bless jongup

Okay I just watched BAPs comeback-stage AND HOLY FUCKING HELL. They’re so good!! They do a great job at filling Yongguks spot (we miss you leader but stay resting~). Everything’s on point.
Zelo is straight up slaying my heart (AS USUAL) with rapping and those dance moves. Himchan is just drop dead gorgeous at everything he does. Youngjaes singing is a blessing, as is Jongups and ofc his dancing.
AND DAEHYUN THAT FRICKING HIGH NOTE JUST STRAIGHT UP KILLED ME. I literally screamed and grabbed my heart.

I am so proud of our boys, I’m so proud over their hard work. I love them so much.

Kuroko no Basuke x KPop

Because hey, I like KPop and there has been more than one instance I keep thinking about if my favorite anime characters are actual idols. Also, crossovers are fun.

Scorpio Squad (SS)

That’s also probably their group name and the netizens are sort of expecting a really cool and bad boy type of group, maybe even hiphop like BTS or Block B, but ten seconds in the group’s first variety show Izuki is assaulting the host with puns and that was the end of their cool image. Their sound is very pop with rock elements like CN Blue; concept-wise, it’s closer to B1A4.

Fandom name: Dessert (Izuki came up with this as a pun on desserts, because the fans are sweet, and desert where scorpions live)
Fandom color: Orange

Izuki Shun: Leader, and Main Rapper. Composes the lyrics to their songs as well as making his own rap; he can freestyle.

Himuro Tatsuya: Visual, Lead Vocalist, Main Dancer. The Umma of the group. Most popular among the public and ideal type to a lot of female idols. He is very active on social media and posts in English, Korean, and Japanese.

Takao Kazunari: Main Vocalist (in charge of high notes). Has a 4D personality and the only person who laughs at his Shun hyung’s jokes. Most popular among the fandom.

Furihata Kouki: Maknae, Lead Dancer, Sub Vocalist. Really cute maknae that steals all the noona’s hearts.

Generation of Miracles (MiraGen)

An up and coming boy group that exploded in idoldom the moment they debuted. Has a crazy fanbase that rivals EXO and their fandom gets into really heated flamewars against the latter’s fandom. Concept and sound wise, they’re a mix of BEAST and 2PM. Their fandom is split when Haizaki left a year after debut and was replaced by Kise. However, due to unfair contracts and extreme imbalance among the member’s popularity, rumors began to spread on whether they will break up or not…

Fandom name: Shadow
Fandom color: White

Akashi Seijurou: Leader (despite being second youngest), Vocalist, Dancer and ‘face’ of the group. Handles most of the interviews during variety. Most popular among the public and the fandom.

Kuroko Tetsuya: Maknae. Doesn’t really have any outstanding qualities during performance but fandom wise, is very considerate of their fans. Active in daum and fancafes. The fandom has a special monicker for his fans, calling them Light instead of Shadow.

Kise Ryouta: Visual, Main Dancer. Second most popular to Akashi and has the most sasaeng fans. Gives a lot of fanservice during performance. Is a regular MC in MNet. Gets invited to SHINee’s Key’s little 91-liner clique.

Midorima Shintarou: Main Vocalist. Gets to be a regular at Sukira and covers a lot of songs during his air time. Makes it a point to talk about Oha Asa after. He formed a weird friendship with SS’s Kazunari during their stint in Immortal Song.

Aomine Daiki: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer. He’s always the group’s representative during Idol Olympics and when they got invited in Running Man. Is a very big fan of SISTAR and vocal about his ideal type that is Yoon Bora.

Murasakibara Atsushi: Main rapper. The resident 4D. Attracts ajumma fans for some reason. Is basically TOP during performance as he just stands there all hot and sexy without bothering to dance.

(Former) Haizaki Shougo: Main dancer, Lead Rapper. Has so many scandals and dating rumors that it kept the group’s name high profile everyday in all search sites especially Naver. Terminated his contract due to “unfair treatment.”