bless everyone's here


hi guys !! ♡  i have ((finally)) made a redbubble for my designs!! the link to my merch is here !  check it out if ur interested ♡ ((& thank u guys for all the support so far,, it means the world to me))


Sooner or later, you’ll regret caring so much.

And the sad thing is, you won’t be able to stop.

anyway here are some angry phoenix children, hiriko and noa, they’re about to start a fight and it’s a miracle that it’s not w each other

some fun facts about hiriko:

  • looks like he’s 12 but he’s like 20 years old lmao
  • hiriko is a type of car
  • this is not the first time i have named an oc after a car
  • i don’t know why i keep doing this
  • i probably should stop
  • argues with noa 24/7 but the second someone actually tries to fuck with her he’s like “um excuse me what do you think you’re doing”, and vice versa
  • he doesn’t have many lines but i love him

my first completed drawing done entirely on my phone… amazing…. Time: 3 hrs | 3 layers

please dont repost or use my art without asking


nobody is immune to nagisa’s charm 

this ova has slayed my soul goodbye world SOUCHAN-

nnt week - day one (food) (click for full view bc tumblr likes to resize lol)

Q: who has the biggest sweet tooth within the sins?

A: merlin. she’s dependent on sweets when she is deep in thought.

Joe and Caspar mean so much to me more than anything. I may ship them but that’s not why I basically dedicate my time to them. They deserve so much for how much they make people happy. I’m one of them and they’ve made me smile when I thought it was impossible. They made a fandom where people are able to interact together. The jaspar fandom is nothing but a blessing. Everyone here is so kind and understanding. Being on tumblr helped me get through days where I felt alone. I would remember that there’s a group of people online I can go to for help. I hope you all know how much you have helped me and how Joe and Caspar made me glad that I am alive.