bless comic con

Just wanted to thank everybody who attended the con today for being so generous in sharing info/vids and pics with the rest of the fandom.

Endlessly thankful for feeling part of the loop. It looked like such a fun day and I’m thrilled for everyone who got to meet Jemma & Catherine 🎉


Tactile Tennant and his ongoing obsession with stroking cat-nun-nurse faces and squeezing Ood heads 

[ Wizard World Doctor Who NY Con video source ]

i met Hannah and Hilly Hindi from the hillywood show yesterday! they were the absolute sweetest! they rlly reminded me thats it is a-okay to be short and it made me feel good :-) hope to meet them again! check out their parodies!!! @thehillywoodshow @hannahhindi @hillyhindi

p.s. pls watch their sherlock parody! it’s done so well!