bless his whole face

Zeno fanservice is so weird? It’s either “aww this tiny scrawny child soaking in water with a ponytail on, so adorbs he doesn’t even look 17″ or “HOLY S H IT post-gore serious-looking Zeno stained in blood, clothes torn apart, scales coming out, posing ridiculously kinky, this is like a checklist of sins thank goodness he’s not actually underage”, there’s no inbetween.

And then there’s Shin-ah fanservice, where we just feel blessed every time he’s maskless and showing his whole face.

so @darthnoodles came to me with the beautiful idea that when Vette eventually gets wind of Quinn and the Warrior’s relationship, she’ll comm him pretending to be Warrior and tell him things like 

“This is your lord speaking and I need you to serve /under/ me” 

“I need you to captain your /ship/ towards me” 

“I can’t operate at peak efficiency without your /special/ touch”

And then Vette sends him the mail at like 3am and he gets up and heads to Warrior’s room and he’s just in his underwear and she’s super confused:

Quinn *grabs the nearby lamp to cover himself*: “My lord, ah, there seemed to have….been a major misunderstanding, I-”
Warrior: …
Quinn: You see, I, uh….
Warrior: ….
Quinn: May I be excuse-
Warrior: by the force yes
Quinn *leaving the lamp by the door*: I will just, uh….go now. Good night, my lord.
Vette keeps bringing it up until all three of them are dead since she never expected Quinn to actually /do/ it and it was 3 am and he was tired and just instinctively following orders without thinking too clearly

And I really had to freaking draw it

A Blessing and a Miracle (Jumin x MC)

Jumin comes to visit you on the roof of the penthouse, just a ‘tad’ drunk and begins confessing things to you. 

Word Count: 903

-If you hadn’t noticed I really like Jumin. He’s basically taken over my entire life. Anyhow, I sincerely hope you enjoy! Thank you! :)


You sat at the roof of the penthouse and sank into the cushions on the wicker seat.

A deep breath escaped you, your eyelids sinking with slight sleepiness.  

Until you heard the door open.

Your husband, Jumin slowly stepped outside a wine glass in his hand.  

He seemed a bit drunk by the way he took messy steps towards you and the odd strands of hair that constantly seemed to be falling out of place.  

Nonetheless, he sat down beside you, taking another sip.

“What’re you doing out here?” He asked, his voice slurred.

He was a bit drunk.

You chuckled, raising a brow. “How about you? Don’t you think you should be sleeping instead of drinking?”  

“Perhaps.” He gave a crooked smile. “But I’d much rather be with you.”  

“You’re sweet.” You took the glass of wine, setting it on the coffee table. “You always are.”  

As you leaned back into the cushions you felt a pressure on your lap, looking down you found him laying on you, weaving your long hair through his fingers.  

You didn’t mind.  

“I’m always afraid.” He murmured, his speech slowing.  

You lightly kissed his forehead, feeling the warmth from his face. “Of what?”  

“Of losing you.”  

He had been calm, and stern as he spoke. Sincerity entwined every word.  

“Why do you think like that? You know I’m not going anywhere.”  

“Because what if one day I’m not enough of a gentleman or the version of myself that you love? What if-”  

You narrowed your eyes, pushing the hair from his eyes. “I don’t love one version of you. I love every bit of you from the darkest bits you’d rather hide from the perfect gentleman you try to be. Even if you were that monster, I’d still love you.” You smiled gently. “Because no matter what, you’re still Jumin. And I love Jumin more than anything else. I love you more than anything else.”  

He held his breath for a moment, staring up at you with an adoring gaze.

“I told you to live a selfish life when we came back home. To put me second and focus on yourself, but you seem to do the exact opposite.” He sighed. “You could have a broken leg you’d still stop to help a stranger.” He bit his lip, his clouded mind attempting to think out the next words. “Why didn’t you listen to me?”  

You stared at him, your mouth open to speak but unable to actually say anything for a moment.

Before it spilled out.  

“I want to make people happy.” You said flatly. “I want people to be able to smile, laugh, feel safe, or to feel understood…even in such a rough world. I just…want to make others happy. Their smiles come before my own.”

He closed his eyes, almost unable to believe your words.  

“But your smile is everything.”  

“Darling-” You were stopped by him.  

“You could light up the whole world with your smile.” He chuckled. “You know what keeps me going every day?” He opened his eyes, staring directly at you.  

“You do, love.”  

You covered your face, the exact same shade as a tomato.  

He pulled your hands apart, unable to keep the smile on his face from widening.  

He was quite the happy drunk.  

And similar to his sober self, honest.  

“You deserve to hear how wonderful you are every day.” He lifted up his upper body, pressing his forehead against yours in a quiet, tender moment. “Even saying it to you every day doesn’t feel like enough.”  

His voice was lighter than air, delicate and fragile.  

“You are such a blessing you know that?” You hummed, ruffling up his hair.  

“I haven’t done anything to deserve that.”  

“You’ve done everything to deserve that.” You quickly kissed his nose, snorting at his moment of confusion as he scrunched up his nose.  

Eventually, he folded his lips, staring back into your wide eyes.

“Well, if I’m a blessing then you’re a miracle. I won’t be taking no for an answer.”  

“Jumin~.” You laughed as he pulled you down with his arms wound about you.  

You listened to his soft breaths of laughter as the two of you now lay in the seat, facing upwards to the night sky.  

“Alright, you win.” You succumbed, lifting your head unable to hide the fondness painting your face. “But can you be sure not to forget something?”  

“What would that be?”  

“That even if you look at yourself and only see a curse, that you’ll always know you’re a blessing in my eyes. Even if the whole world thinks otherwise.”  

His face was blank before he soon reacted, rather tenderly.  

He pressed a hand to your cheek, completely earnest.  

“But you are my whole world.”  

Your face steadily grew a darker shade, before a small squeak emerging from you as you began dashing his face with kisses.

“I swear you’re sweeter than sugar.“

“I can’t help it.” He replied, his breathing deepened with content.  

“It’s the absolute truth.”

Ahahahaahahahahaahhahhhaahaha! Couldn’t stop laughing at the idea of Jim Moriarty in Ace Ventura’s tutu! Look at his little face - bless him! I’d like to see the whole of Sherlock filmed in this way ❤️❤️❤️

tf2shitfest-deactivated20140515  asked:

Imagine Soldier runs with Scout in the mornings and then Pyro starts running with them because they want to hang out too and then Soldier get's Engie to run with them and eventually everyone is out jogging in the mornings with Soldier and it becomes his favorite part of the day because he's just so happy to be outside yelling at everyone to keep up and he has this huge smile on his face the whole time god bless America


this is taking too long. maybe we should do your hypnotism-eye-voodoo thing to get them talking. yes, you would expect that sort of behavior from me, wouldn’t you?


dowoon playing the piano is honestly the cutest thing ive ever seen