bless psds

here’s a little   mains call,   since i’d like to start anchoring some really awesome relationships + development  ( more plotting, less one-liners ?? )   with you really awesome people !   if you’re interested, give this a like for me to hop into your IMs at some point and chat about it !      it isn’t really a   shipping   call — but i’m not closing myself off to those.  if there’s chemistry and a ship seems appealing, i’m definitely open to exploring it, so if that’s the direction you feel things coming, hmu for sure.  and that’s it !! i typically prioritize threads for mains when i’m crunched for times   /   i usually have more inspo the more background development we have .. if we click, i’ll aboslutely be tossing ideas at you on discord etc.  for our muses.  so, if that sounds appealing to you … ♥️♥️♥️ !


STYDIA in season 5; episodes: 01-05

↳ “Those two… They’re pretty good together. Yeah, they are. No super strength or samurai swords, but they stay alive. He still likes her, doesn’t he? Yeah. Yeah, but it’s different now. I mean, you should’ve seen the way he used to be around her. Was it bad? He was kind of obsessive, but not all bad. You know, Lydia used to pretend not to be smart. Our Lydia? Yeah, Stiles was the only one who knew. How? He paid attention. He listened to her. He remembered.” - Scott McCall, 5x05 “A Novel Approach”