I came out as bisexual when I was 11 and was subsequently bullied and invalidated to the point that I would just tell people I was gay until I found out what queer meant in high school. It was a really upsetting experience to have had my sexuality manipulated by peers and family alike, but yeah…

When someone tells you their sexual orientation, respect that.

the boy in the dress on bbc was absolutely wonderful omg

the way it handled issues involving trans ppl and how clothing is unnecessarily gendered was great and there was also a very racially diverse cast, plus it touched on the topic of single fathers too and it was still funny without being offensive

great film, all ive ever wanted from a david walliams film, 10/10


Here we have Sabby sporting the man bun, the perfect hairstyle for days on the run. It’s quick and easy to throw together in a matter of minutes, wear it to the grocery store, McDonald’s, or even picking the kids up from soccer practice! Not to mention, it is a cute hairstyle and flattering on just about everyone. It works the best for medium to long hair, but this technique can be accommodated to every hair type!

I feel like I need to explain why I’m upset about the recent Davepeta upd8, if not to anyone else than to myself.

It’s not that I think Homestuck has gone to shit (though it’s definitely changed and only time will tell if it’s for better or worse), and I don’t think anyone can call it lazy writing until we see the ending and how this fits in to it.

Davepeta on their own is a cool character so far and I think they could add a lot to the story, don’t get me wrong. However, the fact that Nepeta can never exist on her own, can never have her own story told, can never have any significant character development ever in comic, really upsets me.

We don’t get to see her for years, and when we do it’s for a few seconds in Roxy’s sleepwalk flash with a dead Karkat. Then, when we finally get to see her, she almost immediately fuses with Davesprite and is no longer Nepeta in her own right.

Then there’s Davesprite, who we also don’t see for a long long time and has an interesting story arc that hasn’t fully arced yet, and now it never will because they’re fused together into a new being.

Idk, I’m just really upset because I see a lot of myself in Nepeta and the fact that she’s been a joke in the fandom basically since she was introduced and has no way to prove herself without the help of others, especially now, really bothers me. I’m somewhat interested in what happens now that Davepeta is a thing, but honestly it feels like Nepeta’s been killed all over again : /


(i didnt actually get that many this year bc i was rlly out of it ;;)

all my photos from manchester comic con this year!! all of you had rlly amazing cosplays and it was great to meet you all <3

pictured here is aretard-of-time as seras victoria and the lovely ymirly as homura (srry the photo came out weird and shaky i was shaking a bit lol)

also honourable mention to the girl i talked about seventeen with and directed me to where i could find a cheaper bangtan album ^^

if you see yourself, feel free to tag yourself or drop me a message!!