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um...which one is io? i just saw the movie but i can't remember any of the amazons names except for hippolyta and Diana

This is re: this post, I assume - I wasn’t talking about any movies, sorry for the confusion. As far as I know, Io has never appeared in anything but the comics.

Io is Themyscira’s chief blacksmith in several Wonder Woman runs, and among my very favourite recurring characters over the years. 

I won’t go too much into spoilers, but she has a very intense loyalty and dedication thing going on and her belief in Diana seems endless (which of course makes it all the more painful when it’s tested), and I am predictable. Oh and this one time she stood up to Ares and took him on one on one in a doomed fight to protect this kid who was entrusted to her care, because she takes duty and honour and such very seriously.

She’s also in love with Diana. And though they have a number of Moments, after his departure from the title in 2006 writer Greg Rucka said in a post about some threads that were left hanging that “Io’s love for Diana would have remained largely unrequited, for a variety of reasons, most of which you know.”

Her major appearances (and, notably, her original appearance - with a design by Drew Johnson which you can check out here) were all in issues written by Greg Rucka, and you can find a reading list here. I was thrilled to see her pop up again in the recent run he did - and, over a decade later, be rather more open and straightforward about… stuff.

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