bless 'im


lol im a mess with no makeup, a mess with semi good brows at least.

ive never really liked my body i always thought i was so much bigger than everyone else; im thicker than most people i know but im glad im blessed with curves, my weight always fluctuates, but im getting happier with my body 5′10 and 69kg of happiness:))


;; that’s so kind !! Kai mun appreciates it~~~ If you mean general colors for the way I draw gumi, I use the skin toned based palate for her skin- duh, hehe~ and I add highlights using white! I use the upper greens for her hair and do the same highlighting as the skin and so fourth with the other colors- Oh ! And the second to bottom palate is the one I use for her eyes ! Thaaaanks ! ;;


this is one of the best things to have blessed this earth im mean they even put aarons hoodies on im crying the whole cast are so Pure