bless our house and its heart so savage

forest wlw things: a playlist

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1. there is a vine - connie converse  (there is a tree growing by my garden gate, and year by year, it seems to stand and wait / and here am i, beneath the tree, for i am waiting too / and oh, my love, i will always wait for you)

2. strawberry (paul beribeau cover) - babeo baggins & ian chick (i would love to find you growing wild out by the wood, and make a basket with the front of my t-shirt and take home as many of you as i could)

3. like someone in love - bjork (lately i find myself out gazing at stars, hearing guitars, like someone in love…. sometimes the things i do astound me, mostly whenever you’re around me)

4. garden - ivy sole (my chest a walking drum, the beat of sun on skin and dandelion.. the forest floor beneath my feet, the clearing up ahead must be as good as up above, the heaven hollowed like my heart… a stranger in the shadows, could be friend or could be furnace burning softly with exactly what i need)

5. iota - angel olsen (if only all our memories were one, we only had to blink and it was done.. if all the world could see it with one eye in perfect color to the perfect sky)

6. too small for eyes - mothers (i hate my body / i love your taste / bird stirring in my chest / you give and take away… restless limb, restless mind / how time will test its teeth)

7. cinnamon tree - esperanza spalding (please rub off on me so i carry a little of your auburn hue, for spice when days are dull and dreary / you bend your boughs towards me / times I’m weak and need someone to turn to, you share your flavor, ease my misery / aha, you give all that you are and just keep on growing / your fragrance lives in all who know you)

8. grow - deradoorian (your thoughts of spring, they enlighten me / i see the sense / oh, i am one declaring my love)

9. are you real - farao (are you real?)

10. the forest awakes - st. vincent (a fruit that falls before it’s grown / i hear a sound and a bird has flown / it breaks to pieces above the forest, a million particles born today…. underneath the weeping willow i can see your face)

11. dream girl - ivy sole (baby we going back to eden / we ain’t gotta take a plane, let’s be naked unashamed / feel the wind and the rain on our being / and you ain’t gotta be afraid… i don’t really see no one but you and if you asking me i kinda like the view)

12. anything we want - fiona apple (the rivulets had you riveted to the places that i wanted you to kiss me when we find some time alone, and then we can do anything we want)

13. my my my - tica douglas (i go back and forth, the wind it sways me like a tree….. but i do know that i do like her lying next to me)

14. nature - petal (i want to be made out of the nature you were born from / the breath of god breathed into dirt and dust of the art / every fiber of my being seems to scream to me, “you were once mine in a life we don’t know”)

15. strawberry blond - mitski (i love everybody because i love you / when you stood up, walked away barefoot / and the grass where you lay left a bed in your shape / i looked over it and i ached)

16. sadie - joanna newsom (down where i darn with the milk-eyed mender / you and i and a love so tender / stretched on a hoop where i stitch, this adage / bless our house and its heart so savage)

the signs as the songs of the milk-eyed mender

aries: the book of right-on

do you want to sit at my table?/my fighting fame is fabled/and fortune finds me fit and able

taurus: sprout and the bean

should we go outside?/should we break some bread?/are y’interested?

gemini: inflammatory writ

and as for my inflammatory writ?/well, I wrote it, and I was not inflamed one bit

cancer: sadie

you and I and a love so tender/stretched on the hoop where I stitch this adage/”bless our house and its heart so savage”

leo: clam, crab, cockle, cowrie

that’s why I love this town/well, just look around/to see me serenaded hourly!/and celebrated sourly! and dedicated dourly!/waltzing with the open sea/clam, crab, cockle, cowrie/will you just look at me?

virgo: en gallop

and you laws of property/you free economy/and you unending afterthoughts/you could’ve told me before

libra: peach, plum, pear

this is unlike the story/it was written to be/I was riding its back/when it used to ride me

scorpio: three little babes

“for I shan’t stay here in this wicked world/when there’s a better one for me/cold clods, cold clods, inside my bed/cold clods down at my feet/the tears my dear mother shed for me/would wet my winding sheet”

sagittarius: cassiopeia

and in store are dreams so daring/that the night can’t stop from staring/and I’ll swim sweetly as a herring/through the ether, not despairing

capricorn: swansea

dear one, drive on/when all we want to do/is chew, and chew, and chew

aquarius: bridges and balloons

oh my love, oh it was a funny little thing/to be the ones to’ve seen

pisces: this side of the blue

and I find myself knowing the things that I knew/which is all that you can know on this side of the blue


We have been in our new apartment for a little over a week now and have had our keys for about two. We weren’t actively looking for a new place but sometimes things pop up when you least expect it. Moving is no fun but putting together a new home that is just ours is and that has been a joy even when we are exhausted and dirty and covered in paint. We officially are downtowners now and are excited to be closer to work for both of us. Our street is quiet and lined with lilac trees despite being five minutes from Yonge St. I have been reading a lot lately about editing your life and your belongings and just living smaller in general and purging through this move and deciding what we really need and enjoy has been a good move in a new direction. It is good to be home. Also hi! I haven’t been here in a long time and I hope everyone is doing well.

down where i darn with the milk-eyed mender / you and i and a love so tender / stretched on the hoop where i stitch this adage: / “bless our house and its heart so savage”