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Magnus: 1st Even fan, 1st Evak stan *

Being an hero isn’t half as glamorous as they make it sound, really


Samurai Jack season 5 behind the scenes

dan and phil’s relationship is a constant cycle of “i can do this to him but the moment anyone else does the same thing….they’re gonna catch these hands”

Paper Cranes

When little Yuuri first found out about Viktor he wouldn’t stop talking about him.

Viktor this, Viktor that, everything the boy could talk about was ice skating and Viktor Nikiforov, his latest performances, his records. It’s absolutely adorable, however, it also gets a little tiring, especially if you had an inn to run.

So his mother told him the legend about the origami cranes and taught him how to fold them, it was just an idea to keep his occupied, even if only for a little while.

Yuuri made it his goal to finish folding a thousand paper cranes so he would be granted a wish which he would use to finally meet his idol Viktor Nikiforov.

It takes him years and he doesn’t fold them as regularly anymore as he used to as a kid, but sometimes he would look at the jar with the origami cranes and fold another dozen of them. He would go back to folding them after watching Viktor’s new performances, after a win and especially after a fail.

Viktor enters his life and the paper cranes are soon forgotten, resting in the jar somewhere in his closet. It’s when he packs his things to move to St. Petersburg when he finds it again.

He takes them with him to Russia and finishes folding the last few cranes.

It’s their first anniversary when he gifts Viktor the jar with the paper cranes because he couldn’t wish for anything more with Viktor by his side.

“For the man who fulfilled all my dreams and wishes.”

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Am I first for Kinatsu in "Subtle Melancholy"? :D

Yes you are!

I literally thought of KinAtsu when I saw this palette :DDD



where are you now that i need you? // x


76’s fanonical fatherisms are adorable and I’m just weak honestly. Inspired by @snowsheba‘s (amazing!!) fanfic:

+ a bonus symmetra because she’s great and I love her

I’mma make you mine by the end of the summer.

Summer trip AU Lance aaaaaaa fjdsjfjdfjg….. this AU is so cute ;;; I want to thank the academy–