bless the newest chapter

We are a truly blessed fandom...

Yesterday, @emungere posted the first chapter of their newest fic, “Two Solitudes” and it sucked me in like a black hole (as is the case with everything they’ve ever written). And I’m firmly installed on the edge of my seat waiting for more like Winston waits for Will to come home.

And then today’s chapter of of “Overcoming” by @jadegreenworks positively blew my socks off, to the point that I’m not entirely sure I didn’t experience heart palpitations. Seriously… I’ve never seen tension writing this good. Like ever.

It is truly a glorious time to be a fanfic reader in the Hannibal fandom. Blessings, love, and bravissimo to both of you.

creatoraa  asked:

Hey, I just wanted to say I really love the newest chapter of Cursed Blessing! I was also wondering when the reader eventually dies isn't their a possibility for them to come back? Like as a dark/light version of the reader? This thought has been popping around in my mind for awhile and I was wondering if you have any thoughts about it

That wasn’t at all where I was going with that series (Cursed Blessing and Blessed Curse), but if you want to write it then go ahead.

Personally I feel like bringing the reader back from death removes the impact and the significance of the whole thing. Plus a dark/light version of the reader is no longer mortal, and Dark is not obliged to love that. 

I do have an epilogue planned for it, but I’m trying to finish off My Mistake first. 

Blessings by Sunset

Found at the door steps of the newlyweds humble home was a package wrapped delicately in fine paper. Inside contained samples of silk to the touch with a slight shimmer in the right natural lighting, scrolls that contained ancient patterns of fashion that could have only been worn by the Highbornes of the past, a lantern that was a replica that would be found on a ship, only made out of enchanted gold with a single gem magically keeping it lit, and a fine blanket that mimicked the colors of the sea, with a broader of small embroidered seashells of different kinds. Besides all the carefully thought out treasures, was a brief letter written with a skilled hand and with delicate calligraphy that said the following: 

To Newlyweds Eseme and Faervell, 

Although we do not know each other, I cannot miss the opportunity to leave you both a present, as my way of saying congratulations to the blessed union of you both. May you two have many years with one another, and that the newest chapter of your lives are filled with blessings and adventures. I look forward to participating in your wedding reception the following evening. 

Sincerely yours, 

Reynllin Sunsworn, ArchMage of the Rising Sun. 

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