Sandaga 813 definitely has the “best kept secret” vibe. If you don’t already know this cool venue you will pass it a hundred times and not even know. Needless to say, Sandaga 813 will be my new listening lounge after last Friday’s #eargazm.

Songstress Algebra Blessett graced Dallas with her presence again. I’ve been following her performances on YouTube and music since 2010. I knew I didn’t want to miss hearing her live. For those of you unfamiliar with the artist Algebra Blessett, here is a little background info. She is an Atlanta native who started out as a background singer for artists Monica and Bilal. Her first album Purpose was released in 2008 and now her second album Recovery is here. When I first heard Purpose it spoke to me on so many levels. Her songs eloquently bring out the feelings you try to hide and the feelings you want to shout to the world but most importantly to the one you love. If you like the sounds of Ledisi, Conya Doss, Anthony David and Chrisette Michelle then you will love the soulful vocals of Algebra Blessett.

Showtime. Lights dimmed to a red and blue ambiance as Algebra kicked off the night with all time fav “Run and Hide.” She slowed down the song to a reggae beat.  Everyone was singing along and grooving endlessly throughout the night. She even had the ladies droppin’ it to the floor. Algebra’s vocal range was as playful as her personality. I loved hearing her go from a high melodic soprano to low tenor.

When “At This Time” came on we were all in the moment. The band was mesmerizing. She had the crowd reminiscing about the first time we heard the song or the last person the song reminded us of. The song talks about living in the moment of love despite the past. The future is unknown but “at this moment, in my life,you belong to me.” 

The most entertaining part of the night was a young couple of 20yrs got called to the stage for their fanatic ways. They knew every word of the new single “Nobody But You.” If you asked me, they had their own music video. The performance was hilarious and full of love.

Apparently I’ve been off the grid too long. Sandaga 813 isn’t just a great way to spend Friday night, but Sundays and Tuesdays. So no excuses. RC & The Grits play every Sunday night. You can also unwind to some Reggae. Tuesdays are live jazz nights. A great way to start your week I hear. Until next time, catch me at Sandaga 813 located at 813 North Exposition Avenue, 75226.



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