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Today I’ve added another type of light post (and improved the first one) to see if the glow effect around the lantern would look good. It does look quite good. May be a bit too bright.

I also discovered that night texture has ‘layer’ issue with other textures with blend mode enabled (you can see that dirt road goes above the spot light, which should be contrariwise). Didn’t try to solve this yet (increasing layer number in material definition for light textures didn’t work though).


member- jimin

genre- fluff, au

words- 1,712

summary- jimin the art student has a way of making masterpieces. artstudent!jimin / college!au

a/n- well i randomly got inspiration for this the other day, and so here is a scenario lol i hope you guys like it!! feedback is always appreciated :) 

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Jimin makes masterpieces. 

He makes skies full of magnificent color, realistic faces showing the utmost of raw emotions, flowers blooming elegantly with vibrant hues erupting from the page. He makes textures blend together so effortlessly and his attention to detail puts him far ahead all his other classmates. Even his five minute sketches are simply amazing. 

But right now, Jimin was not making masterpieces. 

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This brand new dress is inspired by a balmain design Nicki Minaj wore in one of her instagram posts. The dress features a plunging neckline and padded shoulders. Three similar color combinations are included.

  • 12 colors
  • New mesh
  • CAS thumbnail
  • EA blend / handdrawn textures
  • Works for men and women (thank you @sims4studioofficial​ for the update) categorized as feminine.

I’d recommend wearing the Mitra boots by @madlensims because it looks fierce as hell together.

// DOWNLOAD  // Coming to TSR June 4th, 2016 //

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hi rebecca! what are your favorite products that you discovered recently (makeup and skincare)?

Current Beauty Favorites

  • Drunk Elephant Baby Facial: I’m really loving how my skin looks and feels since introducing this into my routine. 
  • Glossier Cloud Paint: I’ve never been a fan of cream blush but I can get behind this one. It actually sets to a soft matte finish. I just hate creamy blushes that stay wet and smudge-y on the skin.
  • Smashbox Golden Hour: I hope they make these palette permanent. I’m really like the texture and blend ability. 
  • Tarte Shape Tape: This stuff is pigmented, a little goes a long way. I’ve been using the fair to lighten my foundation.
  • Laura Mercier Baked Bronzer 02: It’s not as pigmented as I thought it would be (I see a lot of tan people using this shade) but it looks really natural on the skin.
  • Glossier Boy Brow: Clear really does give a soap brow effect without all the hassle.
  • Bite The Lip Pencil: Hands down the best lip liners!!! I really want to go to Sephora to swatch and see what other shades to get.
  • Ulta Juice Infused Lip Oil: My lips are so hydrated and soft since I’ve added this in my routine. They are a bit fragrant but for the price I can live with it.
  • PUR Get A Grip: I featured this in a IG story (@rebeccablackerby). I’ve been on the hunt for something to use to keep shimmers from transferring AND being easy to use. 

DE & Glossier have affiliate links (discounts linked). 
BTW Sephora has 8% cash back through eBates & Ulta has 3%!!!!

I love the idea of Credence noticing colours and shapes and thinking about how pretty they are to the point where he looks at something so completely beautiful like the skyline silhouette against a colourful sunset or the way fresh, untouched snow looks at night or trees in the fall and just stares until what he’s looking at sort of breaks itself down to basic shapes and brush strokes and blending and texture 

He just zones out and his mind makes whatever he’s looking at look like a painting because it’s too beautiful to possibly be real 

Creamy Spinach Garlic Sauce

Handful of fresh spinach
Sriracha sauce (to taste)
Garlic (to taste)
Herbs de Provence (to taste)
Soy milk (or any milk alternative)

I threw in some leftover broccoli as well!

Blend in blender, bullet or food processor until a thick sauce is formed, similar to pesto. Add in soy milk or milk alternative as needed to obtain texture and blend thoroughly.

Heat up and serve over pasta

Winter Wool

Warm up in the nicest wool-blend clothing

Wool clothes are the nuts and bolts of winter style. We’re not talking about that itchy holiday sweater that you never actually wear, but thick, soft basics that heat you up and keep you comfortable. The key is finding a balance - look for items that are made predominantly from wool and mixed with materials like cotton and linen for a smoother texture. We searched our site to find you the best wool-blend coats, jackets, sweaters and pants from high street brands and designers alike. Scroll through our selection below and welcome wool into your winter rotation.

Search tip: You can search for specific materials and styles on Wantering by typing in keywords like cotton or cashmere. Shop more men’s wool clothing and accessories here.

Matthias Cornilleau of Stylnox wearing a wool Acne Studios coat

Shop Wool Clothing

ASOS Wool Overcoat

Supply Jacket Shawl Collar

Faux Shearling-Trimmed Wool-Felt Jacket

Mire Coat

ASOS Slim Fit Suit Jacket In Tweed

Asymmetrical Biker Jacket

Grey Slim-Fit Herringbone Wool-Tweed Suit Jacket

Wallace & Barnes boiled wool sweater-jacket

Vintage Marled Rugby Stripe Wool Blend Sweater

Merino Wool Fair Isle Snowflake Crewneck Sweater

Paul Smith Knitwear - Red Oversized-Check Jacquard Mohair-Blend Sweater

Paul Smith Knitwear - Taupe Shawl Collar Merino-Wool Cardigan

Suede-Trimmed Zipped Wool Sweater

Seth Wool Jogger

Brown Slim-Fit Checked Wool Suit Trousers

Drawstring tailored wool trousers

Banana Chocolate chip                                  “Nice cream”

So today I had a serious sweet tooth but didn’t want to forfeit my healthy eating habits and throw away all of my hard work! I decided to make something that I’ve made before but it didn’t come out successfully the first time I made it and I like a challenge! What did I do or not do the first time I made “nice cream”. Here is the recipe for the particular flavor I made, banana, chocolate chip & molasses cookie topping:

  • Frozen bananas
  • Dark Chocolate chip morsels
  • Molasses Cookies (for topping)
  • Food processor

- First, I placed the frozen bananas in the food processor and pulsed for a bit or until it created a “dip and dots” consistency.

-I then added the chocolate chips in the mixture and blended until the texture turned smooth and creamy.

-I scooped the mixture into a bowl and crumbled up the molasses cookie on top


This gives you the same taste and consistency of our favorite guilty pleasure, ice cream! It literally came out perfectly and I realized that I didn’t blend the mixture long enough the first time I made it. It stayed that doughy  consistency, rather than becoming smooth and creamy. I’m really glad it came out perfectly because this is a recipe I will definitely be making whenever I have the taste for ice cream (which is everyday lol). Please do yourself a favor and try this recipe, you won’t regret it!

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► 3t2 Alesso Kerli [ Download ]

All naturals are binned and are in my new texture blend. Here is a swatch.

Credit: Poppet, Lilith, Pooklet, Alesso, Mel

3t2 Delta Radiate (pulled) [Download]

All naturals are binned and are in my new texture blend. Also has unnaturals. Here is a swatch.

Credit: Poppet, Lilith, Pooklet, Delta, Martini

► Peggy 3900 [ Download ]

All naturals are binned and are in my new texture blend. Here is a swatch.

Credit: Poppet, Lilith, Pooklet, Peggy

► Alesso Touch [ Download ]

All naturals are binned and are in my new texture blend. Here is a swatch.

Credit: Poppet, Lilith, Pooklet, Alesso, Martini

A brand new set of pencil brushes made for Manga Studio 5 and Clip Studio!

A full range of hardness gradings from B9 all the way to H9 are available, and as long as you’ve got a tablet that supports it, you can tilt your pen to shade or draw with the side of the pencil.

This set also includes a textured blending tool that emulates the paper blending stumps that a lot of artists use to smooth out their pencil shading.

Please note: Not all tablets support pen tilt! Supported tablets are the original Wacom Intuos range, the new Wacom Intuos Pro and Wacom Cintiqs. You can still use these brushes without tilt functionality, but you won’t be able to make the brush wider by tilting your pen.

Click below to purchase the brush pack (a 33% social media discount is available like last time):

Sketchyfun Pencil Set for Manga Studio 5 & Clip Studio

Almond Haus - Sea Salt Iced Coffee

(Location: Garden Grove, CA)

I fell in love with Almond Haus’ iced jasmine sea salt caramel green tea when I first tried it, and had to come back for their other famous sea salt drink. Unlike 85, Almond Haus makes their sea salt coffee with Vietnamese coffee, so the coffee flavor was at level 100. This is not something I’m used to, so it took a while to adjust to its flavor profile. After the ice melted a bit and the sea salt blended a creamier texture into the drink, it evened out the strength of the flavor. Overall, this is good.



Slate floor!
1: Recieve plain mdf slabs from Carpentry.
2: Rip up cardboard in an artful manner and wood glue it to the slab. Scavenge cardboard from every bin in the building.
3: Seal slab with a joint compound/elastomeric blend with sawdust for texture.
4: Wet blend some color on there, make sure you get darker colors in the cracks.
5: (Not pictured, dry brush on some highlights and seal with semi-gloss polycrylic.)
6: Give back to Carps and install craggly floor.
7: Make Gandalf walk on it, on stilts.