bless her socks


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So today mum bought this calendar of shirtless firemen for my dad for Christmas. She keep treating it like this big in joke that my sister and I are also in on, but we have no idea what this joke is. Every time we question it, she gives us the same explanation, that they are firemen and dad is a paramedic, and therefore it is funny. What is going on? She thinks it’s the funniest thing in the whole world.

What a lovely view.  I promise to give Elle a break soon ;) She’s been through so much. Bless her cotton socks. It couldn’t possibly get worse for her… Again if you were waiting for the page yesterday. Many apologies. I was busy at Leicester comic con and as sick as a dog. I’m in bed right now trying to recover from my wonderful lurgy. I don’t get ill often, but when I do it’s spectacular. Bed rest and a whole load of new Hollow Crown for me to catch up with today. Silver linings.

UGH THIS PEACH. After watching Grace 5 days a week for 4 years it’s going to be WEIRD her only doing 3 a week, but i’m so fucking glad she’s finally doing this. For herself. I’m so excited and proud of her for doing it. She deserves a bit of a break, i cant even imagine how exhausting coming up with ideas, filming, editing and creating 5 videos a week must have been. I hope this makes her happier and less exhausted, she’s a hard worker bless her cotton socks. We have so much to look forward to with her. Proud of you Gracie, and obviously we all respect your choice. IF YOU HAPPY, WE HAPPY.