sung the praises of their creator/director, and expressed confidence that the reboot would “break the mold once again.”

*side-eyes Chris Carter*


Nobunari Oda, Liebestraum || 2016 Japan Open (x)

  • Hoseok: 200 METRES! STOP NOW! YOU'RE THERE! CONGRATULATIONS! *indeterminate loud noises*
  • Taehyung: *directs you to take long and illogical routes just so you make a smiley face on the GPS screen*
  • Jin: In 200 metres you will reach your destination but keep going because there's a really good chicken place just down the road.
  • Jimin: *when you start the car* Hey! You turned me on! Now let me turn you on.
  • Namjoon: In 200 metres you will reach your destination. But have you really reached your destination in life? Only time will tell.
  • Yoongi: What are you looking at me for? I'm just a fucking machine. *self powers off*
  • Jungkook: Why are we moving? Are we going somewhere? 0_0

the holy uncle trinity of ijs men’s skaters


just so you all know i am still 100% enamored by nathen chen (as i have been since the beginning of time)  thank u i’ve watched this 400 times since january i need Help™


They’re blessings😩👌🏻✨💕
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My Spiritual Growth Reading


Pri (@rosainoxia) recommended this wonderful spread by @thewitchofthenorse (thank you so much!) to help me with a spiritual slump I’m currently having. As a background, I was feeling un-spiritual lately to the point of frustration, in addition to the retrograde planets and real life being very busy. I keep meditating less and less, intuition being stuck and muddled, readings (and advices I get) don’t make sense, not to mention I’m angry and am anything but calm inwardly. There’s so many things going on but very little direction and stability. So doing this spread makes sense to gain clarity. I agree immediately upon reading the prompts so kudos for the really nice spread! For diviners and people doing spiritual work out there, go do this spread!

Also introducing a new deck: Vision Quest Tarot, Water Hawk! I’m going to post deck interview soon. I admit at first this deck didn’t catch my eyes but today’s reading feels more special so I was looking to work with someone new. My Klimt Tarot (Tarpasus) was a candidate at first, being the new kid, but my gut said to expand my deck repertoire today.

The Results

The First Card: This represents where you currently are on your spiritual path. Are you feeling lost? Perhaps you’re confident in where you are but want to know how far you are from a spiritual goal? Where am I currently on my spiritual journey?

Fear - Five of Air. The card correctly pointed out that you are filled with expectation and anxiety, but fear not (lol pun) that these trepidation are blessed and part of the program (the auric raven flying by). This card tells me that even in your fear and uncertainty, your best qualities will shine (or are meant to) and I don’t think you’ve discovered this powerful part of yours yet (the raven). 

You said the rocks looked out of place and it is. These rocks might look like it belonged to a mighty castle now destroyed.You are shedding old, ineffective thinking and methods. You’ll notice these are the ones that makes you hesitant to move forward. You’ll notice these are the ones that makes you sink in fear (“pocket full of stones”) instead of flying gladly and clearly (air vs. Earth). 

You also observed the grounds looked contaminated by a kind of petrol oil, giving that sleazy and uneasy colors. Maybe it is a representative of your mind. Remember that water takes time to purify and separate itself from oil. The key is to keep moving (air + water medicine. Remember the Kings and your deck introduction?) and maintain clarity. Don’t let the fears bog you down. Believe that this is not the end of it, you’re halfway to leveling up (number 5).

The Second Card: Sometimes there are things holding us back, a relationship, a feeling, or something else entirely. Even when things are going well there’s often something we can improve upon or work towards. What is hindering my spiritual growth?

Small Medicine Wheel. I don’t think your fear is unfounded. I’m getting a sense that you are entering a period where you will find out what you get after a long time toiling, and this trepidation is what disturbs you majorly. You feared this new era of your life will be just a continuation of an old, negative one. 

This card simply told you to wait and see. Continue with your life as usual (this is where your fear tends to persuade you that something is off btw). This is the part where you surrender and pray for the best. With the appearance of a Major Arcana, these transformations are all divinely protected. Even if the changes are subtle and not obvious to you. 

You can now try to stay present and not correlate what happens to you to fear and negativity. Just try and do this. This can be /that/ easy so I suggest you trust the process. 

By now you’ll see two winged creature (raven & white eagle) and it is said in the LWB that “the old ways falls away easily” and “it will feel like a resurrection”. Keep in mind you just had Easter and this card relates to previous card about fear. Even if your logic agrees to the correlation, in your heart you must try to believe in order for you to see it.

The Third Card: This is my favorite card to pull! This is going to help you grow and heal, it can be an act of self care, something you need to let go of or whatever it is you need to grow. What can help me grow spiritually?

The Moon. With the Moon’s gentle energies and intuitiveness, what will help you now is self-kindness. Nurturing yourself, treating yourself with respect and love.

Trust that this is part of the circle. There are loud and bright blessings but there are quiet and gentle blessings. There are times when your magic will be obvious and strong but there are times when you really need to rest and don’t fret. They will come back, but don’t let this turns you ungrateful to what you have rn. 

Do not cling to one state of emotions, try to understand that emotions (be it yourself or others’) are temporary so don’t take heart and paint your whole life with one simplistic emotion. It helps to release expectation and rigidity/stubbornness as this hinders relaxation. Try to go back to meditating and not push on results. It seems that your intuition is going to be on all time high but you are still gripped by fear, btw.

The Fourth Card: This is similar to the previous card because sometimes it’ll pop up as another card of self-care or something to move on from. But it describes your next step forward, a step to healing or a step towards your goal. What is the next step on my spiritual path?

Interference - Eight of Air. Another insight you will gain is you are overwhelming yourself to the point of paralyzing. Not a foreign word for you! In previous cards we learn to trust in timing, to be grateful with what you have, and to not weigh yourself with fear. With maturity, you’ll see you truly are stagnant and you’ll be okay with that. Enjoy this resting period and use it to drop what doesn’t matter anymore. Maybe all of the turbulence you have right now are just an introduction so you’ll finally have that fulfilling rest you so wanted to have. But even you must learn that resting means to absolutely drop all worries and let the Universe takes care of you. And believe me they always take good care of us.

The Final Card: This card best represents what you gain from your spirituality, it speaks of your potential and all the boundless wonderful possibilities. What is my ultimate potential?

Two of Cups. I see union between you and the spiritual plane. This relationship can only be achieved with unconditional love to the parts of yourself that you rejected, cultivating of your potentials, and to love and trust the world around you. I love how this card feels expansive, like you have just discovered heavens! It also speaks of new experiences so get ready. ;)