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A Hopeless Romantic

brunettenamjoon asked: “namjoon being a closet romantic, until the two of you start dating and then hes all holding doors and kissing your knuckles and being mushy or something please? literally anything with namjoon ;u; bless”

Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Fluff, romance 

I hope this is what you wanted!! Thank you for the request! Sorry it’s a bit short <3

–Admin Boo

You didn’t believe Taehyung when he told you that Namjoon was a hopeless romantic. Not when he made fun of romance dramas and made gagging noises at the kissing scenes. And especially not when he insisted that candle-lit dinners were a fire hazard, and fancy restaurants were a scam. He even said that Valentines day was just one more way for corporations to make money off the masses.

There was nothing he had ever done to make you think that there was a romantic bone in his body until your first date. The first time he held the door for you, you thought it was just a fluke. Namjoon was notorious for closing doors in peoples faces–not because he did this on purpose, he was just often distracted and didn’t pay attention–and Taehyung had gotten a split lip as proof of this at one point. 

So you put it down to Namjoon being more aware of his surroundings because he was nervous–which he definitely was, and as well-articulated as he normally was, he tripped over his words a few times. 

But as time whet on, the gestures became more frequent, and more elaborate.

“Namjoon?” You said, your fingers laced with his as you walked side-by-side in the dimly lit park. 

“Yes, my love?” He hummed, bringing your hand up to his mouth and kissing your knuckles lightly. The motion made your heart flutter, and you felt your cheeks begin to flush. You had been dating for nearly a year now, and still got butterflies when he did things like this. 

“I never thought I’d say this, but Taehyung was right.” 

“Impossible.” He chuckled, turning toward you and placing his free hand on your waist to pull you close. He let go of your hand so that his fingers could trace up your side, eventually brushing through your hair and tilting your head up towards him. 

“No, he was. Completely right. But don’t tell him I said it.” 

Namjoon smiled, leaning down and brushing your noses together. “What was he right about?” He asked, his lips barely brushing over you cheek as he spoke. 

“That you’re a hopeless romantic.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He replied, giving you a shrug before taking both of your hands in his. 

“Sure. Why don’t you admit it?” You teased, and Namjoon grinned. 

“There’s nothing to admit. Now I have a question for you. Why are you so perfect?” 

You couldn’t help but laugh. “You’re changing the subject. It’s because you want to keep the whole bad-boy image, isn’t it?” 

“I have a feeling you’re going to start psycho-analyzing me in a minute.” He said, pulling you along as he walked backwards. 

“Admit that you love 27 Dresses and I’ll drop it.” You said, a mischievous glint in your eyes.

“Never.” Namjoon suddenly stopped, pulling you forward abruptly so that you bumped into him. “But I will admit that I love you.” 

He leaned down once again, finding your lips with his own. You realized that you might never actually get Namjoon to accept what a romantic person he was, but that was fine with you. You wouldn’t change him for the world.

A/N Sorry it’s a bit short, but I’m feeling stressed and wanted to write something fluffy and short! Also I didn’t really proof-read this much, I’ll check it again when I have time <3

lilysflowershop  asked:

Hello dear! So wonderful to see a new Naruto blog and a good one too! :) I have an Akatsuki blog myself ❤ So I was curious, would you mind doing headcanons for Hidan, Kisame, Itachi and Konan coming home after a long mission to hear their s/o in the shower, singing? And they're actually quite good! :) Also, after that initial reaction to their s/o singing, do you think they'd join them in the shower~?

Oh my gosh, you’re really sweet! Thank you so much for your kind words, I hope you like these headcanons <3 (sorry that this ended up being kinda long, oops XD)


Originally posted by psychajin

  • After a long mission, all Hidan wants to do is relax, decompress, etc. Killing people and dealing with Kakazu can be and is very exhausting. He will most of the time want to relax with his s/o, but there are some days he wants to be alone. When he wants to hang with his s/o he’ll either do two things: take a nice hot bath/shower or nap. 
  • So he’ll report to Pein with a half-assed summary about what happened (because he just wants to see his s/o) and then he’ll be gone. 
  • Upon seeing that his s/o isn’t in their shared room, he’s disappointed. But he knows they’ll be back and he’s too tired to do anything, so he’s just going to throw his scythe haphazardly across the room and flop onto the bed. 
  • It’s at this point he actually pays attention to his surroundings and hear’s the water running, so he figures that his s/o is showering. Which is great, he’ll just go join them in the shower. 
  • But as soon as he gets close to the door, he hears his s/o’s amazing singing voice and he just stops. He takes in what he’s hearing, and the thin line that was on his mouth turns into a smirk. He’s proud that his s/o has such an amazing gift. 
  • Now, Hidan is a man with little to no boundaries. Once your his s/o your personal space is pretty much gone. So after hearing his s/o sing for a bit he’s going to barge into the bathroom and be like, “Holy shit babe! I didn’t know you could sing so fucking good!”
  • This scares the bejesus out of his s/o and they almost fall over in the shower - earning a laugh from Hidan. His s/o’s face does go red, not from him barging in (let’s be honest, they’ve probably seen each other naked over a hundred times now) but from him complimenting them and hearing them sing. 
  • He would join them in the shower, but that’s going to be for relaxation and/or sexual purposes. 
    • Hidan CANNOT sing, nope, no sir. So he would never sing along, he may shake his head or tap along to the beat, but that’s it.
  • After the incident Hidan would go around the Akatsuki base, bragging about how good of a singer his s/o is. He would even have the balls to go up to Konan and say, “they’re a better singer than you.” This would lead to mini concerts at the base and what not. But Hidan’s favorite thing is when he and his s/o are tangled together in bed and they just hum a song for him to fall asleep to. 

Kisame Hoshigaki:

Originally posted by oneloverastaman

  • I imagine him as the type of person to come home from a long mission a little riled up. He’s still coming down from his adrenaline rush from all the fighting he did. He’s also a little antsy because he wants to spend time with his s/o, so towards the end of the mission he may come off a little curt to others.
  • He comes back, gives a summary to Pein (a better summary than what Hidan gave) and he goes to see his s/o ASAP. He’ll calm down when he sees them.
  • And like Hidan, he’s really disappointed that his s/o isn’t in the room. But he’s quicker to realize that they’re in the shower. 
  • Unlike Hidan, he’s not going to go in mid-shower and join his s/o. He would rather they both start in the shower together versus him jumping in half-way. But he likes showering with his s/o, or doing any sort of water activity whether it be showering, swimming, etc. 
  • He would be about to knock on the bathroom door to alert his s/o that he was back when he heard them singing. He’s very surprised, he’s thinking, ‘How could I not know that s/o could sing this well? How is this the first time I’m hearing them sing?’
  • He makes the snap decision and decides not to knock on the door. He realizes that if he knocks on the door then the singing will stop, and he doesn’t want that. So instead he quietly makes his way back to the bed, sits there and listens.
  • When his s/o is done and they finally come out of the shower and they see him sitting there, their face also turns red…Kisame wasn’t supposed to hear any of that. As soon as Kisame sees them, with their red face, he’d smirk and say, “Nice voice, you should sing more often.”
  • He would not go around base bragging, the selfish bastard would keep your voice to himself. 
  • He too cannot sing, so he’ll bop along to the beat. He likes it when his s/o sings rock (I def see him as a rock guy) and his s/o will basically become his jukebox and he’ll make song requests when they’re alone. 
  • And like Hidan, he likes it when his s/o sings him to sleep. 

Itachi Uchiha:

Originally posted by shisuithegreekgod

  • Somebody get this man a drink. He’s the one who needs to relax the most when he gets back from a long mission. From dealing with the enemies, quarreling with Kisame, and the massive eye strain, he needs to decompress the most when he gets back. 
  • And he LOVES decompressing with his s/o. Napping, bathing, reading, cooking, literally anything. He finds so much joy in their company, so it’s only natural that when he gets home from a long mission that he wants to spend time with them. 
  • When he gets back to their room he notices that they’re in the shower and he decides to join them. He likes it when his partner washes his back and hair. That really relaxes him the most tbh.
  • He opens the door to the bathroom, super quietly because he’s just that kind of guy, and once he’s in and the door is closed he finally hears the lovely voice that belongs to his s/o. 
  • He’s not as surprised as the others, he’s actually very excited. This is because I thoroughly believe that Itachi can sing, he just has one of those smooth voices, you feel?
  • What happens next is similar to the shower scene in the movie “Elf.” His s/o would sing one part and the suddenly he’s singing the other part. This startles his s/o but once they realize it’s just Itachi, they calm down. His s/o giggles as Itachi harmonizes with them, but continues the song nonetheless. The two would continue to go back and forth, as well as wash each other. It would be heaven to Itachi. 
  • Now, Kisame is the only other person in the Akatsuki who knows Itachi can sing (that was one hell of a mission), so Itachi’s s/o was sworn to secrecy because he would die of embarrassment if anyone else ever found out.
  • Itachi doesn’t boast about his s/o’s voice either, he likes keeping it to himself. He enjoys singing duets with his partner and would rather keep that on the down-low. 
  • Itachi’s favorite song to sing with his s/o is “Baby It’s Cold Outside”, and that is another reason he loves Christmas. He loves slow dancing by the fire place and singing in their ear - he is very sweet and a low key sap. His s/o is blessed. 


Originally posted by unfamiliarworld

  • Konan is a sweetheart and needs to be protected all the time
  • When coming home from a mission Konan wants to spend time alone. She just needs a break from people and wants to recompose herself before interacting with her s/o. 
  • So when Konan comes back to their room and hears her s/o singing in the shower she’s caught off guard. Her face turns a light pink and she’s at a loss because her s/o just became 10x more adorable than they were before. 
  • She doesn’t join them in the shower, she’s not the type. So instead she just sits on the bed, humming along to whatever song her s/o is singing at that time. 
  • When her s/o comes out of the bathroom Konan rushes up to them, pecks them on the cheek, and mumbles a “cutie” to them. She’s super sweet to her s/o, you will literally not see this treatment with anyone else in the Akatsuki. 
  • She would then have a long talk with her s/o about what they’re favorite type of music is, when did they start singing, etc.
  • Konan, like Itachi, would definitely duet with her s/o. They would sing together while cleaning or cooking or when they’re goofing around. The other Akatsuki members find it very relaxing to hear the two sing, but no one would dare bring it up to Konan, she’ll get embarrassed and then beat someone. 
  • Tbh I can definitely see Konan and her s/o getting into competitions. Who can sing the loudest, who can sing the highest, who can sing the lowest, and who can sing the worst. Usually the one who pisses the other Akatsuki members off the most wins the ‘who can sing the worst’ competition.
  • Konan ADORE’S her s/o’s singing voice, more than her own voice, and will always ask her s/o to sing her to sleep. This is one of the most relaxing things to Konan. 

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hey bro i'm up for some angst so would it be okay if i requested egobang where danny is all depressed and tries to isolate himself and arin kinda gets all worried about him? i know it's kinda specific but i would greatly appreciate it!

this didn’t exactly turn out the way you asked, but it’s pretty close. i apologize. i wanted to reflect what it feels like to be depressed and anxious, at least in my personal experience, especially when it’s extremely difficult to talk about.

since it’s mental health awareness week, i thought some soft egobang with talking about feelings and taking care of yourself mentally would help someone. i hope everyone enjoys this. x

No matter what Danny did, it never felt like it was enough.

Sometimes he’d wake up from nightmares, clutching his sheets, staring up at the ceiling and asking himself what the fuck he was doing with his life.

Other times, he’d be sitting with all of his friends and just go quiet as he’d look around and realize how talented all these people were, and how much he’d depended on them for a long time.

Then he’d speak with his parents on the phone and they’d casually mention something from awhile back, and he’d zone out as he recalled that period of his life and wonder why anyone put up with him.

Occasionally, he’d catch a whiff of the smell of weed and his muscles would clench as he remembered a somewhat vulnerable time in his life–a time when he’d do nothing but smoke weed and pretend like he was okay.

He’d been going through a particularly shitty time when he’d met Arin.

He felt like he’d never be able to properly express how much Arin had done for him. Danny was perfectly aware that Arin himself had gone through some shitty times of his own, but Arin was always smiling and cheerful, spreading positive energy wherever he went.

Getting to know Arin made him regain a sense of purpose that had been dwindling lately. He stepped up, working on the music he loved so much because a funny man with a contagious smile had told him how much he liked his work.

Things had continued to change, as Arin had invited him to join Gru//mps. Danny had left a job he wasn’t really passionate about into a world where he could make music and spend his time working on things that he loved to do.

Arin would never tell that Danny had cried his first day on Gru//mps.

As time went on, he’d felt confident, he really had. But then he’d be at a writing session with Brian, and Brian would make a joke about N//SP’s particular brand of music, and Danny would be hit with the realization that maybe all of this was temporary.

Then he’d be sitting with Arin, rambling about nothing, and Arin would mention plans for the future and Danny would seize up. He forgot how young Arin was sometimes. And yet, he’d accomplished so much. He’d built up a business. He’d given so many people jobs. He’d made so many people happy and successful. 

Danny had been one of those people.

He’d go home and cry later, in private, where no one could see his doubts and fears. 

Danny would’ve liked to say he got better as he grew more successful, but it was really the opposite. Every day he was reminded of how much pressure there was to appeal to his audience and be a great addition to Gru//mps and everything seemed so overwhelming.

Then there were the days he felt he didn’t deserve all the blessings he’d been given.

Why had Arin chosen him? Why did people seem to like his music? Why was his family so accepting of the career he’d chosen for himself? Why were his fans so nice and complimentary?

He didn’t deserve it.

One night was particularly terrible, and he just wanted to feel like he had when he smoked. He wanted to forget all the pressures and the way he felt guilty for being stressed because he had no right to be so stressed.

Danny jumped in his car. It was around two in the morning but his body seemed to be out of his control. He drove and drove, eventually finding himself–where else?–at the Gru//mp Space.

He unlocked the door numbly, padding inside. It was dark and empty. Everyone was at home, asleep.

Danny sat on the Gru//mp couch, staring at the soft material. He ran his fingers over the fabric, imagining all the memories he’d made on this couch. All the hours spent laughing and talking with one of the best people he’d ever met.

He registered the tears dripping off his cheeks, not bothering to try and wipe them away. I don’t deserve to cry, he thought bitterly, but he couldn’t bring himself to stop.

Danny curled up on the couch, letting himself feel truly miserable and feeling all the emotions he’d suppressed for so long come crashing down around him. 

Why here? Why, in his most vulnerable moments, did he find himself drawn back to this room?

But something was missing. Or, rather, someone was missing.

Danny laid there, feeling his fuzzy head slowly lose consciousness.


When he woke up, he felt momentary confusion as he registered that he was in the Gru//mp room.

Then his memory caught up, and he felt his face’s skin cracking from his dried tears. He groaned, feeling a headache building.

“Oh, you’re awake.”

For some reason, Danny didn’t jump at the sound of Arin’s voice. It just made sense that Arin was there with him. To be perfectly honest, his head was still muddled and he wasn’t sure if it was really Arin or a hallucination from his battered brain.

Danny turned, seeing Arin sitting on the other end of the couch, his eyes tired but his smile warm. “Good morning, sleepyhead. Any particular reason you were sleeping here last night?”

He licked his cracked lips. “W…what’re you doin’ here, Ar?”

Arin’s smile faded, and his eyes dropped. His hand reached out to lightly rest on Danny’s knee, and he stared at the contact.

“I came in early this morning, and I found you in here, asleep, and…you looked like you’d been crying.”

There was an unspoken question in Arin’s eyes.

Danny swallowed, trying to rack through his troubled heart and cluttered mind to find a response. But no matter how much he tried, he just couldn’t think of anything to say.

So instead, he reached out his arms in a silent request, and Arin understood. He reached forward to pull Danny to him, wrapping his trembling form in his caring arms. He let Danny rest against his chest, closing his eyes and feeling the warmth of Arin’s embrace.

Arin held him tight, lightly stroking his arm. “D’you wanna talk, or is this enough?”

Danny opened his eyes, looking up. “This…this is all I really need.”

Arin smiled. “Good. Don’t talk then, okay? I’ll wait here with you. I’ll wait until you want to talk. And if you don’t, that’s fine, too. I’ll still be here. So don’t worry, Danny.”

His grip on Arin’s shirt tightened. He didn’t feel like crying anymore. He just felt safe. He felt safe here, and that’s all he wanted right now.

Maybe he couldn’t talk about it just yet. Maybe he’d never be able to tell Arin how much he’d done for him. Maybe Arin would never know how much Danny loved him.

But Arin had promised to stay. No matter what.

That, more than anything, started healing the worries in his heart.

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16 & sanvers!

absolutely! from this post (x)

Alex Danvers liked living on the sixth floor because it meant she rarely had a permanent neighbor. The apartment complex she lived in wasn’t the nicest by any means, and the elevator was constantly out of service, which was why most people rented out on floors one through three. Apparently, stairs were a taboo, and the average person could only take a few weeks of hiking up and down them before they called it quits. 

The longest anyone had lasted was sixth months. 

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So…we need to talk…

I don’t really know how to start this because it’s been awhile for me, but please bear with me.

I guess I should start by saying, I’m back.

For those of you that didn’t know, I took a very long break due to personal reasons (I’ll explain further down if anyone is interested) and haven’t actually been on Tumblr for the past few weeks.

Everything that was being posted from my account was part of my queue.

I’m sorry to anyone who messaged me or reached out to me in my time of absence (I’ve been gone almost 3 weeks I think) but, rest assured, I’m back now and will be replying to every single message I received while I was gone.

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Another Storm over the Orange Ocean

So… This is not the first time Shinhwa Changjo (Shinchang) is having a fight with Shinhwa. I wrote a post regarding Dongwan’s drunken rant not long ago, but the way I see it now, some of the fights are not Shinchang vs Shinhwa; it’s actually Shinchang vs Shinhwa Company (Shincom). Yes, the way I see it, it is actually fans vs agency, like it usually is in the Kpop industry. It’s rarely fans vs artists. It’s just that in this case, the artists happen to be in the management of the agency. Hence, the complication.

And to avoid further complications, I’d just like to first clarify [read: disclaim] that I honestly don’t know first hand about what’s really been happening in the orange fandom, let alone in Shincom. Being a far away, foreign fan who barely knows any Korean has often left me in the dark and made me feel insignificant and left out; but that actually comes with the advantage of being able to retain 2 positions: as a Shinhwa Changjo and as an outside observer (plus, ignorance is bliss, and what you don’t know won’t hurt you. ^_^). So this entire thing you’re reading is basically my personal reflection both as a Shinhwa Changjo and as a general observer, so you might find the point of views to be both biased and objective. What I write in here is purely my own opinion and not representing anyone else’s, especially Shinhwa Changjo in general, as I can see that there are disagreements among us, which I think is something normal, natural, and healthy. Having said that, I would still be using ‘Shinhwa Changjo/Shinchang/orange fandom/us/we/our’ for the purpose of smoothing the flow of my writing and without the intention to make any generalization.

So my take upon the situation is that Shinchangs in general are basically happy that Eric, as a Shinhwa member, even as the leader of the group, is getting married. Based on my limited observation so far, many, if not most or all, non-Korean Shinchangs are totally in support of the marriage. Meanwhile, I heard (that’s right, I’ve never actually seen any authentic statement by any Korean Shinchangs) some K-Shinchangs are against it. On the other hand, it seems that the majority of K-Shinchangs are supportive of the marriage, yet anxious and worried about the future of Shinhwa after the members are married. Some seem to be frustrated with how Shincom is managing, handling, and communicating things; and 'things’ here means everything Shinhwa-related, not just regarding Eric’s nuptial news. Thus, I believe that the general sentiment for Eric’s personal life advancements and pursuit of happiness in the form of marriage is still quite positive.

However, I personally think that the timing for both the marriage and the negative feedback could have been better. And by this, I mean 2 things:

1. I personally do prefer him to get married after the 20th anniversary, and August 1st 2018 would also make a pretty date; but that’s just my own emotion-based personal preference, and even as a fan, I have no right to say anything regarding my idol’s private life. I heard Eric has personally explained his reasons directly to Shinchangs through his official post in the fandom’s fan cafe, but I really think that was unnecessary. He doesn’t have to explain himself. He doesn’t owe it to anyone to explain his personal decisions regarding his personal life; not even to Shinchang. Even his parents are giving their blessings, who are we to object to it?!?

2. The seemingly negative feedback on Eric’s wedding announcement is just the tip of the iceberg. The orange fandom seems to have been frustrated and anxious with Shincom’s management style for quite sometime, and that nuptial announcement was just the trigger that set off the anxiety time-bomb. I just wish that the negative feedback could have been held back until after the wedding; but then again, the more invested your feelings are, the stronger your reaction would be; and it is perfectly human to be heartbroken and upset. That being said, acceptance and denial are what differentiate us from being reasonable or delusional fans; and in any case, mean words are simply unnecessary and unacceptable.

Unfortunately, like I’ve mentioned above, the fact that Eric is the CEO of Shincom makes things complicated. Both Eric and Shinchangs ought to know that they love each other. I have written about how Shinhwa-Shinchang relationship is just like a family. The check and balance really work in this relationship as Shinchangs, Shincom, and Shinhwa members (especially Dongwan) often remind and reprimand each other whenever something is not right. (Hmmm… Come to think of it, I’ve just realized that my ultimate OTP is actually Shinhwa-Shinchang! LOL!)

I do love both Shinhwa and Shinchang very much. Whenever there’s a storm over the orange ocean, it always makes me upset, yet warm inside. The only thing that often makes me uncomfortable is how 'outsiders’ would generalize and perceive the orange fandom as being old but immature and rude. Well, we do have to admit that there are some of us who are immature and disrespectful, like the ones who had enabled the sharing of Eric’s message in an online article when he had specifically requested that the message not be shared outside of the fan cafe (although I am grateful to see positive and supportive comments for Eric from the readers of the article).

As old as the orange fandom is, this is our first time experiencing a Shinhwa member’s marriage. Eric, who apparently knows his fans (and the general Kpop industry) very well, seems to have realized this. Being the leader and protector of Shinhwa, he has expected and been ready to take the strongest, hardest, most painful 1st blow. I, and perhaps Eric too, expect that the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th blow that would come along with the other 5 members’ marriages would not be as strong if not completely diminish. (And I sure hope that all 6 of them would eventually be married *glances at Dongwan… Hyesung too* LOL!)

Writing this reflection has brought me to a new, rather unsettling realization. I have just now fully realized how much power fans have and how much Shinhwa and Shincom depend on Shinchang, especially K-Shinchang. Indeed, one of the keys to Shinhwa’s longevity is the undying support from Shinchang. A fandom consists of both the idols and the fans, and without one or the other, the fandom would cease to exist. Shinhwa members have already dedicated 20 years of their lives and have made a promise to themselves, to each other and to Shinchang to continue walking along the same road for as long as time allows them to; but they can only do so when Shinchang are walking with them, by their side until the end. This ship can only sail when the take and give from both sides are keeping it balanced. Sadly, the idols often have fewer choices in making personal sacrifices compared to the fans. As individuals, fans can, and often, leave the fandom anytime they feel like it. They can get married anytime they want to, and without having to inform their idols (d'uh! LOL!). Unfortunately for the idols, they would never have such choices without the risk of sinking the ship.

I guess all I’m wishing for is that Shinchangs, especially K-Shinchangs, would stay with Shinhwa and keep walking with them till the end, because an insignificant non-Korean fan like me definitely cannot balance the ship all on my own. T____T I once tweeted that I joined the orange fandom because of Shinhwa and stay in the orange fandom because of Shinchang. Now I’ve come to realize that Shinhwa members, especially Eric, may feel the same, and probably even stronger than I do. What if the only thing that keeps them going is us, their fans, their precious orange princesses/frying pans/bears? And no, I’m not talking about the money we spend on them, as if Oppas don’t have or can’t have other sources or means of income; I’m talking about appreciation, love, gratitude, and loyalty. Seriously, do we really have the heart to take that away from them? From Eric? They could have easily let themselves slowly drifted apart to disbandment during the 4-year hiatus, but they didn’t. They came back for us. And I wouldn’t even have been born as a Shinchang if they didn’t return; but they did, and here I am.

Anyway, as after every storm, all of us can learn something. No matter how old a fandom is, there’s always something new to learn and some room to grow. After this, the Shinchangs who stay are the ones who are already mature or would definitely grow to be more mature. So I still have an unwavering faith in Shinhwa, and one can not do so without having the same unwavering faith in Shinchang. For 19 years, Shinhwa and Shinchang have been growing, learning, and weathering many a storm together, and this is just one of the many more (at least 5 more) to come. Shinhwa and Shinchang are family. We fight all the time, which gets us talking, and eventually be honest with each other and ourselves, as well as see and acknowledge the truth, no matter how ugly and painful it is. But in the end, we always resolve our differences, as we could see each other’s points. So after all the drama, we’d be able to move on again as one, for Shinchang exists only because of Shinhwa, and Shinhwa won’t last without Shinchang.

Having said that, I really think that we sometimes take fangirling (and fanboying) too seriously, which Dongwan had apparently observed and keeps reminding us about it. No matter how much we love our idols, we should never invest too much feelings, time, energy, and money in them (although the last bit is very difficult with Shinhwa, as we know that they need the money and their products are always so expensive yet very tempting! =_=’).

Well, speaking of “Shinhwa is not responsible for your life”, I really need to stop writing and get back to dealing with my own shits. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you didn’t, thanks for your time anyway. ^_^


He’s wearing your favourite scarf today you notice, wrapped around his neck the warm fabric brushes against his flushed cheeks as he enters the shop. The weather had become considerably dull over the past few days, winter settling over the city in form of strong winds and icy roads.

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Surge - cc ficlet

Title: Surge
Pairing: Chris/Darren
Length/Rating: ~1,350 / G
Summary: Quite simply: a meet-cute in an UberPool (original self-prompt)


Darren just wants to go home. Rehearsals for the reading the next week had been a bitch that day; some of the songs weren’t coming together and too many of the actors had early outs that were fucking with the schedule. There’s not much Darren can do about it though – he shows up at his call time, knows his parts, and just hopes that this reading might be the one to lead to something more.

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Who’s the one that proposed: Steve. It’s Steve because Tony, bless his poor, dysfunctional heart, is never going to ask a question he thinks he already knows the answer to.

Who kissed who: This one is actually Tony. He thought he knew the answer, but he went for it anyway, because he thought the rejection was worth the far-too-brief reward. He knew Steve would let him down easy, so he was halfway out of the room when Steve grabbed his hand and pulled him back for another.

Their outfits: Jan personally designed every scrap of their wedding tuxes. Tony wore black and silver. Steve wore charcoal and blue. Tony tried to wear Captain America boxers under his tux as a joke and Jan almost ripped them off him herself. (Cap stepped in at this point, and then no one could find either of them for almost an hour. Jan declared them both to be an utter disgrace)

Who shoves cake in the others face: Steve. Totally Steve. Everyone’s taking bets that Tony will be the one to do it, but Tony knows the value of a photo op, and Tony would never, ever do anything to make Cap look bad in public. What most people still don’t realize is that Steve is absolutely an asshole and he has that cake smeared all over Tony’s face before anyone knows what’s happening. At that point, of course, all bets are off.

No one finds them for another hour, and when they turn up again they are suspiciously icing-free.

Best man: Tony asks Rhodey, of course. Cap asks Bucky, whenever Bucky is alive and around, otherwise it would be Sam, no question about it.

Maid of Honor: There weren’t supposed to be any maids of honor since they each had a best man, but Jan, Tigra, Pepper, Carol and for some reason Jubilee all showed up in matching gowns with bouquets. Tony might have said something, but he’s known Jan long enough no to get in her way during a formal event.

What their rings look like: Matching bands, maybe platinum or gold - possibly vibranium if Steve didn’t stop Tony from going overboard. Tony would totally  have bought Steve something worth a million bucks, but it’s really important to Steve that the bands be something they can both wear every day for the rest of their lives, and that the bands match. They each came up with an inscription that’s engraved on the inside of their husband’s ring.

Where they Honey Moon: Steve’s only request was that it be somewhere with no bad memories for either of them, which rules out most of Europe and large chunks of the East Coast. They end up in the tropics, on a little private island that Tony may or may not have acquired just for this purpose. There’s a lovely house and a fully stocked kitchen and everything they could possibly want for the length of their stay. Except a phone. They have nothing to do for the duration beside lounge on the beach, swim, hike and see how many times in one day they can make love.

About two weeks in Tony gets up in the middle of the night and builds a jet-ski out of kitchen appliances. Steve is mostly surprised it took him that long.

Fic: Betrothed (1/?) | (EruRen) dedicated to rovescio

Title: Betrothed

Dedicated to: rovescio (i.e. the baller in charge of Eruren)

Rating: 13+ (for now, will be Explicit soon enough)

Warnings: Arranged Marriage | Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics | Canon divergence | (eventual) underage smut

Summary: Erwin Smith, the 13th Commander of the Survey Corps and textbook definition of Alpha, has come to make good on an arranged marriage contract with one Eren Jaeger, the most anti-Omega that ever did walk the earth.

Author Notes: So, I was that obnoxious Anon asking you all of those questions about Eruren kinks. You made me ship these two SO HARD and I wanted to return the favor. I’m sorry it’s a work in progress and that I made a half-assed attempt at plot, but eh that’s just how my brain works sometimes. I promise smut is on the way. Sorry if it’s terrible. ^^

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A Cute Little Pony

one shot

word count 2,647

Blake returns from the encounter with Torchwick to find something left on her bed. Post “Black and White”. One shot. Relationship can be interpreted to your liking.                                                                                                                                                                                     _____

She was tired.

The kind of tired one felt after a long and emotional day. Of course staying out all night and battling one Roman Torchwick definitely didn’t do much to ease the exhaustion, however Blake was more than accustomed to such physical ailments. It was the strain on her mind and soul that was weighing down on the faunus, and there was nothing she wanted more than to let sleep overtake her.

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