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Princess of Themyscira: Part 3

AN: I re-wrote this twice. I love how it turned out though.

Words: 1564

Part One, Part Two

    Your entire body aches, but you can’t find any anger for the feeling. It’s a good sort of pain, the kind that says your body has been worked and your muscles have been stretched. You might even go as far as to say it’s a good feeling.

    There’s just one little problem, there’s a mound of bodies lying on top of you, and sand sticking to your skin. An early morning training session had very quickly turned into an all day hunting game with you as the prey. The sheer fact that you had managed to evade this particular group of Amazons for hours on end was impressive and you knew it.

    Artemis, Io, Calyce, Hellene, and Euboea knew you better than almost anyone you’d ever met. The only exception would have had to have been your parents, and perhaps Alfred. This group of women had become your closest friends, they were your sisters; and the fact that they had done their very best to keep you distracted today meant the world to you.

    Eventually, the hurt turned to actual pain and you were forced to crawl out of the dog pile. Once you were free, you stood and turned to face your friends. They were just as dirty and sweaty as you were, and you were all covered in sand.

    But your heart is light and free, and that’s something to be said, especially on today of all days. “Well that was fun.”

    Artemis grins at you, “This is just the start, little sister! We still have the entire night!” You glance back at the others, at Io, Calyce, Hellene, and Euboea. They’re all smiling, but you can see the sadness there, hidden under their smiles.

    You take a deep breath and glance up at the sky, at the sunset, “Hard to believe it’s already been three years.”

    Euboea crawls over to you and places a hand on your shoulder, “Once enough time passes you’ll begin to lose the years, Little One. Time will pass seamlessly.”

    You smile at your mother’s old friend, and your new one. All of the women surrounding you had been friends with your mother. Had cared for her. Io had even loved her. You sometimes wondered if their devotion to you, their sisterhood, came out of obligation to your mother or out of caring for you.

    In the past three years, you had truly become one of the Amazons. They had accepted you, cared for you, and trained you. You were rarely alone, and no matter where their dedication came from, you loved your sisters.

You decide to change the subject, “I’m officially sick of the beach.”

Artemis smirks, “You love the beach,

you just hate the sand.”

“Fair enough.” Without another word,

you run straight for the water. The water is clear and cool, and the moment you’re underneath, the rest of the world vanishes. You have several seconds of perfect silence before there are five splashes, and you’re brought back.

You push above the water and take

a deep gulp of air, before slicking your hair back from your face. You stare at your laughing sisters before diving back under and rinsing the rest of the sand away.

You listen to them talk back and forth to each other for a while, before swimming back to shore. The long walk home is filled with talk about the previous day’s spars, and the feast being prepared for dinner. You listened a bit absentmindedly, adding input where you could, and doing your best to not show just how deep your thoughts were going.

    The six of you split up once you reach the city, so that you can bathe and change in time for the banquet that night. You make your way down the streets silently. You greet your fellow sisters, and watch as they interact. They laugh and talk, and seem so carefree that you can’t help but smile.

    Your home sits in the middle of the city, guarded by your mother’s royal guard. You’re given smiles at your return, and more than one chuckles at your appearance. Your grandmother is waiting for you, the amusement clear on her face. “Welcome home, my little moon and stars, I see you had an adventurous day.”  

    You smile, “To say the least. I am in dire need of a bath.”

    “One has been prepared for you, we will dine once you are finished.”

    Without another word, you make your way to the bathing area. There are a few other women there, guards and the sort. Any initial embarrassment you had felt at the beginning of your stay had disappeared in the first month. After three years, it is simply the norm now. You listen to the chatter, while enjoying the warmth of the water.

    It eases the aches and pains from the day, and you relish the sensation of the last of the sand being washed away. You’re the last one to leave, and on your way out, you catch of glimpse of yourself in the mirror.

You stare for a minute. Your body has become toned in the three years since you’d come to your new home. Muscle lines your arms and thighs, and your skin is littered with little scars from training mishaps, and such.

You realize that you look more like your mother now than you ever have before. You still favor your grandmothers in the looks department, but in your body shape and the way you carry yourself is all your mother. Then you narrow in on your eyes, and you smile, because you have your father’s eyes.

Turning away, you quickly dry yourself and dress in fresh clothes. The dress is light in the summer air, and smooth against your skin. Your grandmother and sisters are waiting for you in the dining hall. Most of Themyscira has turned out for the banquet. Your friends sit halfway down the table dressed in their best clothes. You take the seat to your grandmother’s right, and you wait.

Your grandmother stands, and the entire hall quiets. She gives you a small smile before she begins, “It has been three years since my daughter, our Diana left us for the last time. She left us in order to save Man’s World, a world she came to love. A world where she built a second home, and where she gave us my grand-daughter, your sister Y/N.”

There’s a pause as all eyes turn to you. You bow your head in acknowledgement, and she continues, “Though we have lost Diana, her spirit lives on in each of us, and she has left us with the wonderful blessing that is her daughter. In these three years, my grand-daughter has lived with us, trained with us, and become one of us. She is an Amazon, and Diana’s legacy. Tonight we eat and drink in the memory of our sister, my daughter, Diana, Princess of Themyscira.”

You raise your goblet in a toast before you take a sip. You listen to stories of your mother for the next several hours. You wait until the wine is gone and your sisters are lost in their memories before you slip away.

You slip into your room, and make your way to the locked trunk on the other side. You remove the key from around your neck and unlock it. Inside remains what few things you have of your past. Pictures, clothes, stuffed animals, home videos, the works. You slip out of the dress and put on your old workout clothes. You close and lock the trunk, before grabbing the bow and arrow in the corner of the room.

You slip out of the palace and through the deserted streets to the practice grounds. Finally alone, you allow yourself to remember. You remember your mother, your brothers, Alfred, your friends, and of course, your father. You can almost hear his voice as you move into your stance and shoot the first arrow.

You remember the family cookouts, playing at the station, cooking with Alfred, reading with your father, playing with your brothers, gardening with your mother. You remember Christmases and birthdays. You go through every memory you have, trying to remember every little detail.

Through the memories and the tears, you continue to shoot. Arrow after arrow, and they all hit dead center. When you’re out of arrows, and your breathing is staggered, you allow yourself to collapse. You sink to your knees, and you allow yourself to cry.

And when the tears disappear, you lie down on the ground and turn to the sky. You stare at the stars, and picture your parents looking down on you.

Your grandmother watches you from a distance. Her heart aches for you and the mother you’ve lost. It aches for the daughter she’s lost. Your friends come up behind her, but they don’t say anything.

“We’ve spent so many years reminiscing the Diana we knew that we have never given her the chance to tell us about the Diana she knew.”

Io’s voice is soft, “Would they really be so different, my Queen?”

“For Diana to leave us and fall in love with a man, I imagine they are two very different people. I, for one, am curious as to who she was when she was away from us. I think it is time we found out.” 

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ok, graves escapes after grindelwald is captured because the wards on his prison fall or something. and he is the one who finds credence after he got blown to pieces by macusa, naked and trembling in an alley. credence still thinks he’s grindelwald

inspired by this art

@questionartbox in case you’re interested :D

rated hard T i guess?

its gradence…so ya.


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In celebration of the 12 Days of Spones!

Day 1: Traditions

Winter on Vulcan was a somber affair. It was also dry as hell and a balmy 17C during the day and below zero at night. To Vulcans it was perfect parka weather, although Leonard mostly got by with the sweater Amanda had made him. It was a soft wool number with little medical designs on front: scalpels and hyposprays and medical tricorders in neat little v-shaped stitches. He loved it.

They had been there visiting for a week when Spock woke him very, very early one morning and told him it was time. Time for what was less clear. Still, he put on his boots with nary a grumble, donned his sweater, and followed his boyfriend out of the house and down the ridge of the mountain.

It was colder at night. Spock was in his full winter jacket and thick pants. His breath misted in the cool air. Leonard watched him lead the way, smiling slightly to himself. Although they had only been dating two years he was still endlessly touched that Spock had invited him home for the observance of the Winter Vulcan holiday. He knew how private Spock was. He could have gone his whole life and not met Spock’s parents a second time, after Babel. Amanda had welcomed him with open arms, and Sarek at least hadn’t actively derided him although he did tend to keep to himself.

They walked in the starry light down into the basin of the desert. Here, the desert shifted from the high mountains into rock-strewn sand. There was more life here in the form of sleeping snakes and short, squat cacti and shrubs. Spock cast a glance back at him, eyes bright in the night.

Leonard felt his breath catch. He thought about asking where they were going, but seeing Spock gave him pause. He reached out and Spock took his hand, helping him down over the last rock. Spock held him for a moment, radiating warmth and happiness, before slipping his hand back into his pocket.

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Fic: Part of Your World

Remember me rambling on about a Little Mermaid-esque AU last night?

I made it a reality.

Merman Kurt sneaks out at night to go watch human Blaine aboard his ship. When a storm hits, will Kurt be able to get Blaine to shore on time? Could they be each other’s true loves?

~2300 words, PG.

“Kurt! Where are you going?” King Burt called from his study.

“I just wanted to take a quick swim around the city for a little while, Father. I can’t sleep,” Kurt said, hoping his father couldn’t see him wince in the dim light of the hallway. He’d been hoping to sneak out undetected this late at night.

“Just be careful, alright? There have been reports of sharks in the area, and I believe the humans’ ships are due to return soon,” Burt said, returning to his work. “If they see you-”

“-Yes, yes, I know, Father,” Kurt said, trying to hide his impatience. “I’ll be safe, I’m only going into the coral forest a little ways.” He swam off before Burt could say anything else – or worse, tell him to take a guard.

Kurt swam in the direction of the coral forest for a moment or two before shifting course and heading for the open sea, where lights above indicated that there were humans present. He stayed low, looking for the red-painted bottom of the particular ship he wanted and smiling ecstatically when he saw it moored off to the side of the crowd by a convenient rock outcropping. Kurt pushed himself onto the low rock in the center, perfectly hidden by the bigger one in front of it but able to see through a chink in between some others.

“Hey, hey!” a voice – Kurt’s favorite voice – shouted from the ship. “Watch it! I don’t want to go overboard in the dark!”

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Meat Cute, 9/9

Or where there is finally, finally, a wedding. Buckle your seats kids. This one’s a long one.

Several thank yous are in store now that this is finally finished! Thank you @zilleniose-chu for being a wonderful human being, for creating TAU and the blog, and letting us all play with your idea babies. Thank you @marypsue for all of your amazing writing advice and help, not to mention letting me spaz on you on the reg. Thank you anon on the blog who sent in these two asks and let me use ideas from them.  Thank you @randumbdaze for the art and thank you to the rest of the mods for letting me moan and groan at you.

And of course, thank you, my readers, for actually reading! I never would have imagined a year ago how big this would get or that people would want to read about my babies! So thank you, thank you again, and happy anniversary!


As Henry explained to the triplets when they asked years later, he had never officially moved in to the Shack. He had never asked and Mabel had never offered. It was just assumed that it would be a thing that happened. 

So by the first month of them going out Henry had a toothbrush in Mabel’s bathroom, and some of his underwear and socks in a small folded pile on a chair in her room. Five months and some of his favorite books had found their way onto various side tables and shelves. His stays went from overnight to two or three nights, to a week at a time, and Uncle Tyler constantly giggled at him and told him to “Get it!” (Which in turn made both Henry and Uncle Dan blush.)

Henry went ahead and moved the remainder of his stuff into the Shack three days after he proposed to Mabel, when a brand new room appeared overnight on the side of the Shack.

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anonymous asked:

I'll be a year cut free in October but lately I just feel like shit about myself, I want to recover so bad but I feel that the whole worlds against me lately, I hate asking people for advice but I don't want to start over again and have everyone be even more disappointed in me than they already are, what can I do to get it off my mind?:/

I’m proud of you for being clean for so long!
Find distraction, here’s a little list of the things you can do. :)

1. Exercise.

2. Put on fake tattoos.

3. Draw on yourself with washable red marker-then take a shower and wash away your pain.

4. Scribble on sheets of paper.

5. Write poetry.

6. Cuddle with a stuffed toy.

7. Be with other people.

8. Watch a favorite TV show.

9. Post on web boards or try answering other people’s posts.

10, Think about how “I DON’T WANT SCARS FOR SUMMER!!”

11. Paint your nails a new color.

12. Go out to see a movie.

13. Eating something you can’t resist.

14. Do your school work.

15. Write a letter to someone but never send it.

16. Go into chat rooms to talk.

17. Call a friend and ask them to come hang out.

18. Play a musical instrument.

19. Sing.

20. Look up at the sky, and find the moon. Study it.

21. Draw.

22. Buy a punching bag (with gloves. Name it. Then, have a visit with Bob when you need to.

23. Snap a rubber band (hair band) on your wrist.

24. Cover yourself with band-aids where you want to cut.

25. Go to the zoo and rename the animals.

26. Let yourself cry, even if it is hard.

27. Sleep, only if you are tired.

28. Do the exact opposite of what you really want to do.

29. Play with a pet.

30. Smile to at least 5 people.

31. Re-organize and lable your linen closet.

32. Go out and perform one act of kindness.

33. Have a pillow fight with a wall.

34. Knit a scarf.

35. Read a good book.

36. Dress up very glamorous, with makeup to match.

37. Color your hair.

38. Listen to music (nontriggering)

39. Watch a candle burn, but no playing with flames or hot wax. Blow it out when you leave the room.

40. Find someone else you can help. Do volunteer work.

41. Meditate. Track your breathing.

42. Call up an old friend and catch up.

43. Work on a website or start a new one.

44. Have a vivid fantasy love affair with a celebrity.

45. Go somewhere very public.

46. Bake cookies or another favorite food you like.

47. Alphabetize your CD’s.

48. Chew gum.

49. Buy a henna tattoo kit.

50. Paint or draw.

51. Rip paper into really small pieces.

52. Give someone a hug.

53. Write letters or emails.

54. Talk to yourself, and put it on tape.

55. Hug a pillow.

56. Hyper-focus on something like a rock.

57. Fingerpaint.

58. Scream as loud as you want.

59. Dance.

60. Make hot chocolate.

61. Pop bubble wrap.

62. Play with play dough.

63. Count to 100.

64. Build a pillow fort.

65. Blow up a balloon and pop it.

66. Hug yourself.

67. Write yourself an “I love myself because” letter and keep it. Read it when you feel down.

68. Read things in a different language.

69. Go for a nice long drive, walk, or jog.

70. Complete something you have been putting off.

71. Drink a cup of herbal tea.

72. Fold paper and invent a new origomi shape.

73. Write your memoirs.

74. Build something.

75. Take up archery.

76. Go rock climbing.

77. Take up a new hobby you always dreamed of.

78. Organize bills, receipts, etc.

79. Cook a meal.

80. Go out for ice cream.

81. Buy a stuffed animal.

82. Look at pretty things-like flowers or art work.

83. Create something.

84. Throw your pillow against the wall.

85. Throw socks against the wall.

86. Make a list of blessings in your life.

87. Go to a friend’s house and open up.

88. Take up fencing.

89. Watch an old comedy movie.

90. Call your therapist or make an appointment with one.

91. Talk to someone close to you that you trust.

92. Throw a temper tantrum.

93. Ride a bicycle.

94. Polish silver or jewelry.

95, Start a garden or water your house plants.

96. Re-arrange a room.

97. Feed the ducks, birds, or squirrels.

98. Draw on the walls-or paint with watercolors if you don’t want permanence.

99. Play with face paint.

100. Play jacks or pick up sticks.

101. Color with crayons.

102. Memorize a song and sing it. Then, reflect on it’s message.

103. Put on boots and stomp.

104. Stretch.

105. Find a butterfly and catch it.

106. Watch fish.

107. Come up with baby names.

108. Go to a public place and watch people.

109. Make a CD of your favorite songs.

110. Name all of your stuffed animals.

111. Go shopping.

112. Get into your PJ’s and just veg.

113. Buy cheap teddy bears and take your anger out on them

114. Throw everything on the ground except glass.

115. Go to a loud concert (Make sure it doen’t trigger you)

116. Think about your ideal life. What do you have to do to get there?

117. Plan your someday wedding day or upcoming prom.

118. Hunt for stuff on Ebay.

119. Alphabetize your books and magazines.

120. Hunt for your perfect home in the paper or online.

121. Take up Tai Chi.

122. Try to make as many words as possible out of your full name.

123. Count ceiling tiles or lights.

124. Go to the grocery store and buy yourself some flowers.

125. Search for ridiculous things on the web.

126. Google yourself.

127. Color co-oridinate your wardrobe.

128. Do a home tan on yourself. (Don’t turn into a carrot)

129. Take a hot bath and “be” in the moment.

130. Sort all you photographs.

131. Give yourself a pedicure.

132. Color or scribble over pretty women in magazines.

133. Plan a dinner party with menus and guest list, then carry it out.

134. Go through all your old stuff, and donate to Good Will.

135. Take a walk in the woods and breathe the fresh air.

136. Start a mood journal and write in it every day. Do patterns surface? Track your triggers.

137. Buy yourself some toys and play like you are 5 years old again!

138. Start to collect some thing.

139. Take up kick-boxing.

140. Read a magazine or newspaper.

141. Sew something.

142. Buy a stuffed animal.

143. Take your own dog, or a friend’s dog for a walk.

144. Read through this list again.