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Hi Cor! so now that the chapter's out, do you think Kaneki rejected Touka? imo now with the full picture, it seems he was more shocked by the realization that Touka loves him that he couldn't say anything else before Tsukiyama interrupted them.

No, I don’t think he rejected her advances but he didn’t exactly accept them either. Every single time he’s just been finding his feet, he’s been thrown into chaos again and again and again. There hasn’t really been a moment where he’s had the time or the emotional stability to let romantic fancies take over (Haise excluded from this of course). He’s definitely not in the right head space for romance. So even though he knows he cares for Touka a lot, I honestly don’t think he’s actually ever considered the possibility of a romance between them. This panel here is where I’m getting this from

“Touka-chan and… me…??”

He’s been taken completely by surprise- Touka really did a number on him! Kaneki being as obvlious as a brick, as per usual. And that’s why this panel later on speaks a thousand words

Touka says she was happy Haise looked at her the way Kaneki looked at Rize and I think this is the moment it really clicks for him what Touka has been saying. This is the moment he realises her feelings for him. 

So, no I don’t think he rejected her but we’ll never know what his answer would have been to Touka’s indirect confession thanks to Shuu :’D

For the beautiful sin queen ♥~(‘▽^人)

For the beautiful sin queen ♥~(‘▽^人)

I cannot even deal with this right now?!?!! Look at what the gorgeous cookie child @hachig4tsu drew!!! MEEEEEE?!?!! She drew meeeeee!!! It’s beautiful and I love it and thank you thank you thank you beautiful lady!!!! 😭❤️😭❤️😭❤️

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Small, but firm.

*sees folk are complaining about Rocknaldo again...*

I wonder if most people who claim to hate the episode are rather fixated on the opening two minutes and the ridiculous, out of the blue “THEY HATE MEN?!” joke, the actual conflict itself (which yes - does get rather spiteful but that’s kind of the point…), or just decided to not watch or bother paying attention to any of it. The important development is in the last two minutes, because there is an important difference in behaviours and attitudes. The “conflict” some claim is missing from the show is very much apparent, albeit not the Monster of the Week type, and this conflict is resolved in a very Steveny way indeed. By befriending all he sees! Bless his cotton socks.. uh… plastic sandals…

Anyways, the last scene goes like this:

Ronaldo: Hey, but, uh… Ronalphlets aside, can I ask you something?

Steven: Yeah?

Ronaldo: Why don’t you use your Gem name?

Steven: Oh. My Gem name is my mom’s name. Actually, the only time Gems really call me that is if they’re about to kidnap me or beat me up.

Ronaldo: That’s rough, buddy. You want me to put that in the Ronalphlet?

Steven: Eh… maybe not.

Ronaldo: Got it.

The first thing is that Steven seems comfortable talking about Gem stuff, very personal Gem stuff to do with his mom that he himself is only just figuring out. This is raw shit, stuff that he’s not really been willing to talk about much (besides with his dad and Connie), and he’s OK telling Ronaldo this, the guy he just had an incredibly trying time with. Steven may have been pushed to his limits on accepting crappy behaviour from others and finally acted on it (and rightly so!), but he hasn’t compromised his core beliefs and still has the capacity to forgive.The kid is a champ, and the audience shouldn’t forget that. Plus, this is him showing that he is coming to terms with and is able to talk about his own troubled feelings about being part Gem and being Rose Quartz’s son, without ending up angry, confused, or crying - the whole overriding theme of season four. It’s baby steps but Steven’s getting there.

Then there’s that Ronaldo asks permission to ask a personal question, one which is very much relevant to the problems he caused Steven, that he is a Gem, at least partially. The guy learned something, and not just the bags of Gem lore and the correction of his previous “theories” on “Rock People” (which by the way, he did entirely on his own with no help or direction from a Gem or someone with knowledge of Gems - unless Greg or Connie have been helping out off-screen, haha).  Asking someone permission to ask further questions shows regard for someone else - do you really think that this had occurred to Ronaldo before being Steven Truthed?! I don’t think so - he has a habit of butting into people’s lives for this sake of his own interests, and it’s not just limited to Steven and Gem stuff:

Look at all this oblivious behaviour! Marching right into other people’s business and doing things without considering other peoples’ feelings… so those last few lines show Ronaldo learning and adjusting to new ways of approaching things. And if I am honest, while all the fandom bickers over what constitutes plot and what doesn’t, here’s me wondering when this adorkable doofus is gonna show up again so we can see just how much of Steven’s message he’s taken on board. This is development, guys - just because it’s not of the type you’re looking for or happening to characters you prefer, doesn’t mean it’s not there in the show. And that this is development occurring to a human character is still very relevant to the show and one of season four’s general themes - this is what Rose Quartz herself was obsessed with!

“But you, you’re supposed to change. You’re never the same even moment to moment – you’re allowed and expected to invent who you are. What an incredible power – the ability to grow up.“

So please, enough with the OMG WORST EPISODE/CHARACTER EVER! shit. At least watch the episode again without all the exogenous crap like the schedule, leaks, and CN putting out badly thought-through promotion material. The stuff that makes you feel bad is there for a reason - it’s the conflict you’re looking for! And the development/plot comes from Steven helping people to improve themselves.