bless repeats

A partial list of amazing things tonight
  • Team DID YOU KNOW HE’S MY BEST FRIEND scoring both goals
  • Sidney “too busy taking a selfie with my teammates to accept the Conn Smythe” Crosby
  • Geno bouncing on the bench and knocking his teammates over in excitement before the game was even won
  • Kuni with his arms around a crying Hörny watching as his best friend scored the insurance goal
  • Hainsey having the biggest cinderella playoffs story, 16 years playing pro and getting handed the cup first in his first ever playoffs
  • “Super Rookie” Jake Guentzel with all his playoff records and ties
  • Olli “Fuck Yeah!!” on national television Määttä
  • Chris “Undrafted” Kunitz being the only current player with FOUR CUPS
  • Matt “He’s meant everything to me” Murray getting the cup from Flower who lifted the cup with the full pride of his 9/16 wins
  • Geno almost dropping the cup
  • The team not being able to decide how many fingers they should hold up for the photo
  • Sidney not holding any up, just holding onto Geno and the Cup
  • Daley “he’s on another planet” loving on his Captain and teammates
  • Hags blessing us with a repeat of last year’s selfie demonstrating for us all once again that:
  • Hörny’s warcry in Sid’s face as they hold the cup over their heads and the team screams with them
  • Geno egging his friends on to completely drench Phil in champagne
  • BACK TO BACK CHAMPIONS, first in 20 years, and on the 100th season of the NHL
okay but

can we all just take a moment to appreciate how much passion and emotion George Salazar put’s into “Michael in the bathroom?“ You can actually hear how distraught and broken Michael sounds throughout the song and if that isn’t amazing I don’t know what is.

Chae Hyungwon is a special gift from God

Shin Hoseok is a special gift from God

Yoo Kihyun is a special gift from God

Son Hyunwoo is a special gift from God

Lee Minhyuk is a special gift from God

Lee Jooheon is a special gift from God

Im Changkyun is a special gift from God

Monsta X is a special gift from God


Episode 88, part 2: time for some bullshit to drag a card game out too long!

(part 1, which actually occurs in the middle of the episode, is here)

For some reason, we’re still dragging through the absolutely thrilling and suspenseful duel that is Villain’s Sidekick vs Guy Who Always Comes Third-ish. And we’re also still dragging through Terrible Liar Pretends To Be Good Liar as Rishid miserably attempts to be Malik-ish. #insertMalikISHtarjokehere

Yami is definitely on to him, but he has no proof. 

So far all the evidence has been “He’s being suspiciously less-dickish-than-we-thought”. I don’t know why Malik thought Rishid would make a good him. He must know Rishid is not brilliant at pretending to be him?

Anyway Malik has an ace up Rishid’s sleeve; a fake Ra card. Now, you might ask, why give him a fake when he could just give him the real thing? But actually, the real question is, WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK??, because…

… they’ve actually made, like dozens of fake Ra cards…

… and the reason they don’t use them is because they FUCKING KILL PEOPLE. They’re just fucking deathtraps. If you play one, you have an unknown - but distressingly high - chance of being struck by lightning, cast down upon your foolish mortal form by the Gods themselves as punishment for your hubris in calling upon forces you were not meant to wield. 

And Malik just gave one to Rishid to play with a sort of “hope this doesn’t kill you, I’m reasonably sure it won’t because you seem like the kinda guy the Gods would be cool with? idk anyway good luck”

“Also God might randomly kill me if I try so we’ll call it Plan B.”

And it turns out, Rishid is correct and Malik is a fucking overreacting bullshit artist but let’s let it play out.

Rishid’s giant tomb card makes the whole thing look like a particularly weird glitch in the Sims:

Cheat codes are definitely being used.

Right, so, Rishid has this giant angry scorpion thing that eats other Monsters, which is hella useful and also looks hilarious because it starts taking on some of the devoured Monsters characteristics so it’s this big scary Monster with cute fairy wings now.

(They’re actually insect wings, from Insect Queen, but they look like fairy wings to me.) (Also hilarious; eating the Fisherman and his whale separately.)

Jounouchi has nothing left to defend himself and the gang fret, especially Mai, but Yami points out that Jounouchi himself isn’t upset and he’s right. Jou says he’s been thinking about the pier duel, when Malik forced him to duel Yugi to the attempted-homicide. 


Is NO ONE looking at how suspiciously ~Namu~ reacts to any mention of Malik. Who other than Malik would POUT at Malik being called a bastard?

The point Jounouchi’s trying to make? He’s copped on:

Yami is pleased; he’s been thinking the same thing for like, an episode and a half now. But then he realises: if this isn’t Malik…

But ~~WHERE~~??~~

Definitely not TWO METRES BEHIND YOU and pouting.

The duel is coming from inside the blimp.


“Malik’s grimace is adorable” is probably not the message I’m supposed to take from this dramatic moment, but here we are. Also, way to look suspicious, buddy. Like ~Namu~ should definitely look confused and perhaps slightly worried or affronted if ~Yugi~ just suddenly turned and gave him hella side-eye, but Malik grimaces (adorably but) in a really “damn, you got me!” kinda way.

But before Yami can say anything! (Not that this should have stopped him, really.)

Rishid escalates and whips out…

Still REALLY want to know how they made the fake Rod. My headcanon is that it’s papier mâché and until I see canon material to refute it, that’s what I’m sticking with.

And again, WHY. Wouldn’t it be much simpler to just give Rishid the real Rod and Ra card?? If Malik trusts him, which he does, what’s the problem?

So Rishid waves his papier mâché Millennium Item around and sets his giant scorpion to attack Jounouchi, who, may I remind the court, has NO cards in front of him and nothing to activate, and I forget how many LP he has left but I guarantee it’s fewer than 5825, which is how much Mr Scorpion - now with added fish tail - has ATK.

And Jounouchi’s even kinda cool with it? He’s not delighted, but they both fought a good fight and duelled a good duel, they laughed (not really) they cried (a little) they’re better friends now (technically).


But then.

But then THIS.

THIS asshole.

sometimes i just think about how alone isak was in s1 and s2? he broke up two of his best friends because he couldn’t confront his own feelings - or had confronted them and was too scared of what he found. his best friend, his main source of support, was the very person he couldn’t get support from. and that must’ve been horrible for a teenage boy trying to figure himself out. but in s3 skam gifted us with isak expanding his friend group, and i’m s o proud: 

  • mahdi didn’t really have a role other than fun weed bro at the beginning of s3, but he was immediately supportive of isak’s coming out! he even brought up pansexuality, which helped diffuse the tension and educate them all. here was isak with his “maybe i’m a little gay” and mahdi jumps in with yeah there are more sexualities and that’s cool and it just?? reminds everyone that heterosexuality doesn’t have to be the default. 
  • magnus started out as kind of annoying and tone-deaf (tbh i def see him as the vilde of the boys), but then he encourages isak to reach out to even, in the best way possible, without lecturing him or making it into a Lesson. after a weekend of research into bipolar disorder, he needed someone with actual experience with it to put it into simple terms, to remind isak that what he said to even in the kitchen was right. only even can feel what he feels, and isak should actually talk to him instead of believing his ex because…WOW….wow
  • and JONAS. that coming out scene almost made me cry, because sure, isak has moved on, but he’s always looked up to jonas, they’ve been best friends for so long. if he didn’t get jonas’s support, he’d be crushed. at this point, i’m sure jonas starts to have his suspicions about isak’s old crush on him, but you know what?? he doesn’t do shit about it. because it’s over, it’s done, and sometimes being Bros means one bro might like-like another bro. and that’s okay! traditional standards of masculinity are a prison anyway.
  • and the Boys are so supportive of even. there’s no awkwardness of like “haha how do we interact with our friend’s boyfriend is he our bro too” nah it’s chill. i’ll never forget when even gives magnus love advice and the guys are like “….you know i never thought of that but you may be right.” and it works!! give me more of even coaching magnus through his relationship with vilde. jonas and mahdi need way less help than magnus, but sometimes they probably text even too like how did you get up the courage to talk to someone you really like but has never noticed you before.
  • the answer is that you lowkey follow them around everywhere and steal away their basic right to dry their hands after using the restroom which maybe isn’t the most helpful advice but it sure worked.

basically this friend group is pure as heck and i’m so blessed that this show doesn’t need to fuel unnecessary drama. i’m glad that we’re allowed to like these characters, no matter how flawed they are. 

Spell and charm bag for safe travels! (Requested)

Feel free to preform this spell whenever you need to ensure a safe journey.


You will need:

(spell only):

  • 2 orange candles*preferably small, you will let these burn all the way down*
  • *Amethyst and/or clear quartz
  • Sage and/or mint
  • Your favorite incense

(charm bag/satchel):

  • An orange pouch or drawstring bag
  • 2 orange candles *preferably small, you will let these burn all the way down*
  • Amethyst and/or clear quartz
  • Sage and/or mint
  • Piece of paper and a pen (black)
  • Your favorite incense

Light your two candles and put them infront of you along with your incense, feel free to roll your candles in oil and then the herbs (optional). Take in several deep cleansing breathes until you’re grounded. Sit with your legs crossed and sit up straight with your hands resting on your knees and your palms facing up.

If you are making the charm bag, draw on a small piece of paper a symbol of protection (this is your choice, can be a cross, pentacle, a protection rune, etc. anything that makes you feel safe!) fold the paper three times. Collect the items and place the stones, sage/mint and the protective symbol into the bag and seal it.

Visualize a white light slowly being absorbed into you and spreading throughout your body. Continue breathing deeply as you picture yourself getting to your destination safely and without harm. When you feel ready raise your arms up and repeat:

“Bless our journey and keep us from harm
With light of protection and amethyst charm
Our path be straight and free from strife
Many more adventures left upon my life”

If you are only doing the spell, sit quietly for a few minutes and rub the stones in your hands as you watch the candles burn all the way down. **PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE LIT CANDLES UNATTENDED**

Charging your charm bag:

Take your bag and pass it over the incense smoke or the candle (carefully!) to rid it of any unwanted energies. When you are ready, hold the charm bag and visualize the energy that you did earlier but will it to course through you and into the bag. When you are done place the bag inbetween the two candles and let the light from them surround the bag. Let the candles burn all the way down and then go about your day (:

Hope this helped,

Adviceforwitches )0(

Three days later

[Summary: Reid and reader are at a crossroads in their relationship, and have a huge fight. After some angst, fluff ensues.

AN: This is my first proper piece of fan fic. Do leave feedback. @reiding-and-writing, I hope you read this. <3 

“I don’t know why the hell I even try with you anymore.”

“You don’t mean that, Spencer. Where did that even come from?”

“Well, news flash, Y/N. That’s all I’ve been thinking of, since the last time I asked you to marry me. I’m not surprised you haven’t noticed. Just like how you fail to notice my heart breaking a little each time I bring up marriage and you shoot it down!”, Spencer wheezes a little as he finishes his rant. 

His words feel like they’re being carved into your skin. What began as a small disagreement had now blown into an argument you had no come back to. 

He has a point, you admit to yourself. Why did he have to hang around? Every time he brought up the topic of marriage, you refused. You told him you did not believe in the institution. You had seen your parents’ marriage crumble, had been the collateral damage to the battles they waged inside your broken family. You were certain marriages were destined to doom. 

“Well, do you have nothing to say?!”, Spencer’s voice shakes you out of your stupor. 

You open your mouth to respond, and realize telling him how much you loved him would not cut it. He had been through a lot last year, and with Diana’s situation worsening every day, he was constantly on edge. 

The phone rang suddenly, scaring you for a second, and distracting Spencer from his anger and resentment. He takes a deep breath and answers the phone, and you gather that there is a case somewhere. He finishes his call, and looks at you. 

“Just in time, eh, Y/N? Saved by the bell, quite literally. Well, you know what, you don’t have to respond right now. I doubt you even have a response. I will be gone for at least three days, so how about you think long and hard about this? When I come back, do let me know what you want to do with ‘us’. Whether you even really want an ‘us’, anymore.” 

He turns and walks into your bedroom, to gather his things, leaving you to your gloom. 

As he walks out of the apartment, you call out to him. “Spence. I love you.” 

He must have heard the urgency in your voice, as he turns and faces you. “I love you too, Y/N. I do. But I am tired, and I don’t want to go on like this. I’ll see you soon.”

He shuts the door gently, and the kindness in that gesture makes your heart ache. You walk into your room, feeling certain that it was now or never. The truth is, you had noticed Spencer’s pain. You had noticed the loneliness he was carrying with himself. You would go to any end, pay any price, to change it. And you knew what you had to do.

You had to put your plan into motion. You grab a change of clothes, your phone charger, car keys, and wallet, and walk out of the home you shared with Spencer.

Three days later. 

As he walks into the apartment he shared with Y/N, Spencer senses something is awry. It was too quiet, too dark. “Y/N, are you home?,” he calls out. 

Even as he asks, he knows no one is home. Spencer feels a sense of worry trickle through his body, as the events that took place three days ago flash into his mind. . 

Fear sits heavy at the bottom of his stomach as he dials Y/N’s number. Where was she? Normally she would have been home by this hour. He notices her overnight bag is gone. She wouldn’t skip a work day without good reason. 

“Hello, this is Y/N L/N, and I cannot come to the phone right now. Please leave a message, and I will call you back when I can. Thank you!” 

Y/N’s chirpy voicemail greeting sends a fresh jolt of guilt through him. 

“Y/N, I just got back from the case. Please call me as soon as you get this? I’m sorry we left things that way on Friday. Please, just call me? I love you.” 

Spencer ends the call, wondering whether he should call Y/N’s work place or Garcia. Garcia was one of her closest friends, and she would have spoken to Y/N over the weekend. Even if she hadn’t, she probably would help him track Y/N’s phone. 

Garcia picked up on the second ring, like she had known he would call. 

“Garcia! Have you spoken to Y/N?” 

“Oh hello to you too, pretty boy. Why are you asking me about Y/N?”

“Well…”, Spence stuttered a little, “.. we might have had a fight on Friday evening, just before we were called on to the case.”

“Uh huh. And?”

“And, erm.. I might have said some things I didn’t exactly mean. Well things I wanted to talk to her about anyway, but I shouldn’t have done so in an angry outburst.The point is, she isn’t home, she isn’t picking up her phone, and I haven’t spoken to her in the last three days. Her bag is missing, and it doesn’t look like anybody’s been home for the last few days..” He was beginning to ramble.

“"Ooookaay boy wonder. I hear you. Listen, I might have an idea of where she might be. But I cannot tell you. It is something you need to hear from her.”

Spencer grips the phone tight as he processes what Penelope just said. “You know where she is? Is she okay? Pen, ask her to come home. Or pick up the phone.”

“Spencer, you need to trust me, and you need to trust Y/N. She should be back home today. Talk to her yourself, alright?” 

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Small Town (Lesbian) Gothic
  • It’s a small, sleepy town.  It’s always raining.  Aunt Jeannine says there’s a strange smell coming from the side of Miss Thompson’s house, but all you can think of is how there are no lesbians, as far as the eye can see. Uncle Tom gets out the lye.
  • It’s raining again.  You visit your family.  They say you gotta see how handsome George is, a boy you went to school with, who still goes to the local church.  Your last memory of George is of him sticking a library book down his underpants.  Rumor has it that Father Joe performed a successful exorcism this week.
  • There still are no lesbians.  Except you.  You are the only lesbian.  
  • The strange smell at Miss Thompson’s house continues through the summer. The acrid stench persists, hitting you in the thick of August like a wet towel.  “This isn’t good for the crops,” the town mutters.  Uncle Tom’s lye is poured at the base of the house.  
  • There are still no lesbians.
  • You begin to travel to the city, on weekends.  You muster up the courage to enter a gay bar.  Post Xanax, you talk to a woman.  She tells you about her life, her dating history, asks you about yours.  At the question, you go as pale as poor Willie, a local boy who drowned in the creek last year.  Or you think it was the creek.  The police never did say.
  • You find a lesbian.  She is the only non-conversion therapist in your area.  You cannot date this lesbian.
  • ”Oh, bless your heart,” your coworker says.  “You look like a little boy!”  Mary laughs at your haircut, but you know she is a part of a woman’s camping group.  This is the butchest thing you have ever heard.  You don’t tell her this.  “Oh, bless your heart,” she repeats, laughing, clutching at her chest.  You fear if you stay, you will become her.
  • You see a girl at the coffee shop by the train station.  She has short-cropped hair too, and you think, “I’ve finally found her.”  You listen in on the conversation and she’s lost, wants to head back to the city.  In that moment, your life together, your 2.5 cats and a beehive, suddenly crumble around you as she steps onto the train platform.  She is whisked away to the city, to a better life.
  • The smell from Miss Thompson’s house continues, through the next year.  The town discovers she is dead.  Her partner was the town’s favorite spinster, Miss Louise, who died five years before.  You can still feel the town murmuring about it, a perfectly syncopated beehive.  Your therapist gets married, moves away.  
  • You now, truly, are the only remaining lesbian.
  • It’s still a small, sleepy town.  It’s always raining.  Now, you are the girl at the coffee shop by the station.  You’ve felt lost for awhile. You are headed to the city.  There is no one in mind, no life planned with anyone, as you step onto the train platform.  You call out.  The trees whisper back, “Oh, bless her heart.”  You are whisked away to the city, to what you hope is a better life.

Spell Jar for Positivity, Protection, and Happiness In The Home

What you’ll need:

  • Jar (salt cleansed and charged in sunlight to remove any negative energies)
  • White candle (for peace and balance)
  • Sunflower petals (energy and protection)
  • Rose petals (domestic peace and happiness)
  • Sea salt (protection)
  • Coffee grounds (peace)
  • Cinnamon (protection)
  • Ginger (positivity and prosperity)
  • Cloves (protection)
  • Vanilla scent, vanilla beans, vanilla extract, etc. (positivity and energy)
  • Personal preference: I used a blue cloth to work on to promote domestic harmony

Make sure your area is prepared and ready.

Layer all ingredients in your jar, focusing on the property of each that you wish to impart, leaving the vanilla for the very top. There is no specific way you need to layer this, really, just whatever works best for you.

Seal the jar (lid on, wax seal, however you want) and place your hands on the lid.

Repeat 3x:

Bless this jar with positivity, protection, energy, and happiness.

Meditate over the jar, letting your energy flow into it. Blow out or snuff your candle to finish spell.

Place in a window sill where you will see it often and where it will be able to charge in the sunlight.

Some notes:

I used fresh petals because their color is much more vibrant and gives off a positive energy. Fresh petals are not necessary, and they do not have to be yellow.

I didn’t give measurements because each jar is different. For my jar, I used a shot glass to measure out the coffee (a Gingerbread blend with the cinnamon, cloves, and ginger already blended in) and sea salt. I did 2 shot glasses full per layer.

I placed my jar in the window sill above my kitchen sink. The kitchen is the heart and hearth of the home, and is where we spend most of our time as a family. Put your jar wherever you feel it is needed most.

Inspired by this spell.