bless everything that is you and your body

It’s so important to radiate positive energy into the world and have a positive mindset. Perspective truly is everything; you can choose to see things as either a blessing or a curse.
Yours, Unfaithfully [Chapter 2]

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Chapter 2 of Yours, Unfaithfully.

Series Genre: AU/Angst/Smut

Chapter 1

The rest of the evening you went through the motions, smiling through the pain as countless guests congratulated you on your upcoming nuptials.

You wished you could leave. You wanted to hate your parents for separating you from the one person who understood every part of your heart, mind and body, but you couldn’t. They had given you everything under the sun and in their own way, you knew they were doing what they thought was best for you.

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I Love You - Johnny

Happy Birthday to one of my biases from NCT. Literally blessed for him to debut as NCT 127 ;-; thank you so much for existing and please be happy and stay happy my love, you deserve the whole world <3.

- Admin Na.

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get it man sexy man

“You forgot it was my birthday didn’t you”. You couldn’t look in your boyfriend’s eyes as guilt rushed throughout your body. “Johnny, you know I’ve been busy with everything. With work and school, it’s easy for me to forget!”. Johnny looked the other way, hurt. You moved a little closer to him, gently touching his back. “Baby, I’m sorry I forgot but I have a lot going on right now”. “Unbelievable”, he said while moving away from your touch. “You are so selfish you know that?”. “Me? Selfish? And could you explain why I’m being selfish”, you scoffed. He was getting on your nerves. “You never have time for me! You’re either working or studying for exams, it just annoys the shit out of me,”. “You know what, I thought you’d understand since you’re the one with a tight schedule”, you said crossing your arms. “Well, at least i make time for us unlike you”. “I don’t understand why you’re so mad at me!”, you yelled. “Y/N, if this was the other way around, you’d be mad at me. Hell, you wouldn’t even talk to me”, Johnny said raising his voice. “Whatever, I’m done arguing Johnny”, you said as you were leaving the kitchen. You went into your room and slammed the door. You laid in bed, listening to the sounds Johnny was making. You could hear him putting on his coat, and the sound of his keys jiggling. You can hear him open the door of your apartment and slammed it behind him. You took our your phone and dialed his number. 

“Where are you going?”, you said with annoyance.

“Out. Don’t wait up for me”, he says then hung up, his voice was cold. 

You threw the phone across the room. You huffed, angry at yourself for arguing with Johnny on his birthday. You laid in bed feeling regret and guilt. 


You woke up from the little slumber you had. You looked at the clock. 3:45 AM.

You looked at the empty cold spot next to you. Johnny hasn’t been home since he left. You picked up your phone and dialed his number. After it ringing for a while, it went to voicemail. You sighed. You wanted to know where his whereabouts were. You wanted to know if he was safe. You got up from your bed and walked out of your room. Your feet touching the cold wooden floors. 

Reaching the living room, you could see the brightness coming from your tv. You didn’t remember turning it on. As you were getting closer to your tv to turn it off, you hear light snores coming from the sofa. You looked at the sleeping figure of your boyfriend on your sofa. Crouching down to get a better look of his features. You gently put your hands into his hair. You sighed, smelling the alcohol from him. You blamed yourself for putting him in this stake. Johnny stirred in his sleep, finally opening his eyes. “Hey.. I told you not to wait up for me”, his tired husky voice soft. You didn’t say anything. You stared in his eyes, still running your fingers through his hair. “Johnny.. I’m sorry”, you whispered, your voice was sincere. He closed his eyes and gave a small smile while chuckling a little. “I’m not mad at you anymore. I’m over it. It was a dumb argument anyways”. You looked to the side. You were still upset with yourself for forgetting about his birthday. He put his finger under your chin and brought your face closer to him. “Y/N, I told you. It’s okay, I’m not mad”, he said giving you a reassuring smile. He pulled you in a deep, long, passionate kiss. “Come on, lets go to bed”.


You flipped the pancakes, making sure you were cooking the other side thoroughly and not burning it. You still felt bad about forgetting his birthday so you decided to make it up by making breakfast. 

“What’s this?”, you hear Johnny say behind you. You smiled at his bed head and seeing him in his boxers. “I’m making breakfast for you”, you said while finishing up with the last pancake. He brought his long arms around your waist, giving you a kiss on the cheek. “Aww, you didn’t have to”. “I want to.. to make up for being a bitch”, you said while looking up at him. He looked at you lovingly then playfully touched your nose. 

You laid out his plate in front of him, while putting all of the food you cooked onto the table. You both sat across from each other and started eating your breakfast. “So, I have today planned out for the two of us”, you said. He stared at you, smiling. “Oh really now?”. “What is it?”, he asked. “It’s a surprise”, you said smirking. He laughed at you. “Johnny, you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I want your 22nd birthday to be special”, you said. “It already has, just being with you makes me happy”. Johnny got up and brought his face closer to yours. He gently kissed your nose before passionately giving you a kiss on your lips. “I love you, Y/N”. “I love you too, Johnny”.

I just want Viktor and Yuri to say “I love you” to each other.

It doesn’t have to be some big grand scene, it can literally be something light and casual or even just a offhanded “Love you!” text and all the other does is smile and respond back with the “love you too” text.

Yes, I know that they kissed and exchanged rings (my soul left my body each time and I ascended into heaven, bless) and Viktor in the last episode danced around the word “love” but he didn’t actually say the phrase to Yuri. Everything that has been played it is INCREDIBLY powerful and shows that “yes, here is a healthy gay couple in love,” but I still want that phrase to be said out loud and for all to hear. 

It’s like in a fanfiction of your fave pairing where you know the couple is gonna get together. In fact, there have been a couple of chapters where they’ve gone through the tropes, they’ve held hands and even kissed, but when they say “I love you” for the first time, it just hits you so god damn HARD.

The phrase “I love you” is just powerful because there’s just so much behind those three words. Again, the actions of these two in the anime do speak for themselves, but that doesn’t make “I love you” any less powerful or satisfying. 

I just think it would just be amazing if they said it out loud to each other. I can’t really explain it, perhaps someone can say it better, but words have so much power and I would love for this to happen. 

First Kiss With Suga

Requested: First kiss with suga

A/N: Bless Min Yoongi, bless this request, bless everything. Thank you for requesting!

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His small dark room was well, dark. The curtains were drawn to block out the evening light. The small fracture of light snuck through the top, making a narrow line of dimming light onto the floor. It cascaded over the surface and onto a jacket that was thrown to the floor. It was thrown there from the frustration a grey haired boy felt during a writing fit. His mind was all over the place and he couldn’t stand the pieces not fitting together.

The bed which he laid on was also covered by a second body. Yours. It was snuggly fit near his, feeling his warmth in the dark space. Everything was quiet except for the sound of steady breathing and the ticking of a clock from somewhere in the room.

Moments like these were often captured by your long-running friendship. Growing up in Daegu together served as a base for a strong friendship. As the years went by, you began to feel for the male. You wanted more than a simple friendship from him. Over the years, he developed into a mature, handsome young man with his dreams in his hands. You have seen him at his worst and best times of his life.

“Your elbow Is in my gut, you ass-hat.” You open your eyes to a uncomfortable looking Min Yoongi with a scrunched face. His eyes were barely open and they looked at you. Moving your elbow away from his stomach, you mumbled an apology. He sighed in response, wrapping an arm around you lazily, pulling you closer to him. You shut your eyes in effort to calm the beating heart in your chest. His other arm wrapped it’s self around your waist, while his head found the crook of your neck. The breathing made pins and needles run down your spine, causing you to shiver. Yoongi mumbed something you couldn’t make out. You didn’t move a muscle as his lips gently grazed your jaw as he yawned.

“Yoongi?” You whispered softly. He didn’t say anything as he took your face in one of his free hands. He watched your facial expressions in the dimly lit room. His eyes seemed to memorize every inch of your face while his thumb ran over your cheeks. His face was expressionless as he leaned in toward your mouth. His lips gently pressed on yours as if he was afraid you were run away. You closed your eyes finally, kissing him back. Your hands didn’t seem to know what to do. You silently thanked him as he moved them to his neck. They wrapped around his precious neck and you kissed his mouth a harder. The male moved his knees up, causing him to hover on you. His mouth lazily kissed yours in the dark room.

Just like that it was all over. It ended as quickly as it started. He nodded to himself a couple times and ran a hand in his hair. Rolling back to his previous position, he seemed to laugh to himself.

“Your elbow again.” With a small smile you move your arm away. Seeing the moment, he wrapped his arms around you and breathed in your scent. “You ass-hat.” He mumbled as he kissed your forehead.

~admin ryu

God gave you that crooked smile, those freckles, that height, that eye shape, that nose, those stretch marks, the moles. You were created special. In His image. Don’t try to change yourself to look like someone else. There’s no one more beautiful than you. love yourself, embrace everything about your body. It is your temple until your very last breath so make it a home you love. Thank Him for making you the way you are because you are loved, and there’s someone out there that wishes you would see what they do.

Happy birthday to you, and to me. To you because you’ve blessed earth with your presence for yet another year, and to me because you made me. You motivate me like no other. And you ARE like no other. You are godly. You are beauty and intelligence. You are mind and soul and body. You are life to those who love it, and death to those who crave it. You are my everything and everything I want to be and have. It is your birthday but it is mine too, for it is your existence that gave meaning to mine. I love you, with all that I have and never had, I love you with what I never knew that I had before you: A heart. I love you. I love you. I respect you. I worship you and I love you

Shower Songs - Daryl Dixon Imagine

AN: No one requested this, I just wanted to write it. I’ve not written in a while as I’ve been struggling so I’m easing myself back into it. Hoping to start on the requests on my inbox (which is closed for the time being) and get them posted over the coming weeks. Thanks to everyone who has messaged me and checked in to ask how I am…You know who you are and it’s greatly appreciated! <3 

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You smile as the warm water cascades down your body and you lather the soap up in your hands, since the world was claimed by the dead, the luxuries you used to take for granted were a blessing when you could get them and since coming to Alexandria you appreciated everything that was there. You soap up your arms, and start humming to the tune of a song that’s playing in your head, the corners of your mouth turning up in a smile.

Say, Candy and Ronnie, have you seen them yet
But they’re so spaced out, Bennie and the Jets
Oh but they’re weird and they’re wonderful..’

You turn your back to wet your hair and raise your voice, you know the house is empty as Daryl and the others are out on a run. Your movements and facial expressions over exaggerated as though you have the record blasting.

‘Oh Bennie she’s really keen
She’s got electric boots a mohair suit
You know I read it in a magazine
Bennie and the Jets..’

As you brush your hands through your hair you hear the click of a door and freeze for a moment, holding your breath for a second, the shower the only sound. You hum the remaining notes and rinse yourself clean and start mumbling the lyrics under your breath, you turn the shower off and step out, grabbing the towel and wrapping it round your body. Smiling you pull open the door and walk into a wall of solid muscle, a choked scream stuck in your throat. Daryl looks down at you, a ghost of a smile flashing across his face, his blue eyes looking into yours making your cheeks flush with colour.

‘Nice shower?’ he asks, an amused tone in his voice. You hold the towel to closer and bite your lip as you see Daryl’s eyes flick down your body before settling back on your face.

‘I urm…I thought you were on a run?’ Daryl takes a step closer to you, the breath leaving your body, for so long you have fantasised about making your feelings known but have squashed them down deep inside in a place where you can’t get hurt by his rejection, a place of fear.

‘Ya well..I got back a few minutes ago.’ You feel a fresh wave of embarrassment go through you again and scrunch your nose up.

‘Shit…So you heard me singing huh?…Great!’ Daryl only smirks at you as you push past him and start padding towards your room, he grabs you by your arm and looks at you. You feel electricity shoot through you, a tingling sensation that reaches out and grabs your stomach, your eyes scan up to meet his and you lick your lips as Daryl’s features soften, he opens his mouth to say something, but closes it and swallows before saying.

‘S’good song.’ He lets your arm go, it drops to your side as he walks into the bathroom and clicks the door shut, a thousand thoughts running through your mind and your breathing shallow.

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reasons to be grateful?

these are different for everyone i feel… we all are privileged and blessed in different ways but for me they are:

  • my family and all the love and support they give me
  • my boyfriend oh my god i can’t say how much
  • having enough money to afford an education and a comfortable life
  • dogs!!!
  • having a body that does what i need it to do
  • being able to see and appreciate all the art and beauty there is around us
  • the studyblr community! seriously you guys are everything
  • humans in general?? so vulnerable and emotive and awkwardly sweet and some of them are your friends and want to be around you that’s amazing
  • good books that i can get lost in
  • hella grateful for tea and coffee and tasty sweet food
  • so much more i’m leaving out bc i love life in general but you know!! so thankful for all of it
The signs as (the album) You Should Be Here by Kehlani
  • Aries: I'm not looking for someone to tell me how to row my boat / So let me live and let me learn I promise we will grow (Unconditional)
  • Taurus: I'm looking right at you, but you're not there / I'm seeing right past you, but you seem well aware / Your body is here but your mind is somewhere else (You Should Be Here)
  • Gemini: You so damn important / Everything you do shows me you know it / Behind it all you are the motive / Don't tell you enough, but baby I'll show it (The Way)
  • Cancer: If you feeling down, know you ain't alone / And if you feeling all confused, know you are not on your own / Don't stress, yeah we're too blessed (Be Alright)
  • Leo: You are what you choose to be / It's not up to no one else / So be great, be kind / Don't let them dim your light (Bright)
  • Virgo: And if you weren't gonna guide me / Why bring me into the light? / Must have done something to make you run and hide / Why, oh why, didn't you just live your life? (The Letter)
  • Libra: Even if I chose, I feel like you're the right decision / Yeah you got aspirations, you ain't fuckin' up the vision / I love that you're not worried bout any other n*ggas (Runnin')
  • Scorpio: Hate to be you watching him love me / I'd hate to be you watching him touch me / Now I am blessed to have what I need / Nothing compares, he is all I see (Wanted)
  • Sagittarius: And I regret bringing yo ass to all those after parties / You enjoyed yourself too much and you ain't barely started / I just can't invest in shit to end up broken-hearted (Jealous)
  • Capricorn: They didn't want me then, they want me now / Did not want me to win, but now they're proud / Now they're payin' to get in, they in the crowd / Tell me how's the view now? (How That Taste)
  • Aquarius: I see that I'm on some new shit / I see that it's something you hate / But what is not growing is dead / If you can't understand, get the fuck out my face (Yet)
  • Pisces: Love ain't never been so close, but so far away / Like your mind is telling you to just back off / And your heart says just stay (Down For You)
~Day by Day~ Leon x MC

-This was meant to parallel Huedhaut’s fic that I wrote before-

-There’s a little tiny smudge of suggestive content, but it’s like Voltage vague stuff it won’t be too much problem-


Everything was perfect.
Leon could see it in your eyes, you smile, your actions. Every movement of your body glowed with happy radiance. You were allowed to stay by Leon’s side, and you had this relationship wonderfully blessed by all the others. You were going to stay at Leon’s side forever, and you gazed so innocently into his face that he could never bring himself to address the issue.
Forever is only a measurement of time. A measurement that doesn’t mean nearly the same thing for you and for him. For you, it was a lifetime, a few decades of memories together, having children, growing old, and the eventual death. For him, however, it was nothing of that sort.
Leon’s forever mean eternal, immortal, undying. He wouldn’t wither away like a mere human. He wouldn’t wither away like you would. He wouldn’t die. You would.
Love had initially blinded you to this consequence, and the cold terror began to sink in once your relationship stabilized.
Leon could see the anxiety building up within you. He could taste the fear in every one of his firm kisses meant to reassure, feel the tension in your every muscle as he shared your bed, hear the terrified heartbeat thudding under his ear.
“Don’t give it any mind.” He said curtly when you tried to bring up the matter of your age, your wide and starry eyes blinking nervously. Your mouth twitched and stayed shut out of obedience, as well as sheer helplessness. Leon stared at you for a long and hard moment, taking in every detail of the slender face, formed jaw, delicate cheekbones, etching the blossoming beauty of your face into his mind. His gaze paused as it locked with yours. The twinkling sparkles in the depths of your eyes flashed brightly, sweetly, with a nativity that he wickedly loved. He extended an arm, putting a finger under your chin and lifting it. A confident smirk overcame his lips and you tense nervously, shyly, a faint blush creeping into your skin. “Trust me.” He said simply, and that was all you needed to hear in the moment.

Leon was a newcomer to the concept of love, yet he tried his best to be the lover he knew you wanted and deserved. It was a strange feeling, allowing a human woman to flutter over him, allowing her so much room in his heart, allowing her to become so important to his life that he couldn’t remember what his existence had been before.
He could see Huedhaut giving him that look, that pathetic glare from the midnight eyes, a look of jealousy and anger. Leon couldn’t bring himself to care. In this life, you were his. Huedhaut, no matter who he had been to you, had no right to this woman holding his hand. On the contrary, Leon felt himself increasingly envious of his friend.
You may be here with him in this life, but then what?
This life was candlelight to the fiery brilliance of a goddess’s being. A candle melting away day by day. For every moment he enjoyed with you, there was an equal moment cut from the slowly dying flame.

He tried to go with the flow of things and enjoy every moment he spent at your side. He grew increasingly possessive and needy, requesting your presence constantly, not wanting to waste a moment of this limited time not in the company of the sweet, kind woman he loved. Not wanting to waste a single heartbeat not breathing in your soft scent, not gazing into the starlight of your eyes, not listening to the heavenly chime of your laughter.
Leon didn’t know how to live without you anymore.
You had become his addiction, his drug, his companion and partner whose presence both calmed and excited him.
He needed you.
He loved you, most passionately.
Leon wanted to give you everything. The best of all things. The gift of a night sky in your eyes, the most dazzling ornaments, the sweetest fruits of summer, the most earnest of his love.
There was no settling for any less.
He knew the clock was going by, a deathly ticking that counted the moments of your life, counted the moments you had left to spend with him. There was no time to settle for anything less. He wanted you to experience the best at his side.
He gifted you with his time, his attention, his absolute devotion, love, and support. You smiled and laughed in blissful happiness, a star amongst humans. He could see the look in your eyes when they set upon him, enchanted, adoring, respectful. It was a look he never wanted to see fade.
Leon teased you, loving the blush on your cheeks, enjoying your reactions as you were easily flustered by him. Out the corner of his eye, he saw Huedhaut turning away from this direction, and felt a jolt of satisfaction, mingled with a surprisingly large amount of guilt. He hid it back and pulled you closer, planting a kiss to your lips. Your lovely eyes, gleaming with Huedhaut’s stars, widened shyly and Leon laughed. His large hand ran through your hair and you smiled up at him.
Hell, he could hardly control himself around you. Everything about you made him want to hold you close, make you his and his forever, claim this amazing woman for his own affections. It made him excellently proud to see others fawning over your beauty and endearing heart, yet Leon’s eyes narrowed dangerously whenever anyone - especially Huedhaut or Teorus - came a whisker too close. The lion kept watch carefully. They could gaze upon you with admiration, but they were in no way allowed to lay a finger on his woman.

It was strange to even realize that he no longer set his desires for you in a solely physical context. Leon desired nothing more than to know your scent and listen to your voice as you sang or spoke to him. It was a contentment that left him in a rare state of speechlessness. He always listened to you intently, enjoying your words against his chest. Your voice was so calm, so relaxing, and lulled him into a wondrous haze of shimmering affection for you. Leon wished he could waste - No. He was not wasting.
He wished he could spend time like this with you forever, doing nothing in particular, lounging on his bed, snuggling to a physical closeness and softening each other’s hearts with sweetness whispered in the other’s ear. That was a luxury he did not have. Days were passing, time was flying past him too quickly for him to bear. Leon lowered you into his bed, pinning you gently into his bed.

You clung to him in the intensity of the night, his body over yours. His lips left mark after mark upon your soft, pale skin, as if they would declare to the superior forces of time and space that you were his. As if they would stop the sadistic rise and fall of the sun, as if these small red marks were enough to stop the cruel days from passing. Your screams of pleasure heated his body and soul, giving a sense of delight he had not known before. It was one thing to evoke pleasure. It was absolutely another to give such please to a woman he regarded with nothing but the most ardent fondness, the most delicate trust, the most honest fascination.
Leon didn’t care if the others could hear you. Let them hear. Let Huedhaut know he was having you tonight, let Huedhaut know that he was returning your love with the deep affection of his own. Nothing mattered but pleasing the woman in his arms, mewling under his body and tangled against in his bedsheets.

He watched you drift off to sleep afterwards, cuddled against his chest. A few strands of that silken hair tumbled over the naive and pretty face, stirred slightly by your breathing. With a finger, he stroked them back away from your cheek and tucked them behind your ear.
Everything about you was enchanting.
Leon sighed and hugged you closer, strong arms pulling your body against him tighter and tighter. How he wished he could keep you up all night, sharing words of wonderful nothings and simply enjoying each other’s conscious presence. He needed no sleep. Gods could do such a thing. You needed sleep. He felt like this time was such a waste, your head pillowed on his bare chest, your stunning eyes not glowing up at him with that absolute adoration he found so endearing.
But then again, you were here with him. That itself was a gift.
Leon stayed a while longer with you, sharing your warmth. His heart felt fulfilled and satisfied, wrapped in the lingering sweetness of the moment. He kissed your forehead. You were just so soft and nice to hold, fitting into his arms perfectly as if you were once a part of him that had been sliced away.
He wondered what had he been missing out on these past thousands of years, letting the goddess be charmed by the unpredictable, aloof God of Aquarius. He should have gotten her. He should have took her into his arms. He should have taken that chance, that chance at eternity.
That chance at forever with you.
Leon could feel your relaxed, sleeping heart rate thump reassuringly against his chest, counting away the time. Suddenly, it irritated him beyond imagination. Careful not to disturb you, Leon eases your delicately sleeping form into the sheets and swept out of the room.

His footsteps sounded more like the haunting ticking of a clock in the empty hallway. The moon was in its course now, he knew. The rest of his friends should be in the common hall. Craving noise and company, Leon strode down in the direction of the voices.
They greeted him with knowing smirks and amused looks. Of course, there was Scorpio looking as disinterested as ever, sitting in the corner with a heavy tome of records, glancing up once as he entered and turning back to the pages. Leon spotted Huedhaut sitting upon one of the couches, fists balled in the cushions, ocean tinted eyes flashing in his direction. The usually calm and composed god seemed tired, broken, and tortured. He had heard you. Leon chose to ignore him.
He needed no reminders of how you may leave him.
The pattern of his heartbeat was painfully clear in his ears.
Ichthys and Teorus’ teasing swamped him, and Leon let his friends take over in the moment. Their voices served as fine distractions, a short gasp of breath for him as he suffocated under the never-ending pace of timekeeping.
The never-ending pace of losing you.
Out the corner of his eye, Leon saw Huedhaut slip out of the room.

There were desires the Minister of a whole Department of Wishes couldn’t even grant.
You wanted children. Desperately.
He had never truly gave it any thought. It seemed so trivial to him over the course of a life that had gone on for countless seasons. He was in no hurry.
It was such a human wish, so strange and out of place in the mind of a god.
But it was your wish.
It was the desire of the most beloved person in his heart, and Leon would give anything to gift it to you. When he had agreed, he saw the stars burn brighter in your dazzling eyes, blinding him to everything but the pure love that shone into his soul. He could do anything to keep seeing this light.
The two of you had tried for a child.
It was a while before Leon realized it was impossible. That cursed magic. That wretched goddess, sealed, unconscious within your body. Those powers, those memories, those properties of a goddess - that you couldn’t harness - was hindering you. It became obvious that you couldn’t conceive. Human or not, you were a tool. A shell. A mismatched doll Huedhaut had unknowingly created in order to protect the soul of his goddess, a weak body trying to balance the lives of a goddess and a human, torn between two identities that mere flesh couldn’t control.
You would never conceive a child of your own.

He couldn’t find the courage to tell you.
Nothing fazed the God of Leo. Nothing. Nothing but perhaps the sight of his woman curled upon the bed, crying endlessly in chronic disappointment, crying of unattainable dreams, crying of the inability to deepen their relationship in the most beautiful human way. He approached you, sitting down on the mattress beside you, placing his hand on your hair in the gentlest way he could muster. Your eyes, rippling with tears, looked up at him. The silver sparkles within them swam and swayed, dimmed from your anguish.
“It’s not your fault.”
He said firmly, his voice as strong and unwavering as he could manage. Leon’s heart wrenched within him. He wanted children with you. The cheerful and eager voice you had when you spoke of kids with him had rubbed off on Leon, bringing his mind to desire such an aspect in life. He had even imagined your children, the boys with his hair and your happy smile, the girls with your pretty face and sweet laughter. He had once thought he could have everything.
But he wasn’t that powerful.
Your shoulders shook again in another wave of tears, and Leon felt the heart in his chest bleed.

Leon had never known jealousy. He had always been the his fellow gods looked up to, admired, and thrived to be. Or at least, he thought.
He had never been so envious of Huedhaut, who shuffled around the building in the most detestable way, always giving you a look of longing that Leon wished to wipe off his face with his knuckles. Huedhaut once had the goddess for so many years. So many decades. Leon was limited to just a few.
He had never been so envious of Teorus. If he could just snap his fingers and use the magic of time. Freeze the scorching sun in its hateful path. Halt the clocks at this precise moment. Any moment where you gazed into his eyes with that starlit love. Leon would give anything to control time.
Anything to stop you from slipping away from him.

The marks of the days was beginning to show through in you. Here and there he picked up on gradual changes. You were more mature, more insightful, more careful. Leon still teased you here and there, but the responses were less flustered, less shy and giggly. The ticking of the clock left tiny lines by your eyes. The short-lived days fell through his fingers like sand, flowing faster out of his grasp the more he tried to cling to it.
The only things that never changed were your eyes.
Huedhaut’s stars, half the constellation of Aquarius, shone up at him through your eyes.
The fine, now elegant orbs of perfection that regarded him with the strongest, purest form of love.
That was the one thing that he never wanted to see change. He would always love you in return. He would love you day by day, cherish you through every moment, adore you by every heartbeat.
Anything would be alright, as long as this love never changed.

Leon was far, far older than this. He looked younger than he was, but he still looked ridiculously old to himself.
A golden haired man in his fourties looked back at him, accompanied by a smiling woman of similar age, held against him with his arm by her waist.
“You look lovely.”
The soft smile widened upon your lips.
“Thank you, Leon. You do too.”
“I know.”
He kissed your cheek happily.
He had requested and obtained permission to magically alter his appearance. Your hand ran through his hair, seeing a strand or two of white. This was the best Leon could do.
You had been upset at the way you were aging, scared and unwilling for your eternally youthful beloved to see you withering away. You wished not to taint his perception of you with the unappealing sight of passing time. You had shut yourself in the room for a long time until Leon forcibly threw open the door and you gasped at the way he looked. He had aged, much like you did, his face shifting to that of a human man of your age.
The expression upon your face then had been priceless, and Leon would give all he had to keep you that wonderstruck, that pleasantly surprised, that charmed by his devotion.

And then that day. That wretched day he had feared for years upon years, the time of his ruin. You lay in the bed, barely breathing, holding to a last thread of life. He had your frail hand clutched within his, sitting by you with tears that hung in his eyes by only determination.
His friends were gathered in the room too, all solemn at the impeding departure of that kind woman who had shared their life for the past sixty years. Perhaps the only other person who truly cared about the situation half as much as he did, was Huedhaut. The dark haired man stood by Teorus, staring intently at the scene without a word.
Leon’s eyes stayed on your face, moving a hand to brush your white hair away from your face.
His voice shook.
Even minutes now seemed to be whipping through him like a hurried wind.
Every breath seemed weaker than before.
A smile graced the pale lips, crinkling the papery skin and flesh. Leon smiled tenderly back at you, forcing the pleasant gesture to his face. His eyes tried to memorize every detail of your face, his ears every note of your voice, his fingers the fading warmth of your hand.
“I love you, _____________.” He said in a low voice, stronger than before and steady with the deepest feelings of his heart. He kissed your forehead lightly. “You know that.”
At his words, your eyes glowed a little brighter, shining at him once more with that affection he didn’t dare think about living without.
And then it was hell. It was injustice. It was pain.
The familiar stars ebbed from your eyes, the irises turning into hollow blankness now. Slowly, your eyelids fell over the empty gaze. Your chest fell and no longer rose. You were gone.
Leon clutched your hand tighter, his head bowing over the body of the woman he had loved with his entire soul.

It was your voice. Leon knew that. He couldn’t bring himself to look up. It was the voice of the goddess, not the woman he loved.
Your name fell from his lips, sounding broken and shattered as with his heart. His watery gaze flooded over you, begging for another trace of movement, another wisp of breath that would make him alive again, another twitch of the finger that wore his ring that would restore his sole purpose of existence.
A hand rested lightly on his shoulder.
“You have to return to your form now, Leon.”
It was such a horrible sound, your voice, echoing and elegant as a goddess. He wanted you back. His woman. His beloved, dear woman, who now lay in the bed, defeated by passing days. There was none of the sweetness in that voice speaking to him. It was a cordial voice, a kind voice, but not a loving voice.
The voice says his name again and he sighs at the reality. Something split harder in his chest and he sits up. A flare of gold filled the room as Leon felt the magic wash over his features. His slumped back straightened, his face softened back into its younger days. The handsome looks came back. 
But the woman to appreciate them was gone.

He said your name again, hopelessly, and turned to face you.
The goddess.
You stood before him in all your former radiance, pale skin glowing and your eyes twinkling gently. Even through his bleak loss, Leon could see your eyes. Your rightful stars gazed down at him, restored to the beautiful face he had been so in love with before.
“She loved you.”
The voice was so apologetic and pitying that it sank daggers into Leon’s heart. He reached out to you in a shaken state of weakness and silently begged his tears to stay put. They burned, threatened to fall, and painfully stayed in his eyes.
“You can find solace in that. To her last moments, she loved you with all her heart.”
He still had no words to answer, his breath crushed from his lungs by your words.
“Leon, you know I am not yours.”
Grief and sorrow clouded your gorgeous gaze. Leon found himself staring. He couldn’t possibly live like this. The heavens themselves wouldn’t be so cruel to grant him years of happiness just to have him look into those once adoring eyes to see pity.
“She housed my spirit, but not my heart. Her heart was her own, and it was yours. My heart, Leon, is not.”
It was all over.
Your voice held a tone of finality, a tone so heavy that it dragged his tears from his eyes. He quickly turned his back to you. He snapped his fingers.
The empty body burst into controlled flame as his tears betrayed his mind. He willed a golden tongue of that flame to brush the droplet from his cheek. The fire roared for a moment, swallowing up the woman he loved. As abruptly as it started, it faded, and Leon clasped the ashes into his hands.
When his palms parted once more, a diamond rolled in his hand. His fist closed around the precious gem, its heart facet cuts as sparkling brightly as your eyes had been.
“I know, ____________.”
“I’m very sorry.” You say softly. There was no need for more words. You retreated from the room and left Leon to his mourning.

He opened his hand once again, slowly, easing each finger up to see the stone.
Light was refracted from the tiny diamond, a rainbow of dazzling flashes before his eyes, almost a fraction as captivating as your smile and your laughter.
Leon reached into the collar of his uniform, pulling on the string until he found the amber pendant he wore. Long fingers pressed the diamond to it, and it was mounted with a spark of magic.
The amber pressed back against his skin. It felt suddenly warmer.
He could remember your skin upon his, the exact warmth of his pendant. His hands clutched the sheets, wrenching them as he struggled under another unwanted wave of tears. His heart ached and longed for you, it bled of loss and despair.
It hurt, yes, but it was solely pain, untouched by the guilt and torture of regret.
He had loved you with everything. He had loved you to the utmost of his capabilities, day by day, year by year.
Leon regretted nothing.
He had known this ending since the beginning.
Forever is only a measurement of time.

And this diamond, this star, was your forever.


Thanks for your read!
This is part of 3 sections I wrote for SCM.
Love in those Stars (Parallel timeline (even shared dialogue)):
All I see (NSFW after LitS):




Where do I begin but with a ‘thank you’? A thank you for inspiring me for these past four years. For keeping me grounded and leading by example. Through your magnificent body of work, your dedication to your passion and love for those around you, your kindness, love for animals, your honesty, your earnest effort…it does not go unnoticed. Not by many fans, and certainly not by me.

You are a gift, Edward Thomas Hardy. And I am grateful for the day I discovered you, and I am grateful for the light you continue to bring. 

Thank you for everything.

You have all my love on this blessed day.  


“i told my mother to stop oiling my hair so i could fit in with the kids at school. fit in. my people have been struggling to be loved. to love themselves. my ancestors spend years trying to perfect each tradition. mehndi designs holding blessings and prayers in hands but now they’re your ways of getting non-permanent tattoos. we tried covering our scars with skin lightening creams because of the hatred of our sun kissed skin. my sisters stopped wearing bindis when they were belittled to nothing but dots on foreheads but now they’re your fashion statement. you have been stabbing at our wounds for decades. reducing whole people to shadows. wearing our clothing, our jewellery, our blood on your bodies. i suppose it is a reminder - you have always been a mix
blood of thieves and murders.

culture appropriation. they love everything about us but us.”
- D. Kaur

my culture isn’t your fashion statement 


pssvbnshee  asked:

Do you know of any Kaisoo fanfics ? Like really really intense ones...

oh yes i have a fic rec on my blog –>xxxx 

the most intense one i’ve read is  ‘A Psychopath, a Psychopath, He Says He Loves Me’ it’s multichaptered and.. holy shit

Cover Your Body with My Autograph *sprays self with holy water*

Drag your teeth across my chest, taste my beating heart /gulps audibly

Give Me Everything Tonight top!soo is love, top!soo is life

Handcuff Me to You very very good

Hungry Eyes a+

I C U  (basically just read anything written by kaspian on aff)

Rodeo  still crying about this one tbh

Size Queen bless

Tank Tops and Tattoos (With a Side of You) one of my ultimate faves

Tie My Wrists to Yours yaaas

some of these might not be intense per se, but they’re all very well-written smut fics *u*

Waheguru, (God/Universe/Love)

You remain that one detail in my life that is always significant. That detail that makes me, who I am. That detail that makes the Universe what it is. How beautiful, to realize we are never alone, that Your arms are always within reach holding my body as if the weight it carries is nothing yet, everything. You remind me that nothing truly matters, and there’s so much freedom in that. We are the same essence, and you continuously prove that to me. I love You, as pure as can be.

your lips are sweet and you kiss like lemonade and all this feels like being awash in a pink sunset. the gray is reality and cold but my body feels warm in the moment.  i never know how to ask but you know, you know me. and that’s more than i can say for a lot of people. i’m a constant riot, but right now i’d go wherever you’d want me to be. you pull me down and i fall like breathing,  like it’s the second most natural thing in the world. i always forget what to do with my hands, but today, i hold. i don’t want to leave. i can’t forget but you and me, this feels honest, feels sticky truth. you mark me in burgundy, and the color doesn’t look the same way once i’ve felt it on my skin. i want you to color me violet. i want time to be kind. and god,  i want you to know that you’re fucking beautiful. i promise next time i’ll say it outloud.