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I found another great interview! "What’s your ideal first date for Rick and Michonne?That’s a good question. I mean what could they do? I don’t know. I think she might enjoy cooking him a meal. I know she’s probably done that before but in like a whole different way. It’s not like they can go for a walk in the park [laughs]. But I think something very discreet in one of the homes, alone. A candlelit dinner type thing could be very lovely." THIS IS ACTUALLY GOING TO HAPPEN

We are so blessed. 

To start the role of a lifetime all I need is you as my co-star.

Ok, so I found this perfect actors AU by Who-Ever-Came-Up-With-It-God-Bless-Them, and I made up a few headcanons for it immediately. So, here we go.

  • Jean and Marco’s actors are best buddies (like living together and occasionally fucking each other in  totally heterosexual and platonic way), who played a gay couple in another movie, so they’re pretty comfortable around each other. They sometimes kiss and grab each others butts during meetings with fans, interviews and so on and fangirls love them. They also joke around a lot, pretending that their characters are actually a couple, and the whole crew is sick and tired of finding them making out somewhere, where they’re not supposed to be (a.k.a Eren’s dressing room, director’s office, etc.)
  • Auruo and Petra’s actors are a married couple. He gets super annoyed with the fans, who ship his wife with Levi and is extremely jealous. Petra on the other hand like to tease her partner a lot, so she pretends to flirt with Levi’s actor and tells fans some private details form Auruo’s life, like the fact that he’s suuuper afraid of little, barking dogs like chihuahua or something.
  • Erd’s actor is a lady killer, so he tries to flirt with every single female member of a crew and fails miserably, while trying to use some lame pick up lines on actress playing his girlfriend/fiance/wife/whoever that blue-eyed cutie was, who kicks his ass and calls him a moron.
  • Christa’s actress loves steaks and meat in general. She eats a lot of them during the breaks etc. Her fans get confused when they found it out, because they were pretty sure, that a tiny girl like her would eat only salads and that kind of healthy stuff. 
  • Hange’s actress gets so into the mood of her characters, that she buys herself two big dogs and names them Sawney (the blue-eyed one with yellow fur) and Bean (the one with brown eyes and fur).
  • Reiner and Bertl’s actors are huge fans of Colosal Titan jokes.
  • Eren and Jean’s actors call each other “suicidal bastard” and “horseface”. Even during interviews and official meetings.
  • Hitch’s actress is actually a director’s daughter, who loved the story so bad, she wanted to play even a little role in it. Her father agreed of course, cause no one can refuse her getting what she wants, so she’s having a lot of fun with the whole acting stuff. She also pretend to be her character very often, even after actual work.
  • Connie’s actor loves to take selfies and kid around. He’s especially keen on dead Marco jokes. He also tease both Jean and Marco’s actors a lot, because of their romance. They don’t really mind though.
  • Mina Carolina’s actor is a sweetheart, who loves jokes about her character loosing her head. She also laughs at Connie’s pranks, so he has a huge crush on her (he loves the beautiful smile and laughter the most) and gets a little frustrated, when someone tease him about it. She finds it cute though. 

I’ve got a way more thoughts on this AU, but this post is getting long so well. That’s it for now.