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“…and then a single tear rolls down her face”


Bay Leaf Wish Spell

this is a very simple spell that can aide you in a wish you have! i can testify this spell CAN work, not saying it will but in my experience it has worked.

what you need:
• dried bay leaf
• white candle
• marker
• fire-resistant dish

1. write your intention out on the bay leaf (ex. Love)

2. hold it between your palms, meditating on it putting all your wishful energy into it.

3. put it in the fire so it catches, then quickly drop it into the dish. (in my experience it only burns about a quarter, probably because i didn’t hold in in the fire for long enough, but if this does happen flick off the burn part and continue. you can grind it smaller with a mortar and pestle.)

4. once it is cool to touch, collect all the ashes and place them in a small sack or bottle and carry it around until you feel the spell has worked.

5. once your wish has happened, you can dispose of the ashes by burring them, letting them off in the wind, place in water, ect.

happy crafting my lovelies, and blessed be. ❤️



RaKen /’Rah ken’/  

noun: 1. The ship that literally sails itself 2. Known as, “Idiot/Dumb Brothers” according to their One Fine Day 3. Ravi thinks Ken is the cutest person ever, despite his age, willingly clings and touches Ken 4. Chooses each other for everything (i.e. to date, to take on an island, etc.) 5. Very close members

synonyms: KenVi

Kitchen Magick Tip

Enchanted Coffee Syrups!!

If you’re a fellow coffee addict like me, you should totally turn the syrups or other ingredients you put into your coffee into tools to start your mornings off on a delicious, magickal, positive note.
You could charge your coffee things with blessings and other goodness, such as prosperity, good vibes, balance, luck, charisma, etc.

You could charge:
The sugar
The flavoring syrups/vanilla extract (it’s yummy in coffee, I promise)
The creamer
The milk

It’ll really feel like you’re making a fancy potion like you’re in the witchy movies.. 🔮 ☕ 🌟

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