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do you think the snk universe and isayama's general treatment of female characters is sexist?

fuck no. isayama’s representation of ladies is fucking progressive as shit. gender equality in so far as the writing is pretty much a total non-issue in the series.

besides the mention of prostitution in the snk world (which is not necessarily sexist or anti-feminist, its the oldest professsion in existence and its only peoples views and treatment of prostitution/prostitutes that is usually sexist, not the profession itself so I dont think isayama is being sexist by including that profession in his story) women in snk are completely equal to men and are not held back by their gender.

they all wear the same gender neutral uniform, ladies serve on the front lines and in the same capacity as men, there are female leaders and females who are as powerful as the males. mikasa is top of the 104th, beating out all the dudes and the top ten recruits were pretty much evenly shared by ladies and dudes. Annie annihilated Eren AND Reiner in hand-to-hand combat, and Sasha is a fucking badass with her bow and arrow and saves Connie from near-death in the recent chapters. and Hange’s gender is still a matter of interpretation but if she’s confirmed to be female then holy sHIT, what a fantastic female character. and the female characters are as well-rounded and complex as the male characters in terms of writing in my opinion. 

not to mention none of the female characters are sexualised by isayama (they sometimes are by people in hangeki no tsubasa or other official artwork but never by isayama himself) which is a breath of fresh air. one of the reasons I lost interest in anime was because I was sick of huge bouncy tits that defied physics and up-skirt panty shots and consistent scenarios with dudes falling on top of girls and accidentally copping a feel. I feel like Isayama would scoff at that kind of shit and continue drawing Mikasa looking fucking glorious with her six-pack abs and MMA training gear. 

okay so literally no one can argue that macs aren’t better than windows, I just wanted to send an app to my friend in a whole fucking other state and I literally just dragged and dropped it into imessage and hit sent PLEASE tell me that ur windows laptop can do that


All time favorite vine

Messi tried in the last training and he couldn’t go. For that, I decided that he wouldn’t play today. We’re not going to risk Messi. If this continues, he will not play on Tuesday against Ecuador. We want to take it easy. While we have some kind of expectation that Messi can get to play, let’s wait until the last minute. Doctors made pictures to Messi on his foot and they showed nothing but when he put his boots on, his foot was swollen.
—  Tata Martino

I really admire you work, especially on Mike and Doll. So I made a comic fan art called Mike’s bad Pants Day. Hope you don’t mind, I tried to use your style of the characters. Story: Mike end s up gaining a little weight because he’s stressed at his job. And this shows when Mike attempts to put on his old security pants. I really hope you like it. I’ll send you part two soon.

AAAAHAHAHA!! Awww poor Mikey!  Bodies change, kiddo… bodies change.

This is hilarious Shana! Thank you so much!! I can’t wait to see more! :D

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