bless his whole face


this is taking too long. maybe we should do your hypnotism-eye-voodoo thing to get them talking. yes, you would expect that sort of behavior from me, wouldn’t you?

Zeno fanservice is so weird? It’s either “aww this tiny scrawny child soaking in water with a ponytail on, so adorbs he doesn’t even look 17″ or “HOLY S H IT post-gore serious-looking Zeno stained in blood, clothes torn apart, scales coming out, posing ridiculously kinky, this is like a checklist of sins thank goodness he’s not actually underage”, there’s no inbetween.

And then there’s Shin-ah fanservice, where we just feel blessed every time he’s maskless and showing his whole face.

Ahahahaahahahahaahhahhhaahaha! Couldn’t stop laughing at the idea of Jim Moriarty in Ace Ventura’s tutu! Look at his little face - bless him! I’d like to see the whole of Sherlock filmed in this way ❤️❤️❤️

so @darthnoodles came to me with the beautiful idea that when Vette eventually gets wind of Quinn and the Warrior’s relationship, she’ll comm him pretending to be Warrior and tell him things like 

“This is your lord speaking and I need you to serve /under/ me” 

“I need you to captain your /ship/ towards me” 

“I can’t operate at peak efficiency without your /special/ touch”

And then Vette sends him the mail at like 3am and he gets up and heads to Warrior’s room and he’s just in his underwear and she’s super confused:

Quinn *grabs the nearby lamp to cover himself*: “My lord, ah, there seemed to have….been a major misunderstanding, I-”
Warrior: …
Quinn: You see, I, uh….
Warrior: ….
Quinn: May I be excuse-
Warrior: by the force yes
Quinn *leaving the lamp by the door*: I will just, uh….go now. Good night, my lord.
Vette keeps bringing it up until all three of them are dead since she never expected Quinn to actually /do/ it and it was 3 am and he was tired and just instinctively following orders without thinking too clearly

And I really had to freaking draw it