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Prayer to Dionysus

Far-wandering Lord of of the Grapevine
Beloved son of Semele
You who was from loving Zeus himself
Great God of Festivity
Upturner of Law
Celestial Bull
Hear the prayer of an admiring servant
Adored Dionysus, spirit of freedom
As you experienced all joys and sorrows
Let us grow close as we know life
Be forever beautiful and lively
As music and laughter fill the air
Hail as the serpents bed to your song
Hail as the light of life pours from your presence
Hail as liberation takes hold
All perfect Dionysus, fire of hearts
Grant us your sweet blessings
Pour your illuminating wine onto our lips
And lead us to the grand revelry
Let the strength of your people and their power flow through us
And in turn, we shall praise your name
Mighty Dionysus, Good Lord of Mankind!

naruhina; night walk

prompt: dating (D-10)
rating: K+
a/n: a bit stuck on this one so i just went with more mindless fluff lol. enjoy!


“My day starts and ends with thoughts of you.”


It was rather odd for someone to look forward towards the end of a date, but to Naruto, that was the best part.

The noises of their lucid footsteps pacing towards the Hyuuga compound blended well with the mellow croaking of the crickets hiding in the fields, the lukewarm glow blessed by the moon illuminated their pathway, complementing the serene atmosphere surrounding the couple.  

Walking Hinata home, Naruto had never perceived it as an act done out of chivalry - which made his fellow pink-haired teammate constantly reprimand him for his oblivious nature towards the proper mannerisms of a gentleman. Instead, it was a tactic to prolong the date further and avoid saying goodbye; because once that phrase was uttered, it meant the day spent with her would end.

He felt something light barely touch the tips of his fingers, which drew a knowing smile on his lips. He found it entirely endearing how even after going on countless dates, after experiencing a diversity of moments together, after the amount of intimate touching they have done, Hinata still became bashful when initiating forms of affection with him.

He accepted her signal and spread out his hand, making space for her to push her fingers to interlace with his – connecting smoothly like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Hinata had the softest hands he had ever held, a rather astounding fact considering her specialty was close combat fighting which required constant rough usage of her hands. They were dainty too, demure like the rest of her, but it fit perfectly with his own which were entirely the opposite.

The mood set by the nightfall differed day by day. Some nights would be a bit chilly, providing Naruto the prime opportunity to bring her closer with the argument that body heat worked the best during those kind of moments. Other nights, such as that particular one, would be warm as their hearts, only a mild breeze accompanying their walk and the dark canvas of the night abyss acting as the perfect background for the stars to truly sparkle.

“The stars are very pretty tonight,” the young Hyuuga commented, staring up with a dreamy look.

Naruto followed her gaze. “Looks like some of them are connected too. Oh!” His bandaged arm pointing a finger excitedly. “That one looks like a rabbit!”

Hinata giggled at his imagination. She too pointed upwards, joining him in their little observation game. “I think that one looks like a flower.”

“Hmm, I wonder how I’d look like if the stars formed me. That would be so much cooler than having my face on the Hokage Monument!”

“It’d be interesting to see if they could get your whiskers even.”

They shared a hearty laugh, their joined hands swaying playfully as they continued their spontaneous activity. Another reason Naruto enjoyed walking Hinata home was because of how the atmosphere of Konoha tuned down when darkness looms, setting up the best ambiance for him to enjoy her voice clearly. She had a beautiful voice, soothing yet firm as she articulated her words like a song.

He watched her solely as she told him a story of how Hanabi and her would take advantage of the large layout of the Hyuuga estate and search for the optimum spot to stargaze, the way her emotions poured into her sentences fluidly and flashed through her expressions, how her milky irises gleamed under the light of the moon – giving off a luminescent glow as she continued to enchant him with her charming voice. It became his turn to keep quiet and enjoy listening.

She slowly released her hold on his hand, which only meant they had reached the entrance to her home, much to his dismay. She moved so they stood face to face, her hands clasped together while his were kept in his pockets. “Thank you for today, Naruto-kun,” she said, as she usually did, her long hair flowing freely with the wind, making him even more breathless from her ethereal look.

His hand moved to ruffle his blonde locks bashfully. “You don’t have to thank me after every date, Hinata. Honestly, I should be thanking you for being with me until this late.”

The young heiress quickly shook her head. “I don’t mind at all. I love being with you.”

She bit her lip, feeling a little sheepish from expressing her honest thoughts so directly but Naruto gave her a comforting grin, coaxing her to become more comfortable with voicing out her emotions more openly with him.   

“I’ll see you tomorrow then?” The question holding a much more hopeful tone than he had intended. He couldn’t help it, the thought of a possibility that he might not be able to spend a day with her was brutal and unimaginable. Hinata had marked her existence into the book of his life, and he found no way he would ever be able to write her off.  

“Of course,” she replied with assurance, easing all his worries away. She moved to walk inside of her housing gates, stopping midway to send him a final smile. “Take care, Naruto-kun.”

“You too, Hinata.”

His hand waves at her goodbye but his heart plunged the more she disappeared from his sight, rendering his body into a motionless state where his weight suddenly felt heavier than it was. Rationality gently reminded him there’s always tomorrow and that he can go see her the second the sun rises, yet his feet refused to budge away from his spot – his surroundings taking a shift to a gloomier vibe without Hinata lighting it up.

He can’t wait till the time comes when he will fall asleep with the sight of her and wake up to that same view.

After taking his time with staring forlornly at her gates, wishing he could get at least one more glimpse at her, he heaved a sigh as he turned to make his way home. His mind was too engrossed with recollections of the fun they had on their date that he had failed to notice the light sound of feet scurrying towards him.

She crashed into his back, her arms delicately snaked around his waist, with a familiar warmth seeping through his back and heating him up from the inside once more. He caught whiff of her addictive scent, enrapturing him into a possessive greed where all he wanted to do was bring her back with him so he could drown himself in her existence.

“I forgot to say goodnight,” he heard her mumble, her face nuzzling into his jacket adoringly. He laughed, lowering her arms so he could turn to properly face her. He wasted no time, pulling her against his chest and trapping her in an embrace. If perfection could be envisioned, having her in his arms like this was exactly what he would see.

He kissed the crown of her head, resting his cheek on the softness of her hair. “Goodnight, Hinata.” 

Her hold on him tightened. “Goodnight, Naruto-kun.”

From start to finish, dates with the love of his life would always be heaven.


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