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modern marvel.

jeon jungkook + flash au | 1,769 words | fluff
↳ “takes one to know one.”

author’s note: this is based on the dc universe’s flash. the title is my lame ass trying to be ironic and using a play on of words~

fun fact: this is also inspired by barry and felicity’s little interaction in the beginning of season one which you can watch it here if you’re curious (i re-imagined it a bit though!)

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In this world, there are many marvels. They’re extraordinary, impossible, really—that’s the thing though—they are possible. Despite the limits written in textbooks, there are things beyond those levels that can only truly be experiences in ways of which one needs to simply be in the right place at the right time. Sometimes the unexpected is what it is, and those moments you miss in just a blink can mean the whole world. This is a world where gifts can be more than just monetarily purchased or just abilities one has been inclined with through practice; yes, in this world, there are such things as powers and people on the very Earth who can wield these abilities. In other words, these super humans are Metahumans.

The generation has changed in the past few months, though since the return of Jeon Jungkook, he—of all people—know more than the media does. Since his disappearance from the world, the place he once knew has become a playground for a new generation to play where its players are more than meets the eye. They can do things that any normal person could not, they can phase through ways, make objects move within a millisecond, and in his case, he can move faster than the speed of sound.

It’s been exactly a year since the accident where his life literally flashed before his eyes, only for him to wake up in a white, spacious room sterilized to Kim Corp. perfection with enough equipment that cost more than anything he could make in a lifetime, maybe even two to see that he wasn’t dead or normal, per say.

Since his waking, nothing has been the same. Something he’s been considering a blessing and (mostly) a curse. From his own capabilities as a newfound Metahuman and the endless amount of help he can offer to his city to his feelings for Somin to even his feelings for you, and the only thing that’s been on his mind since that moment of conscious was the very fact that he never got to call you back. He never gave you his answer, and it’s taken everything inside of him not to run those two cities over just to tell you how sorry he is and how much he’s idiot because he finally decided to let her go. Not just to choose you as a rebound, but to finally open his heart to you because as you once told him, “love is a choice.”

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You don't need to say it

Percival Graves doesn’t say ‘I love you’ when he first meets Newt Scamander and gets trapped in the color of his big eyes or when he discovers himself looking at Newt’s freckles like they’re stars in the night sky. He doesn’t say it even though he’s quite charmed by the boy’s passion about magical creatures, even though the whole time he’s with Newt he has a huge grin on his face and his heart feels warm and complete.

He doesn’t say it because he’s 20 and Newt’s 15 and he doesn’t think he’s in love, they’re too young and there’s an ocean between, because he’s just visiting Theseus for the summer and he has to return to America. It’d be foolish to say something like that to someone he may not see again, to someone that doesn’t feel the same.

He doesn’t admit it out loud, but he starts to think about love when finds himself desperate to read Theseus’ letters starving for any piece of information about Newt. He smiles and laughs when he finds out his friend’s brother saved a demiguise and is keeping it at home, where the creature is making everyone’s life a little more difficult. Apparently Greg roams free in the house, scaring the hell out of every single one of them when he suddenly makes himself visible at the most unexpected opportunity.

Well… At least he doesn’t have to ask about Newt, that’s one of advantages of having Theseus as a friend: he can talk and write about his little brother all day long even though anyone asked him to.

He doesn’t say ‘I love you’ when he sees them years later even though he’s quite sure he’s in love at that point. He doesn’t say it because it’s not the time to do so. Because Newt’s parents are dead and the redhead is heartbroken and the light in his eyes is not as quite as bright as it was before. So Percival puts a hand on his shoulder, only that because Theseus is completely wrapped around his little brother and doesn’t let anyone approach him.

“I’m here if you need me,” he mutters instead.

His heart stops a second when his regiment encounters Theseus’ during the war, it stops when he sees Newt standing among huge and powerful dragons. His world turns grey for a moment because Newt is pure and so precious to be in the war. And he doesn’t want to lose him even though Newt is not his to lose.

He argues with Theseus that first day, they yell at each other ‘cause they’re both worried and terrified. 'How could bring him here?’ the question escapes from his mouth without him noticing. 'Do you think I wanted this?’ Theseus’ voice is filled with rage, because they can anything about him, but Merlin have mercy on the soul that dares to insinuate he doesn’t care about his brother.

“I’m sorry,” he says and he means it. “I’m just… I’m worried.”

Theseus nods, looking more calm.

“Newt’s all the family I have left. I love him,” his friend tells him.

I love Newt too, he doesn’t say. Instead, Percival comes to an agreement with Theseus; winning the war becomes to a second term and their priority focuses on keeping Newt alive and sending him back home.

Fortunately, they all go back. And Percival watches Newt return to England with his brother, experiencing so many emotions at the same time. He’s happy to see him alive and well, but he’s also crushed to watch him go.

But he lets him go.

Percival doesn’t say 'I love you’ years later because there’s no one to say it to. And he’s glad, he’s happy to know Newt’s in another place, looking and studying magical creatures… Because he’s free and he’s safe.

So he endures. Percival tries not to break when Grindelwald tortures him, he tries to survive… He thinks about Newt and how much he wants to see his face again.

He doesn’t say it when they come to rescue him even though it’s Newt himself the one that’s kneeling beside him. He doesn’t do it because he thinks he’s dreaming, he doesn’t believe it real.

When he wakes up in the white room and he sees Newt sitting next to him, with a beautiful smile on his face and tears coming down his eyes, he feels ready to tell the truth, to tell his most treasured secret.

But he doesn’t. Because when Percival asks Newt how he knew Grindelwald was not him, how he found him the wizard with curly reddish hair smiles.

“I’d recognize you anywhere, we’re friends!”

Percival doesn’t answer anything. Newt’s not ready to hear what he has to say. But he has learned his lesson and he’s not planning on quitting before even trying.

Everything turns in his favor, because Seraphina (bless her) decides to offer Newt a job at MACUSA and the magizoologist accepts and he stays in New York.

No, the Director of Magical Security doesn’t say 'I love you’ but everyone notices the long stares, the soft smiles and the way his eyes shine every time the magizoologist is around. They know Graves can’t stay away from Newt for long periods of time. They know their boss will do anything Newt asks for and even when he’s having a bad day and he’s grumpy and tired he always has a smile for Newt. So no… Director Graves doesn’t say much ('cause Merlin knows he’s not good at feelings) but they all know. Well… everyone except Newt.

Percival doesn’t say what he really wants to, but manages to ask Newt out. And his heart warms when the other wizard accepts. They start a relationship and Percival tries not to rush things even though he’s ready to ask Newt to marry him. He takes his time instead. He can wait, he’s been doing so for a very long time and he’s not going to ruin it by scaring Newt away.

Newt moves in with him. Theseus is not thrilled to hear that, but he seems to get used to the idea quickly.

“Well… it took you long enough,” Theseus comments when he comes to visit, he doesn’t say it until Newt gets in the case to feed his creatures.

“What do you mean?”

Theseus laughter escapes from his lips after that.

“C'mon, mate! I know you’ve been in love with my brother for a very long time,” he says.


“Merlin knows you’re anything but subtle, my friend,” Theseus continues, amused. “I started to suspect at my parents funeral, but when I knew was during the war. You should’ve seen your face when you realized Newt was there too. And the way you yelled at me… The way you looked at him at every single opportunity you had.”

After Theseus’ visit, Percival thinks is time to tell Newt.

So he waits till night, he waits for Newt to return from his case and takes his hand and kisses him soft and tender to catch his attention.

The words must be forming in his eyes, because suddenly Newt grin from ear to ear and puts his arms around him.

“I know,” he whispers on his neck. “You don’t need to say it.”

Percival steps back, just a few inches to look at him in the face.

“But I want to. I want you to know that I love you, that I loved you since that summer at your parents house when the first thing that came out of your mouth when you saw me was if I knew anything about hippogriffs.” He says and it’s wonderful to finally do so.

Newt has tears in his cheeks, but he looks happy and hopeful.

“I love you, Newt.” He breathes, his lips touching Newt’s.

It feels amazing to say it, but it feels even better when Newt kisses him back and giggles.

“I love you too, Percival.”

leostrious replied to your post “On the Cassandra v. Eugene debate”

I love Cass for the very reason she makes both Raps and Eugene think just in different ways. She has her own interests, fears, opinions, and above all duty. Her job is more then just Lady in Waiting… She is Rapunzel’s Protector something she feels Eugene is forgetting.

Ah, but Eugene can’t protect Rapunzel if Rapunzel refuses to tell him what the problem is.

When he asked in the boat if she was okay, she responded with a question: “Is all this everything you dreamed it would be?”
When he came to apologize for the proposal, she said that she shouldn’t have stormed out, and she was sorry, and asked for his patience.

But not once has she told him what she’s actually feeling, her thoughts, her fears. And Cassandra, bless her heart and intentions, needs to understand that Eugene can’t help fight demons he can’t see. Sure, he can feel them, he knows they’re there, but what exactly they are eludes him. He’s offering Rapunzel support, but in the most hands-off way. I’m guessing he figures she needs space and time and she’ll open up when she’s ready to. After all, he didn’t open up about Eugene Fitzherbert even existing until he was good and ready.

I feel bad for him, being alone in the dark.

I feel bad for Cassandra, shouldering the burden alone and feeling like there’s someone right there who should be helping and isn’t.

And I feel bad for Rapunzel, thinking that if she burdens Eugene with this, he’ll think she’s not appreciative for what he’s done for her.

But Rapunzel isn’t telling anyone what her issues are. No one but Cassandra, and even then, she’s not being 100% open.

Do you know who else I feel sorry for? Frederic. His edict is not baseless. And unlike Gothel, he is doing it for her own good (but also his peace of mind). In all seriousness, “You can’t leave the kingdom without my permission,” isn’t that big a deal. There’s a lot of kingdom beyond the palace walls. That’s not that restrictive. The part that bothers me is, “Don’t talk about magic with anyone.”

Why, Frederic? What are you hiding? Are you just afraid that she’ll clue people in about her hair and make herself a target? Or is there something specific you know that we all don’t?

But, my point here was that if he knew about Rapunzel’s trauma, he might not be so strict about things, and they’d be able to come to a compromise rather than a straight up order on his part.

He clearly doesn’t know how to be a father at all. He never got the chance to practice and find out how. He does, however, know how to be a king, and kings lay down laws and commands when they need things to go a certain way.

So, back to my original post, everyone has learning and growing to do. It’s not going to be an easy ride, but I expect a satisfying one. I’ve been saying since we found out about this series that I prefer a series to a theatrical sequel, because you get so much more character development in a series than a movie. You have so much more time to tell the story. They’re shooting for seventy-eight episodes. That’s a minimum of twenty-six hours of new content we’re getting. And I don’t think I’ve ever been this eager for a series in my entire life.

There was a really nice scene inner world that has replayed a couple of times now 😊 (probably my head trying to sort itself out), so I thought I may as well write it down

Ed’s left handed and his left arm is currently in a sling but he really needed to do the calculations for his books (as he runs a hair salon and needs to sort out wages etc). So Ollie, bless him, offered to be his hands and write down everything his dad was saying as well as calculate what needed to be calculated with Ed’s instruction 😄 it’s such a small and yet serene scene, but it’s sweet and I can hear the chatter between them and the appreciation felt in the room and it’s lovely 💕 snuggled up on the sofa in the study with reams of paperwork everywhere~ coffee in Ed’s hands and a hot chocolate with marshmallows for Ollie~

I hope that inner world memory keeps fluttering back because I’m certainly happy to have it cross my thoughts as many times as it likes

Stealing The Bite Pt. 5

Word Count: 7,249

Genre: Angst, Smut

Author’s Note: I hope I didn’t rush this at the expense of producing quality content but I was just so excited. Plus who am I kidding this is a story about a korean boy who is a werewolf and has animalistic sex with you, what is this quality I speak of lmao

You knew what you were doing with Jungkook was wrong. Taehyung may have been unfaithful to you but two wrongs didn’t make a right. But what could you do when Jungkook was so enticing, when he gave you something that Taehyung never has: Acceptance.

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Do you think you are lukewarm?

I have talked about the concept of lukewarm a couple of times, those asks can be found here if you or anyone else would like to read them.

I don’t consider myself to be lukewarm. My understanding of the concept of lukewarm is that it’s when a person claims to believe in/follow the Lord but their lives and actions don’t reflect Him. Pretty much talking the talk but not walking the walk. I went into much better detail about it in those asks I linked to, so for a better explanation on it, I think reading those asks would be helpful.

That being said, this doesn’t mean I don’t struggle. I do struggle against the flesh. There are specific sins that are my weaknesses and I feel the struggle between my flesh that is wrong and the born again spirit in me that is right. It’s not easy and sometimes I do fail, and when I do, it’s very difficult to deal with the feeling of failure. I do get spiritually “dry” seasons that come and pass. I’ve been struggling with one lately, actually. There’s been a lot of temptation these days with a particular weakness I have. But I still keep pressing forward because I know those seasons don’t last forever and I can’t allow spiritually challenging times to hinder me from doing what He expects of me.

I don’t consider myself to be lukewarm because this world has nothing it can offer to me that is greater in my eyes than Him. I truly believe in my heart always that He can take me home to Him anytime and I wouldn’t care. I have no regrets of things I wish I could have done if I were to die tomorrow. This life isn’t my own. It belongs to Him. I appreciate the kind people, blessings, and good things He has and continues to place in my life here. But I realize that the things of this world and even people who mean everything to me can’t fill the void in my heart - the void that is in all of our hearts. Only Christ can fulfill that.

I hope this helped to answer your question, let me know if you would like to discuss this further.

Sterek Fic-not-Fic

I want you to imagine.

Years from now. Beacon Hills is not such an Hellmouth anymore. Lives have been lost, dreams have shattered, curses have run their course, and blood, so much blood and pain and tears have tainted the streets. A time of relative peace has come, with Scott looking over his town as a just, but powerful Alpha.
Stiles and Derek are together - lovers, soulmates, happy enough to burst. Then one day, a Witch comes into town.
She could be a malevolent witch, or a benignant one. She might tease the BH pack, or bless them, or fight them and put them to their knees, I don’t know, and at this point of the Tale, it does not matter. What it matters is this: she has Stiles alone, and she offers him a deal.
She’s going to make Derek happy.
She’s going to give him back everything he’s lost - Cora, Laura, Peter, his whole family. 
She’s going to reset time.

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Fic: Reactions

Kurt adopts puppy!Blaine from the shelter. The problem? He’s allergic to dogs.

(Kind of instalove-y. Not very sorry about it.) ~1090 words, PG, fluffy af.

The words slipped out before Kurt could stop them.

“Would you like to come home with me?”

Blaine’s entire body stiffened with shock for a moment before his curly black tail began wagging gently. “Really?”

“Really,” Kurt said, unwilling and unable to take back his question. “This shelter is-”

Kurt had to stop himself before bad-mouthing the place where anyone could overhear him, but Blaine didn’t seem to notice.

“I’d love to!” Blaine said, tail beating a more frantic pace. “When can I come?”

“As soon as possible. Preferably now,” Kurt said, smiling. “C’mon, let’s go see what I have to do to take you home.”

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Why I Love Liam Payne

I don’t know what to begin with because Liam is fucking amazing there is so much to say about him so I’m just gonna go through a list and talk about everything aight
This isn’t in any particular order I just like the neatness of it

1) His Personality

Nanananananana BATMAN!!!! Liam is a total geek and I love how enthusiastic he is about his interest its so adorable and makes me smile because it makes him happy to talk about the Avengers or/and the movies he’s watched. He loves Harry Potter and comic books and other nerd ass things. 👀✏️He’s a wall of muscle with fluff underneath and that’s so important to me like he could beat ya ass into the pavement but he won’t because he’s a sweetheart. Liam’s smile is what powers my house its so powerful. When he’s smiling and lookin goofy it makes me emotional. I can’t even begin to explain how goddamn genuine Liam is with everything he does. Taking pictures with fans with that fuckin smile and dressing up in silly costumes is apart of who he is. He means every thank you and every dedication from the bottom of his heart and that means so much to me.

2) His Dedication to the Band and His Fans

I think everyone knows that Liam is the glue that holds that MESS together lmao. He treats his band like brothers and from the beginning he was labeled “Daddy Direction” (remember when Zayn called Liam “Daddy” because bitch me too) He puts everyone and their feelings before his own because he’s selfless AF. Plus he is so sweet to his fans although he is a TERRIBLE INFLUENCE (jk he’s the best influence tbh but remember the Hanky Code incident) He always has a smile and a hug for his boys and that connection and relationships is hella important.

3) His Talents

This bitch can s i n g!!!! Ya’ll sleep on Liam’s voice too much wake the fuck up!!! Squeaky Clean Dream snatched more weaves than any of your faves. Everyday, more hoes are scalped when Liam hits those high notes and shows that he’s a major part of One Direction. His songwriting skills are great too. Liam puts on his little punk ass nerd glasses and handles business. He’s also a kickass boxer like damn son beat my ass. Liam got me like Justin Timberlake who???? Not many people mention how he was a damn good cross country runner either but ya boy Liam can haul ass.

4) His Background

Not gonna lie, it breaks my heart to hear that Liam was bullied in school, even if he’s huge now and that’s all “past him”. Liam is a pacifist tbh like he may be jacked and his biceps can crush steel but he wouldn’t hurt anyone and that’s!!!so!!!!important!!!! Ya boy only had one kidney from infant difficulties and idk how that’s huge to me but its Liam so it just is like the fuckin juice he drank as a kid is important to me. Anyway people don’t see how brave he is also. When he auditioned in 2008 for the X-Factor at the age of 14, he made it to the judges house but Simon said that he wasn’t ready yet and he should come back in 2 years and bitch he did!!!he came back and blew them away with Cry Me A River! Liam was placed in One Direction at bootcamp and ya’llknow what happened from there but even getting up on stage at his age is a huge deal. Liam is so great I hurt.

5) His Relationship with His Family

Liam and his family are poppin like they’re so cute it’s like that family you see on TV where you point out all the similarities between family members and just see the love and endless support that’s beautiful.

6) His Looks

Liam is one sexy bastard he doesn’t even know what he has packin. His body is a blessed temple that I praise thanks God Amen. People wanna talk about how 2013 was his prime because he was thinner like hoe shut the fuck up whenever Liam is the most comfortable or confident is his prime ok when he is happy that’s when he’s at his best eat my ass. We’ve almost seen his dick twice and I’m getting tired of these teases when will he have mercy. We all know Liam is packin heat it’s a weapon of mass destruction banished by federal law. But really he’s that balance of adorable puppy and sexy beast holy shit 😫😩.
I just wanna talk for a minute about Curly Liam…
Currly Liam was my SHIT ok I didn’t know perfection could manifest itself as a human being but that is Liam and Curly Liam was the proof of God’s existence.
Ah I remember when Liam shaved his head that was a rough day but then I saw how good he looked and my soul sang the cords of the heavens. Shaved Liam was such a LOOK he pulled it off so well!
SnapBack Liam is even more important let’s bring back SnapBack Liam please it has me feeling some type of way.
CEO lookin Liam is a gift now Jesus take the wheel. He is the person JT envisioned when he sang “Suit & Tie” no lie. Liam’s looks inspires people everywhere and gives then something to believe in BLESS Liam 👏🏾🙌🏾🔥
Anyway “What Makes You Beautiful” is about Liam #confirmed.

7) Pause….Lets Talk About How Under Appreciated Liam is

It pisses me off to no end when people don’t recognize Liam’s significance and value to One Direction. They sleep on everything he has to offer and only mention him as “the other one”. Like that girl who asked to not have Liam in the pic with her got me so damn mad. What kind of rude ass hoe is gonna sit here and act like that was appropriate or acceptable fucking fight me how is she even allowed in I’m so thankful that Zayn had her fall the fuck back and was like “I’m out too.” Like HA!! BITCH!!!! WHEN WILL YOUR FAV!! Anyway Liam is so under appreciated no one gives him any credit until he either 1) does something extra adorable or 2) does something that they can spin to make their own ships real (most of the time they don’t even include Liam he’s like the wingman) and that’s so shady. I see ya’ll

Liam is so invested in his band and his fans it’s heartwarming and yet he is treated like he doesn’t matter. When I see him say things like “I’m a loser” it breaks my heart even though I know he’s joking it just seems like he actually feels that way about himself because of how people treat him. Do ya’ll remember when Liam couldn’t stop to say hi to a fan and that bootyhole was like “that’s why everyone likes Harry!” 😡😡 just thinking about it I’m pissed what kind of fucked up fantasy realm are you living in to think that’s ok to say that to someone ya’ll are a goddamn disaster. Celebrities are people with feeling and emotions too how is it so hard to understand that. I need to stop and breathe because I’m feeling so many types of ways.

8) His Relationship with His Band

Let’s talk about Liam and his band mates jfc this kills me

Every Liam ship is important and every Liam ship makes me WE A K

Harry & Liam: these two are the Curly Class omg I remember when they both had similar curls and it was a debate every time we saw them from the back we had to debate who was who by the outfit they were wearing. Lirry is adorable in every aspect of the ship just Harry can see when Liam needs someone to look after him for a change instead of always being the most responsible one but what I see is that Harry can also be that responsible one that Liam can rely on to help him relax and know that someone else is looking after everyone just those two leaning on each other for support ughhh 😫👊🏾👌🏾

Niall & Liam: this is prob the most chill ship ever like they’re so relaxed and could have minimum drama like Niam is the calm after the storm. They would be cute together I love Niam.

Louis & Liam: Let me tell you something Lilo is my guilty pleasure ship. I feel like Liam is a match for Louis’ personality and he has the ability to take Louis down a few notches and can also beat his ass when his big ass mouth gets to be too much. Louis can help Liam loosen up but Liam can reign Louis in when he gets too hype. They can both learn a lot from each other and help each other grow as people and learn about their strengths and weaknesses.

ZAYN & LIAM: SHITTTTTT THIS SHIP 🔥🔥🙌🏾👏🏾👊🏾😩✨👌🏾😭 my ultimate OTP ride or die to the end bitch loyal hoe #1 that’s me. Ziam is just amazing the dynamic between the two is unreal. Liam and Zayn know each other through and through and have endless love for each other. They have this connection based on friendship and trust and f u ck. They admire and inspire each other Zayn thinks Liam’s BRAVE and they KISSED damn like lips on lips I still can’t get over how much they care about each other. “Right next to you Leeyum” SHOOT ME!! Kill!!my!!!ass!! Ugh this ship man Liam supports Zayn through everything and “Our brother Zayn” killed me I was dead my heart stopped. I could go on and on about Ziam but that’s a different post for a different day. Also Zayn called Liam Daddy so 💀💀

To conclude Liam is the one that keeps me going everyday he’s so amazing and admirable. I’ll defend him to the grave. He’s beautiful inside and out! And I also Liam should get more recognition for being so bomb💣💣

How come I never see anyone try and drag Hugh Dancy down? You’ll never see anyone say “Oh well Hugh obviously has no idea what he’s talking about, bless his heart.”

Mads is the one actor in the show where it’s abundantly clear he’s read the books. He mentions little details that he wouldn’t know without having read the books. He also is the only actor I’ve seen mention every single Lecterverse film, and not just SOTL.

He offers some very deep insight to the character and how he plays him. he is a very devoted actor and he knows his shit.

actual quote: “I take my work enormously seriously. When I do something it has to feel right. Everything has to be right. I’m not ambitious about my career, but I am ambitious with each job. I can be fairly annoying to work with. No compromises. Let’s put it this way: compromises are from hell.” 

Lead Me Not To Temptation

TITLE: Lead Me Not to Temptation

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Twenty Five

AUTHOR: wolfpawn


Imagine being chosen to be Loki’s wife, and while at first you loath the idea, you came around and actually fall in love with Loki, and he falls in love with you. But the day before the wedding, Odin changes the arrangement and suddenly you’re being whisked away to marry Thor instead. You and Loki manage to have a secret affair and things are perfect, until you fall pregnant.

RATING: Mature

“So, what will we do with our little conundrum?” Loki had his hand placed carefully on Kari’s swollen stomach as he spoke, it glowed light green.

“What are you doing?” She demanded, looking as his seidr seemed to seep into her.

“I am interacting with my child, nothing to fear.”

“Inter…is it reacting?”

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In response to Fashionable Fili and his impeccable style

Fili’s not vain but, damn, he knows how to dress himself and what compliments him and how to accessorize. And he probably offers advice to Kili, but he’s sort of hopeless when it comes to that.

Case in point: Erebor outfits. You just know Kili picked this out because it was shiny. Fili looks exquisitely regal, but Kili has an 80s glam band-meets-Ren Faire thing happening. Poor Kili.

anonymous asked:

What if Yamazaki Sousuke had trouble with his backstroke

pretty sure we need more soumako fics in our lives, so I took a rest from soulmate!au to write the prompts in my inbox

The first obvious choice was Momotaro. If Sousuke wanted to swim backstroke better, he should learn from the expert in their team, right?

Wrong. Momo is a special kind of athlete. Special kind of person, even. (Sousuke saw him peeking in their room yesterday and staring at Rin’s chest, okay? He’s weird. He also sometimes disappears and goes back to the dorm looking so dirty that Nitori ends up sleeping on the floor of Sousuke-Rin’s room. Sousuke thinks Momo might be an alien.) Just thinking of him teaching someone makes Sousuke shudder in fear.

The second obvious choice was Rin. Because Rin knows all the strokes and is a goddamn expert on literally everything. He’s a great teacher too. He made that glasses speedo guy float. That was nothing short of magical.

Except, Rin was not a backstroke swimmer. He was the best in freestyle and butterfly in their whole team. Besides, Rin was busy handling the kids. And offering tutoring lessons to the members who wanted to be better, apparently. (Rin is an angel brought to earth and Samezuka has been blessed.)

So no. Sousuke had to go for the not-obvious choice.

He has to go ask Tachibana Makoto to teach him. (And no, he did not just list all of those as an excuse. No, he did not erase the other samezuka swimmers in his list of choices just so Makoto would be the one on top. Why would he? He does not have any reason to do that!)