bless the ground you walk on

10 Daily Witchy Things
  1. Cleanse your bed in the morning when you make it- to remove the stress and negativity of the previous night and have a peaceful sleep the next night. 
  2. Make a cup of tea and charge it with positive energy to get you through the day. 
  3. Clean your desk/workspace/wherever you do creative things and draw productivity sigils on it in cleaner or keep a clear quartz nearby to focus energy. 
  4. Bless your keys before you get in your car for protection on the road. 
  5. Use a special scrub or face mask in the shower for a glamour spell. 
  6. Spend time outside, or keep your blinds open to allow sunlight in. 
  7. Take a walk outside, if you can, and ground yourself with each step. 
  8. Use wax melters, incense, or other scented items to fill your space with an intended scent. 
  9. Cleanse your phone/other electronic devices- clean out the old apps and photos, clean out the negative people from your contact list, and reset your ringtones and wallpaper to increase positive energy. 
  10. Before you go to bed, take ten minutes and thank your deities (if you have any) and reflect on your day. Before you fall asleep, think of one thing that was good about the day, no matter how small, and be grateful. 

me: I am unlovable. 

the npd: *mixing its bowl of delusions* That’s not true, everyone loves you. You are a king, a god, an ethereal being, a blessing to this earth, there’s no other person on this planet who is equal to you *spoon feeds me the raw delusions* the world exists for you, both your enemies and lovers will kneel at your feel and kiss the ground you walk on, you should take more pride in who you are, *stuffs my mouth with delusions* all your suffering and neglect and those who put you down, all of that leads up to this point, the point before you realize you’re higher than all the scum around you *pours the entire bowl down my throat* and one day you’ll make sure they know their place, to payy for what they’ve done to you. You’re just being modest. You don’t see it yet but you want this, you deserve this, you will have power, *crams the spoon down my throat* you–stop choking– You’re a god, Harry. Are you listening,

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Hello! I was wondering if you'll continue love and condoms ? ❤


you know i planned out 10 chapters but i am 100% certain there will at least be another chapter added, i’m just not sure i want to keep it going for too long because then it’ll turn into a fic of basically a compilation of one-shots if you get what i mean haaa

but the last chapter is definitely going to be longer than the rest because i still have a lot to say since i just can’t ever shut up and i think i know now kind of how i want the ending to go sooo



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SO after Vox Machina kills the White Dragon, the group goes to the Stormwind House (maybe there are some clues for Vestiges) and they find a small painting of everyone posing in Tiberius's selfie in his room... and underneath is a farewell letter for them that Tibs hastily wrote before going to fight the dragon. Not that he expected to die... but you know Tiberius... can't walk into any situation without at least 10 backups

Vex searches afterwards, once the beast lies frozen upon the cold ground, its broken body one more among the countless dead. She combs through the wreckage and ruin with a singleminded focus.

“For treasure,” she says, but they know better; her hunt for mere gold would not be so desperate. They leave her to her mourning as they bandage their wounds and count their blessings.

But she is keen-eyed, a hunter born, and what she seeks she finds. It is little time before she calls them over.

Nothing remains of House Stormwind save shattered stone, but Vex kneels among the rubble and brushes dirt from something with reverent softness, and when they gather around there is a picture there, familiar and undimmed by time, hidden from the elements with careful precision.

(eight people stand together at the top of the docks, airship behind them, smiles wide and free and happy, unaware of troubles to come)

The dragonborn grins up at them, glasses perched upon his nose. His eyes seem to sparkle, a glitter that defies the still-painting nature of the image.

“He kept it,” says Vax, smile fond and heavy with grief.

“There’s more,” says Vex, and she shows them the letters.

They are a motley collection of yellowing pages bundled together and tucked away somewhere only hunter-keen eyes might find them. They are half-finished and crossed out, letters never sent, worn and creased by fretful hands.

They say:

My dear friends, I apologize for my abrupt exit, but there is much to be done and I am needed here for a time


Scanlan, I really must thank you for this circlet, it has been quite useful


Princess, I hope you are not getting into too much trouble


Pike, a cleric arrived yesterday who was nothing at all like you but I thought of you anyways


Percy, I had the most interesting idea about alchemy and electricity


Grog you can’t read this but I left some of my instruments in the Bag of Holding and I need them


Vax and Vex: I met a most fascinating elven butthole visiting the family the other day, you would have hated him

and they are all unfinished and abandoned save one, hastily-scrawled and ink-splattered and whole.

My friends, this one says, and Vex reads it aloud in a trembling voice.

Draconia is under attack.

The drakes came from the west, and I can only hope they have spared Emon. I hope you yet live. I hope this finds you.

I cannot stand idly by. I am Tiberius Stormwind, from Draconia. This is my home. I will not let it fall.

I hope I shall be able to tell you of this in person. I hope we may yet meet again. But I am no fool. If you are reading this, you know what has befallen me.

I would not have traded our time together for the world. You are true and steadfast companions, and I cherish each of you dearly.

Until we meet again, Vox Machina.
Tiberius Stormwind

“He was thinking about us the entire time,” Keyleth says, knuckles white where they curl around a precious scrap of cloth at her side.

“Of course he was,” says Pike, a hand on her shoulder.

Percy says, “We did right, burying him with his city,” and Scanlan replies, “It’s what he would have wanted.”

“We’ll miss him,” says Grog.

“Yeah, big guy,” says Vax. “Yeah we will.”

They are quiet for a long time. Those who remain straggle through the ruins, the rubble theirs to make what they will. The floating isles have fallen; to the weary survivors go the spoils.

“Alright,” says Vex, staring across the wasteland, picture in her hand, eight faces grinning up at her, free and happy and unaware of troubles to come. “Let’s go home.”

steve/peggy/bucky ot3 is a blessing to this world

  • soldier boys worshipping the ground peggy walks on bc peggy carter is magnificent and mind-blowing lbr
  • steve and his predilection for brunettes with gorgeous smiles who like to go dancing and are a+ at punching assholes
  • peggy and bucky smirking at each other and bantering and steve swallowing very hard
  • steve and bucky and peggy promising to protect each other bc they are all fierce af in their love and loyalty
  • “you told me you thought i was meant for more than this. did you mean that?” “every word” / “and now america’s golden boy and a lot of other good men are dead, ‘cause you had a crush” “it wasn’t that. i had faith” / “the little guy from brooklyn who was too dumb not to run away from a fight. i’m following him” PEGGY AND BUCKY HAVE SO MUCH FAITH IN STEVE AND IT’S NOT BC OF SUPER SOLDIER SERUM OR WHAT HE REPRESENTS TO AMERICA IT’S ABOUT WHO HE IS
  • “did you believe in your friend? did you respect him? then stop blaming yourself. allow barnes the dignity of his choice. he damn well must have thought you were worth it” “i’m goin’ after schmidt. i’m not gonna stop till all of hydra is dead or captured” “you won’t be alone” PEGGY GETS BUCKY also SHE WON’T LET STEVE GO IN ALONE and bucky wouldn’t either it’s why he signed up with the howling commandos (see prev point) BLESS THESE THREE
  • steve “i had him on the ropes” rogers and peggy “you can’t give me orders” carter and bucky “i’m with you ‘til the end of the line” barnes i’m so in love
  • bucky “sometimes i think you like getting punched” barnes and peggy “did you have something against running away?” carter being the reasonable lot who’ll follow steve anywhere and be the sanity to steve’s wild plans bc someone’s got to care about keeping their beautiful bonde boy with the heart of gold alive
  • steve “you start running they’ll never let you stop. you stand up, push back. can’t say no forever, right?” rogers and peggy “i know a little of what that’s like. to have every door shut in your face” carter just wanting to fight and do the right thing and bucky barnes wondering how he was blessed to know these magnificent people who could do anything and stay safe but put it all on the line because they consider it their duty
  • bucky “don’t do anything stupid until i get back” barnes and steve “how can i? you’re taking all the stupid with you” rogers always teasing each other but also having each others’ back forever and peggy carter just wanting to protect them forever and always backing them up bc these are her boys and they have to have something worth fighting for

i am never not going to be in love with this


the shadow dirge cycle

“Can you imagine the kind of story this would make? Once upon a time a girl was cursed with too much magic but the whole world told her she was blessed as they spat upon the ground she walked on. Once upon a time a boy was thrown out of his country because his eyes did not match and he was just a spare so who would miss him anyway?“ 
He was still, so still. His eyes closed and his head tilted back. 
Next was the part with the blood and the betrayal that cast the girl and the boy on opposite sides of this chasm, this war, this nightmare that they were expected to see to the end. 
“Once upon a time the world destroyed the only children that could save it. Then they were surprised when all they had left were broken souls and tainted magic and nothing at all to save.”

Sooo after I get out of my 8am first aid and safety class…that only lasted 5 minutes and may be taught by the mvp (most valuable professor) cause the class isn’t going to last all semester and he so damn laid back and to the point….I begin my stroll in the brick ass cold back to my dorm. I walk up to the little card swipe and what do I see!?!?!??!!!?? $20 laying on the ground just for me. I’d like to take the time to thank the academy and all the times I’ve reblogged money posts on tumblr for this joyous occasion. I’m going back to sleep now $20 richer 🙌🏾💀😁

This is now officially the “dropped with a purpose to enrich another” money post. Like and reblog to hope someone blesses you along your day.

today at work I saw an older guy couple who were like 100% eruri

the taller blonde was walking beside his shorter tired-looking partner who was pushing the shopping cart, arms rested on the handle and chin leaning on his forearms, looking fed up and moody as hell

and bless the tall one, he kept guiding the trolley so it won’t hit other people (it would have, by the way his partner was ushering it forward) and talking with his calm, soothing voice

like “would you like some special ground coffee, hun?” to which the grumpy one muttered a rude “no B( ” without even looking at the blonde

“how about these cookies? *raises the jar suggestively* they’re on sale.”


and they just kept walking through the store like this, idek if they found something in the end that’d satisfy the little grump, i’m still stunned

“We decided last night to take a picnic of baguettes, rum and chocolate to the Eiffel Tower for the night and do the typical Paris thing. Over dinner (while being soaked by some massive fountain) we started discussing Queen B, as you do, and decided that she would probably like the Eiffel Tower. And if Beyoncé liked it then surely she’d put a ring on it. Being the witty humans are, we collectively drew the snap chat photo posted.

After this we went for a walk down by the river where the over powering smell of stale urine flooded the air, and pooled on the ground. Desperate to find a toilet ourselves we approached a docked boat where the captain of said boat let us use his toilet (Bless his cotton socks). Once we finely descended from our trance we noticed a group of about 20 people standing by one of the fancy looking entrances up to the top of the Eiffel Tower. Now this is not the entrance of mere peasants like you and me. This was the entrance of celebrities. How did I know that? Well the grandeur of this entrance compared to the regular old barricaded queuing lines was one hint. The other was the massive bodyguards by the door, the red carpet and the sea of photographers. Thinking to ourselves that this looked exciting we joined the group and wait at the ready with cameras and phones for probably some bad French pop singer or politician to walk out. You know those surreal moments when something you weren’t prepared for happens and you feel like your head isn’t attached to your body any more?

Well when Beyoncé herself walked down the stairs only a few meters away from us, I had one of those moments. Like all good fan girls should screaming ‘i love you Beyoncé! I almost had a stroke when she looked at us. She was quickly in the car and it was over in a few seconds although my excitement remained for the rest of the night. Keep in mind when we drew the earlier snap chat photo had no knowledge that Beyoncé was even in Paris! After all that we decided it was time to go home and soak up the bliss of the evening.”

Credits: Rachel Stevens